James Toney Record & Stats

James Toney Record & Stats

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In a career spanning 28 years and 6 months, James Toney fought 92 times with 77 wins, 10 losses, and 3 draws. By his last professional fight on May 13, 2017, Toney's boxing record stood at 77-10-3 (47 KO wins).

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.
Aug 24, 1968
Oct 26, 1988
47 (52.2%)
178 cm
183 cm
Ape Index
5 cm
Last Fight
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James Toney's record and stats
James Toney's Record

      James Toney is a retired American professional boxer. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S. on August 24, 1968. Toney made his professional boxing debut at the age of 20 on October 26, 1988. He is a former 3-weight-class world champion. He is 54 years old, and will be turning 55 in 6 months and 20 days. Toney is a Hall of Famer.

      Boxing Record

      Total Fights92
      KO Wins47
      Total Title Wins3
      Title Defenses8
      Title-Fight KO Wins5
      Losses via KO0
      92May 13, 201748Mike SheppardWinTKO6
      91Aug 8, 201546Charles EllisLossUD
      90Nov 14, 201345Jason GavernLossMD
      89Nov 14, 201345Matt LeggWinTKO3
      88Jun 28, 201344Kenny LemosWinUD
      87Apr 28, 201344 Lucas BrowneLossUD
      86Jul 4, 201243Bobby GunnWinRTD5
      85Nov 4, 201143 Denis LebedevLossUD
      84Feb 24, 201142Damon ReedWinUD
      83Sep 12, 200941Matthew GreerWinKO2
      82Dec 13, 200840Fres OquendoWinSD
      81Jul 16, 200839 Hasim RahmanNCTKO3
      80May 24, 200738Danny BatchelderWinSD
      79Jan 6, 200738 Samuel PeterLossUD
      78Sep 2, 200638 Samuel PeterLossSD
      77Mar 18, 200637 Hasim Rahman DrawMD
      76Oct 1, 200537Dominick GuinnWinUD
      75Apr 30, 200536 John RuizNCUD
      74Sep 23, 200436 Rydell BookerWinUD
      73Oct 4, 200335 Evander HolyfieldWinTKO9
      72Apr 26, 200334 Vassiliy Jirov WinUD
      71Aug 18, 200233Jason RobinsonWinKO7
      70May 31, 200233Michael RushWinTKO10
      69Mar 22, 200233Sione AsipeliWinUD
      68Jul 30, 200132Wesley MartinWinTKO3
      67Mar 29, 200132Saúl MontanaWinTKO2
      66Nov 3, 200032Courtney ButlerWinTKO3
      65Jan 21, 200031Terry McGroomWinMD
      64Oct 8, 199931Ramón GarbeyWinUD
      63Jul 30, 199930Adolpho WashingtonWinTKO10
      62Mar 7, 199930Terry PorterWinTKO8
      61Jun 14, 199728Steve LittleWinUD
      60May 14, 199728Drake ThadziLossMD
      59Feb 22, 199728 Mike McCallumWinUD
      58Dec 6, 199628 Montell GriffinLossUD
      57Aug 9, 199627Duran WilliamsWinTKO9
      56Jul 3, 199627Charles OliverWinUD
      55May 14, 199627Earl ButlerWinTKO4
      54Mar 1, 199627Richard MasonWinUD
      53Dec 8, 199527Greg EverettWinKO2
      52Sep 9, 199527Ernest MateenWinDQ
      51Jun 18, 199526Freddie DelgadoWinTKO5
      50Apr 30, 199526Anthony HembrickWinRTD5
      49Mar 20, 199526Karl WillisWinTKO8
      48Feb 18, 199526 Montell GriffinLossMD
      47Nov 18, 199426 Roy Jones Jr. LossUD
      46Jul 29, 199425Charles Williams WinKO12
      45May 18, 199425Vinson DurhamWinUD
      44Mar 5, 199425Tim Littles WinTKO4
      43Jan 16, 199425Anthony HembrickWinTKO7
      42Oct 29, 199325Tony Thornton WinUD
      41Aug 24, 199325Larry PratherWinUD
      40Jul 29, 199324Danny GarciaWinRTD6
      39Jun 6, 199324Glenn ThomasWinUD
      38Apr 17, 199324Ricky ThomasWinTKO10
      37Mar 23, 199324Govoner ChaversWinTKO9
      36Feb 13, 199324 Iran Barkley WinRTD9
      35Dec 5, 199224Doug DeWittWinRTD6
      34Aug 29, 199224 Mike McCallum WinMD
      33May 26, 199223Ricky StackhouseWinTKO3
      32Apr 11, 199223Glenn Wolfe WinUD
      31Feb 8, 199223Dave Tiberi WinSD
      30Dec 13, 199123 Mike McCallum DrawSD
      29Oct 12, 199123Francesco Dell'Aquila WinTKO4
      28Jun 29, 199122 Reggie Johnson WinSD
      27May 10, 199122 Michael Nunn WinTKO11
      26Mar 31, 199122Alberto GonzalezWinTKO5
      25Jan 13, 199122Merqui SosaWinSD
      24Dec 10, 199022Carlos SilvaWinTKO5
      23Oct 16, 199022Sanderline WilliamsWinUD
      22Aug 24, 199022Kevin BrazierWinTKO2
      21Jul 26, 199021Sanderline WilliamsDrawMD
      20Jun 27, 199021Ricardo BryantWinTKO4
      19May 23, 199021Horacio Rene BrandanWinKO2
      18Apr 27, 199021Jose Luis EstevenWinTKO5
      17Apr 5, 199021Toby TylerWinTKO5
      16Mar 1, 199021Philip MorefieldWinKO1
      15Jan 20, 199021Danny ThomasWinUD
      14Nov 29, 198921Joe JohnsonWinTKO4
      13Nov 13, 198921Ron AmundsenWinUD
      12Oct 26, 198921Robert ClintonWinKO1
      11Oct 12, 198921Ricardo SimpsonWinKO2
      10Sep 21, 198921Joe SummersWinTKO2
      9Sep 7, 198921Lemark DavisWinUD
      8Jul 20, 198920Mark StephensWinTKO2
      7Jun 6, 198920Steve ChaneyWinKO1
      6May 2, 198920Arthur WillisWinSD
      5Feb 16, 198920James FernandezWinUD
      4Jan 17, 198920Sammy JenkinsWinTKO4
      3Jan 10, 198920Carl PennWinKO1
      2Dec 6, 198820Ronnie YoeWinKO1
      1Oct 26, 198820Stephen LeeWinTKO2

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      James Toney is 178 cm tall (5' 10.08") with a reach of 183 cm (6' 0.05"). He fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 5 cm (1.97"). Toney has a 52.2% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      James Toney's professional boxing career spanned more than 28 years — from 1988 to 2017.

      Toney made his debut against Stephen Lee at the age of 20 on October 26, 1988, defeating Lee via 2nd round TKO. He went on to win 19 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 14 wins via stoppage.

      Toney had his first world title fight at the age of 22 on May 10, 1991 after 26 professional fights, against Michael Nunn for the middleweight IBF title. He defeated Nunn via 11th round TKO to become the middleweight champion of the world.

      Toney has won three world titles at 3 weight classes. For all the details about Toney's world title wins and defenses refer to "James Toney World Titles".

      Some of Toney's best fights and notable victories include wins over Michael Nunn, Vassiliy Jirov, Evander Holyfield, Iran Barkley, and Mike McCallum.

      James Toney had a total of 10 losses in his professional boxing career — one of them in a title bout and nine in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss against Roy Jones Jr. via 12 round unanimous decision on November 18, 1994, which ended his 44-fight win streak. He has never been stopped, all his losses came via decision. For more details about these defeats, refer to "All of James Toney's losses".

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Mike Sheppard on May 13, 2017. Toney won the fight via 6th round TKO. It's been 5 years, 8 months, and 22 days since this fight.

      Toney retired from professional boxing with a record of 77-10-3, which included 47 knockout wins, and 3 title wins. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2022.

      Career Highlights

      James Toney fought a total of 92 times during his professional career. He put on some great performances in these fights. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • James Toney vs. Michael Nunn

        A 22-year old James Toney (25-0-1, 18 KO) had his first world title fight against an undefeated Michael Nunn for Nunn's IBF middleweight belt. Nunn was 28 years old with a record of 36-0. Nunn was on a 36-fight win streak with 24 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 7 cms and also had a 13 cm reach advantage over Toney.

        Toney defeated Nunn via 11th round TKO to win the IBF middleweight title. He handed Nunn the first loss of his career, and put an end to Nunn's 36-fight win streak.

      • James Toney vs. Iran Barkley

        A 24-year old James Toney (33-0-2, 22 KO) faced Iran Barkley, who was 32 years old with a record of 30-7. Barkley was on a five-fight win streak with 18 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 7 cms and also had a 5 cm reach advantage over Toney.

        Toney defeated Barkley via 9th round RTD to win the IBF super-middleweight title.

      • James Toney vs. Vassiliy Jirov

        A 34-year old James Toney (65-4-2, 42 KO) faced an undefeated Vassiliy Jirov, who was 29 years old with a record of 31-0. Jirov was on a 31-fight win streak with 27 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 10 cms and also had a 5 cm reach advantage over Toney.

        Toney defeated Jirov via 12 round unanimous decision to win the IBF cruiserweight title. He handed Jirov the first loss of his career, and put an end to Jirov's 31-fight win streak.

      • James Toney vs. Evander Holyfield

        A 35-year old James Toney (66-4-2, 42 KO) faced Evander Holyfield, who was 40 years old with a record of 38-6-2. Holyfield was on a one-fight losing streak, and was the taller of the two by 11 cms and also had a 14 cm reach advantage over Toney.

        Toney defeated Holyfield via 9th round TKO.


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