Azumah Nelson Record & Stats

Azumah Nelson Record & Stats

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In a career spanning 28 years and 6 months, Azumah Nelson fought 46 times with 38 wins, 6 losses, and 2 draws. By his last professional fight on June 24, 2008, Nelson's boxing record stood at 38-6-2 (27 KO wins, 1 KO loss).

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Accra, Ghana
‚ÄúThe Professor‚ÄĚ
Jul 19, 1958
Dec 1, 1979
27 (58.7%)
165 cm
173 cm
Ape Index
8 cm
Last Fight
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Azumah Nelson's record and stats
Azumah Nelson's Record

      Azumah Nelson (The Professor) is a retired Ghanaian professional boxer. He was born in Accra, Ghana on July 19, 1958. Nelson made his professional boxing debut at the age of 21 on December 1, 1979. He is a former 2-weight-class world champion. He is 64 years old, and will be turning 65 in 5 months and 15 days. Nelson is a Hall of Famer.

      Boxing Record

      Total Fights46
      KO Wins27
      Total Title Wins3
      Title Defenses15
      Title-Fight KO Wins12
      Losses via KO1
      46Jun 24, 200849 Jeff FenechLossMD
      45Jul 11, 199839 Jesse James LeijaLossUD
      44Mar 22, 199738 Genaro Hern√°ndez LossSD
      43Jun 1, 199637 Jesse James Leija WinTKO6
      42Dec 1, 199537Gabriel Ruelas WinTKO5
      41May 7, 199435 Jesse James Leija LossUD
      40Sep 10, 199335 Jesse James Leija DrawSD
      39Feb 20, 199334Gabriel Ruelas WinMD
      38Nov 7, 199234Calvin Grove WinUD
      37Mar 1, 199233 Jeff Fenech WinTKO8
      36Jun 28, 199132 Jeff Fenech DrawSD
      35Mar 16, 199132Daniyal Mustapha EnninWinKO4
      34Oct 13, 199032 Juan Laporte WinUD
      33May 19, 199031 Pernell Whitaker LossUD
      32Nov 5, 198931Jim McDonnell WinKO12
      31Feb 25, 198930 Mario Martínez WinTKO12
      30Dec 10, 198830Sidnei Dal Rovere WinKO3
      29Jun 25, 198829Lupe Suarez WinTKO9
      28Feb 29, 198829 Mario Martínez WinSD
      27Aug 29, 198729Marcos Villasana WinUD
      26Mar 7, 198728Mauro Gutierrez WinKO6
      25Jun 22, 198627Danilo Cabrera WinTKO10
      24Feb 25, 198627Marcos Villasana WinMD
      23Oct 12, 198527Pat Cowdell WinKO1
      22Sep 6, 198527Juvenal Ordenes WinTKO5
      21Dec 8, 198426 Wilfredo Gómez WinKO11
      20Mar 9, 198425Hector CortezWinUD
      19Nov 25, 198325Kabiru AkindeleWinKO9
      18Sep 23, 198325Alberto CollazoWinTKO2
      17Aug 17, 198325Alvin FowlerWinTKO2
      16Feb 12, 198324Ricky WallaceWinUD
      15Oct 31, 198224Irving MitchellWinTKO5
      14Jul 21, 198224 Salvador S√°nchez LossTKO15
      13Jun 26, 198223Mukaila BukareWinTKO6
      12Feb 28, 198223Charm ChiteuleWinTKO10
      11Dec 4, 198123Kabiru AkindeleWinKO6
      10Sep 26, 198123Brian RobertsWinTKO5
      9Aug 18, 198123Miguel RuizWinTKO4
      8May 2, 198122Don GeorgeWinKO5
      7Mar 6, 198122Aziza BossouWinPTS
      6Dec 13, 198022Joe SkipperWinTKO10
      5Oct 4, 198022David CapoWinPTS
      4Aug 2, 198022Abdul Rahman OptokiWinTKO8
      3Mar 1, 198021Henry SaddlerWinTKO9
      2Feb 2, 198021Nii NuerWinTKO3
      1Dec 1, 197921Billy KwameWinPTS

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      Azumah Nelson is 165 cm tall (5' 4.96") with a reach of 173 cm (5' 8.11"). He fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 8 cm (3.15"). Nelson has a 58.7% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Azumah Nelson's professional boxing career spanned more than 28 years ‚ÄĒ from 1979 to 2008.

      Nelson made his debut against Billy Kwame at the age of 21 on December 1, 1979, defeating Kwame via 10 round PTS. He went on to win 12 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 10 wins via stoppage.

      Nelson had his first world title fight at the age of 24 on July 21, 1982 after 13 professional fights, against Salvador S√°nchez for the WBC and The Ring titles. He lost to S√°nchez via 15th round TKO.

      Nelson has won three world titles at 2 weight classes. For all the details about Nelson's world title wins and defenses refer to "Azumah Nelson World Titles".

      Some of Nelson's best fights and notable victories include wins over Jeff Fenech, Wilfredo Gómez, Jesse James Leija, and Mario Martínez.

      Azumah Nelson had a total of six losses in his professional boxing career ‚ÄĒ four of them in title bouts and two in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss against Salvador S√°nchez via 15th round TKO on July 21, 1982, which ended his 13-fight win streak. He has been stopped once and lost five times via decision. For more details about these defeats, refer to "All of Azumah Nelson's losses".

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Australian boxer Jeff Fenech on June 24, 2008. Nelson lost the fight via 10 round majority decision. It's been 14 years, 7 months, and 11 days since this fight.

      Nelson retired from professional boxing with a record of 38-6-2, which included 27 knockout wins and 1 loss via knockout, and 3 title wins. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2004.

      Career Highlights

      Azumah Nelson fought a total of 46 times during his professional career. He was among the very best of his generation and put on some great performances. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • Azumah Nelson vs. Wilfredo G√≥mez

        A 26-year old Azumah Nelson (19-1, 14 KO) had his first world title fight against Wilfredo Gómez for Gómez' WBC featherweight belt. Gómez was 28 years old with a record of 41-1-1. Gómez was on a nine-fight win streak with 40 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 1 cm but Nelson had a 7 cm reach advantage over Gómez.

        Nelson defeated Gómez via 11th round KO to win the WBC featherweight title.

      • Azumah Nelson vs. Mario Mart√≠nez II

        In a rematch, a 30-year old Azumah Nelson (29-1, 21 KO) faced Mario Martínez, who was now 23 years old with a record of 47-4-2 in a super-featherweight title defense fight. Martínez was on a one-fight win streak with 29 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 3 cms but Nelson had a 5 cm reach advantage over Martínez.

        Nelson defeated Martínez via 12th round TKO to retain the WBC super-featherweight title.

      • Azumah Nelson vs. Jeff Fenech II

        In an immediate rematch, a 33-year old Azumah Nelson (33-2-1, 24 KO) faced an undefeated Jeff Fenech, who was now 27 years old with a record of 26-0-1 in a super-featherweight title defense fight. Fenech was on a one-fight win streak with 19 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 6 cms but Nelson had a 2 cm reach advantage over Fenech.

        Nelson defeated Fenech via 8th round TKO to retain the WBC super-featherweight title. He handed Fenech the first loss of his career.

      • Azumah Nelson vs. Jesse James Leija III

        In a rematch, a 37-year old Azumah Nelson (37-3-2, 26 KO) faced Jesse James Leija, who was now 29 years old with a record of 30-2-2 in a super-featherweight title defense fight. Leija was on a one-fight losing streak. Both the boxers were of the same height but Nelson had a 3 cm reach advantage over Leija.

        Nelson defeated Leija via 6th round TKO to retain the WBC super-featherweight title.


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