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Agapito Sánchez Record

Total Fights50
Title Wins1
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs1
KO Wins18
KO Losses3
Agapito Sánchez Record & Stats
Agapito Sánchez' Record
Agapito Sánchez' boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Agapito Sánchez' boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 15 years and nine months, Agapito Sánchez fought 50 times with 36 wins, 11 losses, and 3 draws.

      Sánchez retired from professional boxing with a record of 36-11-3, which included one super-bantamweight world-title win. He had a 36% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 18 of his total 50 fights being knockout wins, one of which was in a title fight. Sánchez suffered three knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Joan Guzman in a super-bantamweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 10-round unanimous decision victory over Edison Torres on September 17, 2005.

      Some of Sánchez' best fights and notable victories include wins over Oscar Larios, Jorge Monsalvo, Roland Gomez, Jorge Monzon, Artyom Simonyan, Rafael De la Cruz, and Ivan Alvarez.

      50Sep 17, 200535Edison TorresWinUD
      49Jul 22, 200535Artyom SimonyanWinTKO5
      48Apr 8, 200535Ivan AlvarezWinTKO8
      47Dec 11, 200434Carlos NavarroLossTKO11
      46Oct 14, 200434Rogers MtagwaWinMD
      45Aug 14, 200434Francisco MateosWinUD
      44Feb 26, 200434Joan GuzmanLoss *TKO7
      43Nov 10, 200131Manny PacquiaoDraw *TD
      42Jun 23, 200131Jorge MonsalvoWin *KO7
      41Aug 19, 200030Juan Carlos RamirezWinUD
      40Jun 17, 200030Gerardo MartinezWinTKO11
      39Dec 3, 199929Javier LucasWinTKO7
      38Aug 23, 199929Marcos BadilloWinUD
      37Apr 12, 199929Jesse MaganaWinUD
      36Mar 29, 199929Rafael De la CruzWinKO4
      35Jan 25, 199928Jorge MunozWinTD
      34Oct 23, 199828Oscar LariosWinTKO5
      33Aug 29, 199828Nestor LopezWinUD
      32Apr 20, 199828Guty Espadas Jr.LossMD
      31Feb 21, 199828Javier JaureguiWinUD
      30Aug 8, 199727Freddie NorwoodLossUD
      29Jun 6, 199727Cesar SotoLossTKO2
      28Apr 21, 199727Juan Manuel MarquezLossUD
      27Sep 10, 199626Javier LeonWinUD
      26Apr 25, 199626Roland GomezWinTKO3
      25Dec 7, 199525Jorge MonzonWinTKO10
      24Aug 22, 199525Marco Antonio BarreraLoss *UD
      23Jul 2, 199525Anthony HardyWinPTS
      22Apr 25, 199525Jose PantaleonWinUD
      21Oct 29, 199424Maui DiazLossDQ
      20May 28, 199424Max GomezWinMD
      19Sep 2, 199323Angel SantanaWinPTS
      18Jun 29, 199323Vinicio RosarioWinKO10
      17Feb 18, 199323Juan Francisco MercedesWinUD
      16Nov 6, 199222Luis SosaWinPTS
      15Oct 16, 199222Julio Cesar PerezWinPTS
      14Aug 15, 199222Manuel Jesus HerreraWinTKO4
      13Jul 4, 199222Andres Buchito AdamesWinKO1
      12Jun 25, 199222Fenel SolanoWinKO3
      11Feb 17, 199222Domingo GuillenLossPTS
      10Nov 29, 199020Luis Alberto VargasLossPTS
      9Oct 7, 199020Eduardo LopezLossUD
      8Jul 1, 199020Aguedo MoranWinUD
      7Jun 1, 199020Eduardo LopezWinTKO3
      6May 23, 199020Ariel CordobaWinKO9
      5May 4, 199020Genarito MurilloWinKO1
      4Apr 28, 199020Angel VergaraDrawPTS
      3Mar 17, 199020Luis Alberto VargasDrawPTS
      2Feb 17, 199020Juan RiosWinKO1
      1Nov 25, 198919Jose PerezWinTKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Agapito Sánchez (El Ciclon) is a 54-year old retired Dominican professional boxer. He was born in La Victoria, Dominican Republic on February 14, 1970. He is a former super-bantamweight world champion. His professional boxing career spanned more than 15 years — from 1989 to 2005.

      Sánchez made his professional boxing debut against Jose Perez at the age of 19 on November 25, 1989, defeating Perez via 1st round TKO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 25 on August 22, 1995 after 23 professional fights, against Marco Antonio Barrera for the WBO title. He lost to Barrera via 12 round unanimous decision.

      Sánchez has won one world title at super-bantamweight. He was elevated as world champion once. For all the details about Sánchez' world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Sánchez had a total of 11 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Edison Torres on September 17, 2005. Sánchez won the fight via 10 round unanimous decision. It's been 18 years, 9 months, and 26 days since this fight.


      Sánchez had a total of four world-title fights, which includes winning one world title and one successful title defense. He won one of these fights, lost two, and drew in one.

      Title Wins

      Agapito Sánchez fought for a super-bantamweight world title in four fights and won once, which came via way of stoppage. He won one super-bantamweight belt. He was elevated as world champion once, by IBF.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Jun 23, 2001Jorge MonsalvoSuper-bantamweightWBO*KO
      * Vacant title

      Title Defenses

      Agapito Sánchez had a single super-bantamweight world-title defense fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Nov 10, 2001Manny PacquiaoSuper-bantamweightIBFTD (draw)


      Sánchez fought a total of 50 times during his professional career, which includes 4 world-title fights at the super-bantamweight division. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • August 22, 1995: In his first world-title fight, Agapito Sánchez loses to Marco Antonio Barrera via 12 round unanimous decision. He was fighting for the WBO super-bantamweight title.

      • June 23, 2001: Sánchez wins the WBO super-bantamweight title from Jorge Monsalvo, by beating Monsalvo via 7th round KO.


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