Zab Judah Record & Stats

Zab Judah Record & Stats

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In a career spanning 22 years and 8 months, Zab Judah fought 56 times with 44 wins, 10 losses, and 2 no-contests. By his last professional fight on June 7, 2019, Judah's boxing record stood at 44-10 (30 KO wins, 4 KO losses).

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American nationality
Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.
Oct 27, 1977
Sep 20, 1996
30 (55.6%)
171 cm
183 cm
Ape Index
12 cm
Last Fight
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Zab Judah's record and stats
Zab Judah's Record

      Zab Judah (Super) is a retired American professional boxer. He was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S. on October 27, 1977. Judah made his professional boxing debut at the age of 18 on September 20, 1996. He is a former 2-weight-class world champion. He is 45 years old, and will be turning 46 in 8 months and 23 days.

      Boxing Record

      Total Fights56
      KO Wins30
      Total Title Wins7
      Title Defenses7
      Title-Fight KO Wins9
      Losses via KO4
      56Jun 7, 201941Cletus SeldinLossTKO11
      55Jan 27, 201840Noel Mejia RinconWinUD
      54Jan 21, 201739Jorge Luis MunguiaWinTKO2
      53Dec 7, 201336 Paulie MalignaggiLossUD
      52Apr 27, 201335 Danny García LossUD
      51Mar 24, 201234Vernon ParisWinTKO9
      50Jul 23, 201133 Amir Khan LossKO5
      49Mar 5, 201133Kaizer Mabuza WinTKO7
      48Nov 6, 201033 Lucas MatthysseWinSD
      47Jul 16, 201032José Santa CruzWinTKO3
      46Nov 6, 200932Ubaldo HernandezWinTKO2
      45Nov 8, 200831Ernest JohnsonWinUD
      44Aug 2, 200830 Joshua Clottey LossTD
      43Nov 17, 200730Ryan DavisWinUD
      42Sep 7, 200729Edwin VasquezWinUD
      41Jun 9, 200729 Miguel Cotto LossTKO11
      40Apr 13, 200729Rubén GalvánNCNC
      39Apr 8, 200628 Floyd Mayweather Jr. LossUD
      38Jan 7, 200628 Carlos Baldomir LossUD
      37May 14, 200527Cosme Rivera WinTKO3
      36Feb 5, 200527 Cory Spinks WinTKO9
      35Nov 2, 200427Wayne MartellWinTKO1
      34May 15, 200426Rafael PinedaWinSD
      33Apr 10, 200426 Cory Spinks LossUD
      32Dec 13, 200326Jaime Rangel WinKO1
      31Jul 12, 200325 DeMarcus Corley WinSD
      30Jul 13, 200224Omar Gabriel WeisWinUD
      29Nov 3, 200124 Kostya Tszyu LossTKO2
      28Jun 23, 200123Allan Vester WinKO3
      27Jan 13, 200123Reggie Green WinTKO10
      26Oct 20, 200022Hector Quiroz WinTKO8
      25Aug 5, 200022Terron Millett WinTKO4
      24Jun 24, 200022 Junior Witter WinUD
      23Feb 12, 200022Jan Piet Bergman WinKO4
      22Jul 9, 199921David SampleWinTKO1
      21Apr 16, 199921Juan TorresWinKO1
      20Jan 16, 199921Wilfredo NegronWinKO4
      19Oct 15, 199820 Darryl TysonWinTKO11
      18Jul 12, 199820Otilio VillarrealWinTKO2
      17Jun 7, 199820 Micky WardWinUD
      16Apr 14, 199820Angel BeltreWinKO2
      15Mar 10, 199820Esteban FloresNCTD
      14Jan 17, 199820Steve ValdezWinTKO1
      13Dec 13, 199720Anthony JohnsonWinUD
      12Nov 7, 199720Ricardo VazquezWinTKO1
      11Oct 17, 199719Rick EdsonWinUD
      10Oct 3, 199719James SalavaWinTKO1
      9Aug 24, 199719Cesar CastroWinKO1
      8Jun 10, 199719Omar VasquezWinUD
      7May 4, 199719Troy CainWinUD
      6Apr 5, 199719Paul DenardWinTKO4
      5Feb 22, 199719Chris SlaughterWinKO1
      4Jan 24, 199719John ScalziWinTKO1
      3Dec 14, 199619Jose Luis TorresWinTKO1
      2Oct 4, 199618Pablo TejadaWinTKO4
      1Sep 20, 199618Michael JohnsonWinTKO2

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      Zab Judah is 171 cm tall (5' 7.32") with a reach of 183 cm (6' 0.05"). He fights out of the southpaw stance and presents an ape-index of 12 cm (4.72"). Judah has a 55.6% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Zab Judah's professional boxing career spanned more than 22 years — from 1996 to 2019.

      Judah made his debut against Michael Johnson at the age of 18 on September 20, 1996, defeating Johnson via 2nd round TKO. He went on to win 13 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 9 wins via stoppage.

      Judah had his first world title fight at the age of 22 on February 12, 2000 after 22 professional fights, against Jan Piet Bergman for the super-lightweight IBF (vacant) title. He defeated Bergman via 4th round KO to become the super-lightweight champion of the world.

      He was a one-time unified welterweight world champion, and has won seven world titles at 2 weight classes. For all the details about Judah's world title wins and defenses refer to "Zab Judah World Titles".

      Some of Judah's best fights and notable victories include wins over Cory Spinks, DeMarcus Corley, Junior Witter, and Lucas Matthysse.

      Zab Judah had a total of 10 losses in his professional boxing career — eight of them in title bouts and two in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss against Kostya Tszyu via 2nd round TKO on November 3, 2001, which ended his 27-fight win streak. He has been stopped four times and lost six times via decision. For more details about these defeats, refer to "All of Zab Judah's losses".

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Cletus Seldin on June 7, 2019. Judah lost the fight via 11th round TKO. It's been 3 years, 7 months, and 28 days since this fight.

      Judah retired from professional boxing with a record of 44-10, which included 30 knockout wins and 4 losses via knockout, and 7 title wins.

      Career Highlights

      Zab Judah fought a total of 56 times during his professional career. He put on some great performances in these fights. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • Zab Judah vs. Jan Piet Bergman

        A 22-year old Zab Judah (21-0, 16 KO) had his first world title fight against Jan Piet Bergman for the vacant IBF super-lightweight belt.

        Judah defeated Bergman via 4th round KO to win the vacant IBF super-lightweight title.

      • Zab Judah vs. DeMarcus Corley

        A 25-year old Zab Judah (28-1, 21 KO) faced DeMarcus Corley, who was 29 years old with a record of 28-1-1. Corley was on a 11-fight win streak with 16 KO wins. Judah was the taller of the two by 1 cm and also had a 5 cm reach advantage.

        Judah defeated Corley via 12 round split-decision to win the WBO super-lightweight title.

      • Zab Judah vs. Cory Spinks II

        In a rematch, a 27-year old Zab Judah (32-2, 23 KO) faced Cory Spinks, who was now 26 years old with a record of 34-2. Spinks was on a five-fight win streak with 11 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 6 cms but Judah had a 3 cm reach advantage over Spinks.

        Judah defeated Spinks via 9th round TKO to win the WBA (Undisputed), WBC, IBF, and Ring Magazine welterweight titles.

      • Zab Judah vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

        A 28-year old Zab Judah (34-3, 25 KO) faced an undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was 29 years old with a record of 35-0 in a welterweight title defense fight. Mayweather Jr. was on a 35-fight win streak with 24 KO wins, and was the taller of the two by 2 cms but both had the same reach.

        Mayweather Jr. defeated Judah via 12 round unanimous decision.


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