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Harry Greb Record

Total Fights299
Title Wins2
Title Defenses4
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins49
KO Losses2
Harry Greb Record & Stats
Harry Greb's Record
Harry Greb's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Harry Greb's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 13 years and three months, Harry Greb fought 299 times with 261 wins, 18 losses, and 19 draws.

      Greb's boxing record after his last fight was 261-18-19, which included one world-championship elevation, two world-title wins, and four successful title defense fights at the middleweight weight division. He had a 16.4% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 49 of his total 299 fights being knockout wins. Greb suffered two knockout losses, both of which were in non-title fights.

      His last fight was a 15-round split decision defeat to Tiger Flowers on August 19, 1926. Greb was fighting for the middleweight NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring titles.

      Some of Greb's best fights and notable victories include wins over 13 Hall-of-Famers (Maxie Rosenbloom, Mickey Walker, Jimmy Slattery, Tiger Flowers, Tommy Loughran, Gene Tunney, Tommy Gibbons, Jeff Smith, Kid Norfolk, Battling Levinsky, Mike Gibbons, Billy Miske, and Jack Dillon), Fay Keiser, Roland Todd, Jackie Clark, Buck Holley, and Gunboat Smith.

      299Aug 19, 192632Tiger FlowersLoss *SD
      298Jun 15, 192632Allentown Joe GansWinUD
      297Jun 1, 192631Art WeigandWinPTS
      296Feb 26, 192631Tiger FlowersLoss *SD
      295Feb 12, 192631Owen PhelpsWinPTS
      294Feb 3, 192328Jimmy DelaneyWinPTS
      293Jan 29, 192631Buck HolleyWinTKO5
      292Jan 26, 192631Ted MooreWinPTS
      291Jan 19, 192631Joe LohmanWinPTS
      290Jan 11, 192631Roland ToddWinPTS
      289Dec 14, 192531Soldier BuckWinPTS
      288Nov 13, 192531Tony MarulloWinPTS
      287Oct 13, 192531Tony MarulloWinPTS
      286Aug 17, 192531Tom BurnsWinNWS
      285Aug 12, 192531Pat WalshWinTKO2
      284Aug 4, 192531Ed SmithWinKO4
      283Jul 31, 192531Otis BryantWinTKO3
      282Jul 27, 192531Ralph BrooksWinNWS
      281Jul 22, 192531Billy BrittonWinPTS
      280Jul 16, 192531Maxie RosenbloomWinNWS
      279Jul 2, 192531Mickey WalkerWin *UD
      278Jun 5, 192530Jimmy NussWinKO4
      277Jun 1, 192530Soldier BuckWinNWS
      276May 29, 192530Tom BurnsWinNWS
      275May 6, 192530Billy BrittonWinPTS
      274May 1, 192530Quintin Romero RojasWinPTS
      273Apr 24, 192530Jack ReddickWinPTS
      272Apr 17, 192530Johnny WilsonWinPTS
      271Mar 27, 192530Gene TunneyLossNWS
      270Feb 23, 192530Young FisherWinDQ
      269Feb 17, 192530Billy BrittonWinPTS
      268Jan 30, 192530Jimmy DelaneyWinNWS
      267Jan 19, 192530Johnny PapkeWinTKO7
      266Jan 9, 192530Bob SageWinNWS
      265Jan 1, 192530Augie RatnerWinPTS
      264Nov 25, 192430Frankie RitzWinTKO3
      263Nov 17, 192430Jimmy DelaneyWinPTS
      262Nov 11, 192430Ray NelsonWinKO3
      261Oct 13, 192430Tommy LoughranDrawSD
      260Sep 17, 192430Gene TunneyDrawNWS
      259Sep 15, 192430Billy HirschWinTKO8
      258Sep 3, 192430Jimmy SlatteryWinPTS
      257Aug 21, 192430Tiger FlowersWinNWS
      256Jun 26, 192430Ted MooreWin *UD
      255Jun 16, 192430Frank MoodyWinKO6
      254Jun 12, 192430Martin BurkeWinNWS
      253May 12, 192429Pal ReedWinPTS
      252May 5, 192429Jackie ClarkWinTKO2
      251Apr 19, 192429Kid NorfolkLossDQ
      250Mar 24, 192429Fay KeiserWinTKO12
      249Feb 22, 192429Jack ReevesWinPTS
      248Jan 18, 192429Johnny WilsonWin *UD
      247Dec 25, 192329Tommy LoughranWinPTS
      246Dec 10, 192329Gene TunneyLossUD
      245Dec 3, 192329Bryan DowneyWin *UD
      244Nov 15, 192329Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      243Nov 5, 192329Soldier JonesWinNWS
      242Oct 22, 192329Lou BogashWinNWS
      241Oct 11, 192329Tommy LoughranLossPTS
      240Oct 4, 192329Jimmy DarcyWinNWS
      239Aug 31, 192329Johnny WilsonWin *UD
      238Jun 16, 192329Len RowlandsWinKO3
      237Feb 23, 192328Gene TunneyLossSD
      236Feb 16, 192328Young FisherWinPTS
      235Feb 5, 192328Pal ReedWinNWS
      234Jan 30, 192328Tommy LoughranWinUD
      233Jan 22, 192328Billy ShadeWinNWS
      232Jan 15, 192328Tommy LoughranWinNWS
      231Jan 1, 192328Bob RoperWinNWS
      230Nov 10, 192228Bob RoperWinPTS
      229Oct 27, 192228Larry WilliamsWinTKO4
      228Sep 29, 192228Bob RoperWinNWS
      227Sep 26, 192228Al BenedictWinTKO2
      226Jul 10, 192228Tommy LoughranWinNWS
      225Jun 26, 192228Hugh WalkerWinNWS
      224May 23, 192227Gene TunneyWinUD
      223May 12, 192227Al RobertsWinKO6
      222Mar 13, 192227Tommy GibbonsWinUD
      221Feb 20, 192227Jeff SmithWinNWS
      220Feb 1, 192227Hugh WalkerWinNWS
      219Jan 2, 192227Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      218Dec 23, 192127Whitey AllenWinTKO6
      217Dec 6, 192127Fay KeiserWinNWS
      216Nov 25, 192127Homer SmithWinTKO5
      215Nov 11, 192127Billy ShadeWinNWS
      214Nov 4, 192127Charley WeinertWinPTS
      213Oct 24, 192127Jimmy DarcyWinUD
      212Sep 20, 192127Joe CoxWinPTS
      211Sep 5, 192127Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      210Aug 29, 192127Kid NorfolkWinNWS
      209Jun 23, 192127Chuck WigginsDrawNWS
      208May 28, 192126Chuck WigginsDrawNWS
      207May 20, 192126Jeff SmithDrawPTS
      206May 13, 192126Jimmy DarcyWinPTS
      205May 4, 192126Bartley MaddenWinNWS
      204Apr 11, 192126Soldier JonesWinKO4
      203Apr 6, 192126Jack RenaultWinNWS
      202Apr 1, 192126Happy LittletonWinPTS
      201Mar 16, 192126Jack RenaultWinPTS
      200Feb 25, 192126Jeff SmithWinPTS
      199Jan 29, 192126Pal ReedWinPTS
      198Jan 20, 192126Johnny CelmarsWinNWS
      197Dec 25, 192026Jeff SmithWinNWS
      196Dec 21, 192026Bob RoperWinPTS
      195Dec 11, 192026Jack DuffyWinTKO6
      194Nov 22, 192026Bob MohaWinNWS
      193Nov 10, 192026Bartley MaddenWinNWS
      192Oct 28, 192026Mickey ShannonWinNWS
      191Oct 21, 192026Gunboat SmithWinKO1
      190Sep 22, 192026Ted JamiesonWinTKO6
      189Sep 6, 192026Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      188Aug 28, 192026Ted JamiesonWinNWS
      187Aug 20, 192026Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      186Aug 14, 192026Bob MohaWinNWS
      185Jul 31, 192026Tommy GibbonsWinNWS
      184Jul 8, 192026Larry WilliamsWinNWS
      183Jul 5, 192026Bob MohaWinNWS
      182Jun 28, 192026Frank CarboneWinNWS
      181Jun 2, 192025Clay TurnerWinNWS
      180May 15, 192025Tommy GibbonsLossNWS
      179Apr 5, 192025Bob RoperWinPTS
      178Mar 25, 192025George K.O. BrownWinPTS
      177Mar 22, 192025Larry WilliamsWinNWS
      176Mar 17, 192025Tommy RobsonWinPTS
      175Mar 9, 192025Clay TurnerWinNWS
      174Feb 21, 192025Bob RoperWinNWS
      173Feb 6, 192025Zulu KidWinNWS
      172Dec 22, 191925Clay TurnerWinNWS
      171Dec 15, 191925Billy KramerWinNWS
      170Dec 12, 191925Mike McTigueWinNWS
      169Dec 10, 191925Clay TurnerWinNWS
      168Nov 28, 191925Soldier JonesWinKO5
      167Nov 27, 191925Zulu KidWinNWS
      166Nov 24, 191925Larry WilliamsWinNWS
      165Nov 17, 191925George K.O. BrownWinNWS
      164Oct 13, 191925Sailor Ed PetroskeyWinNWS
      163Sep 18, 191925Silent MartinWinNWS
      162Sep 3, 191925Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      161Sep 1, 191925Jeff SmithWinNWS
      160Aug 23, 191925Bill BrennanWinNWS
      159Aug 11, 191925Terry KellarWinPTS
      158Jul 24, 191925Joe ChipWinNWS
      157Jul 16, 191925George K.O. BrownWinNWS
      156Jul 14, 191925Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      155Jul 4, 191925Bill BrennanWinPTS
      154Jun 23, 191925Mike GibbonsWinNWS
      153Jun 20, 191925Yankee GilbertWinTKO4
      152Jun 18, 191925Happy HowardWinNWS
      151Jun 16, 191925Joe BorrellWinTKO5
      150May 26, 191924Tommy RobsonWinNWS
      149May 13, 191924Bartley MaddenWinNWS
      148May 8, 191924Willie MeehanWinNWS
      147May 6, 191924Clay TurnerWinPTS
      146Apr 28, 191924Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      145Apr 25, 191924Leo HouckWinNWS
      144Apr 8, 191924George DavisWinNWS
      143Apr 7, 191924Young FisherWinNWS
      142Apr 2, 191924Tommy MaddenWinKO2
      141Mar 31, 191924Billy MiskeWinNWS
      140Mar 25, 191924Happy HowardWinNWS
      139Mar 17, 191924Bill BrennanWinNWS
      138Mar 6, 191924Leo HouckWinNWS
      137Mar 3, 191924Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      136Feb 28, 191924Chuck WigginsWinNWS
      135Feb 17, 191924Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      134Feb 10, 191924Bill BrennanWinNWS
      133Feb 3, 191924Len RowlandsWinTKO4
      132Jan 31, 191924Tommy RobsonWinNWS
      131Jan 27, 191924Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      130Jan 23, 191924Paul Samson-KörnerWinNWS
      129Jan 20, 191924Young FisherWinNWS
      128Jan 14, 191924Leo HouckWinPTS
      127Sep 21, 191824Billy MiskeLossNWS
      126Aug 9, 191824Clay TurnerWinNWS
      125Aug 6, 191824Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      124Jul 27, 191824Eddie McGoortyWinPTS
      123Jul 16, 191824Jakob BartfieldDrawNWS
      122Jul 4, 191824Bob MohaWinNWS
      121Jun 24, 191824Frank CarboneWinNWS
      120Jun 20, 191824Zulu KidWinNWS
      119May 29, 191823Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      118May 20, 191823Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      117May 15, 191823Clay TurnerWinNWS
      116May 13, 191823Al McCoyWinPTS
      115Mar 18, 191823Willie LangfordWinNWS
      114Mar 11, 191823Mike McTigueWinNWS
      113Mar 4, 191823Jack DillonWinNWS
      112Feb 25, 191823Mike O'DowdDrawNWS
      111Feb 18, 191823Bob MohaWinPTS
      110Feb 4, 191823Jack HubbardWinKO3
      109Jan 29, 191823Zulu KidWinNWS
      108Jan 21, 191823Augie RatnerWinPTS
      107Jan 14, 191823Battling KopinWinKO1
      106Jan 4, 191823Terry KellarWinNWS
      105Dec 25, 191723Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      104Dec 17, 191723Gus ChristieWinPTS
      103Dec 8, 191723Terry MartinWinKO3
      102Dec 5, 191723George AsheWinNWS
      101Dec 3, 191723Willie MeehanWinNWS
      100Nov 19, 191723George ChipWinPTS
      99Nov 2, 191723Jakob BartfieldLossNWS
      98Oct 23, 191723Gus ChristieWinPTS
      97Oct 19, 191723Len RowlandsWinNWS
      96Oct 11, 191723Gus ChristieWinNWS
      95Oct 6, 191723Billy KramerWinNWS
      94Sep 25, 191723Johnny HowardWinTKO9
      93Sep 22, 191723Battling KopinWinTKO3
      92Sep 17, 191723George K.O. BrownWinTKO9
      91Sep 14, 191723Jack LondonWinTKO9
      90Sep 11, 191723Jeff SmithWinNWS
      89Sep 6, 191723Battling LevinskyWinNWS
      88Jul 30, 191723Jack DillonWinNWS
      87Jul 2, 191723Buck CrouseWinTKO6
      86Jun 14, 191723Frank MantellWinKO1
      85May 22, 191722George ChipWinNWS
      84May 19, 191722Jeff SmithWinNWS
      83May 9, 191722Harry BakerWinKO5
      82May 3, 191722Jackie ClarkDrawPTS
      81Apr 30, 191722Al McCoyWinNWS
      80Apr 16, 191722Zulu KidWinNWS
      79Apr 14, 191722Al RogersWinNWS
      78Apr 2, 191722Young AhearnWinKO1
      77Mar 23, 191722Young Herman MillerWinTKO5
      76Mar 20, 191722Tommy GaviganWinTKO5
      75Mar 5, 191722Frankie BrennanWinNWS
      74Feb 12, 191722Willie KO BrennanWinNWS
      73Feb 10, 191722Mike GibbonsLossNWS
      72Jan 29, 191722Fay KeiserWinPTS
      71Jan 20, 191722Jules RitchieWinTKO4
      70Jan 13, 191722Eddie ColemanWinKO2
      69Jan 1, 191722Joe BorrellWinNWS
      68Dec 26, 191622Bob MohaWinNWS
      67Nov 27, 191622George K.O. BrownWinNWS
      66Nov 24, 191622Tommy BurkeWinNWS
      65Nov 17, 191622Willie KO BrennanWinNWS
      64Nov 14, 191622Jackie ClarkWinKO3
      63Nov 8, 191622Willie KO BrennanWinNWS
      62Nov 4, 191622KO SweeneyWinNWS
      61Oct 21, 191622Harry BakerWinNWS
      60Oct 16, 191622Jackie ClarkWinPTS
      59Sep 4, 191622Fay KeiserWinPTS
      58Aug 28, 191622Jerry ColeWinNWS
      57Aug 7, 191622Al GrayberWinNWS
      56Jun 26, 191622George ChipLossNWS
      55Jun 17, 191622Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      54Jun 3, 191621Kid ManuelWinKO1
      53May 6, 191621Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      52Apr 27, 191621Grant ClarkNCNC
      51Apr 1, 191621Kid ManuelWinNWS
      50Feb 26, 191621Walter MonaghanDrawNWS
      49Dec 16, 191521Kid GravesLossTKO2
      48Nov 16, 191521Tommy GibbonsLossNWS
      47Oct 18, 191521George ChipDrawNWS
      46Sep 13, 191521Al RogersWinNWS
      45Aug 23, 191521Al RogersWinNWS
      44Jul 22, 191521Fay KeiserWinNWS
      43Jul 21, 191521George HauserWinKO6
      42Jul 12, 191521Tommy GaviganWinNWS
      41Jun 25, 191521Fay KeiserDrawNWS
      40May 31, 191520Fay KeiserLossNWS
      39May 24, 191520Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      38Apr 22, 191520Joe BorrellDrawNWS
      37Apr 15, 191520Whitey WenzelDrawNWS
      36Mar 25, 191520Harry BakerWinNWS
      35Mar 13, 191520Jack LavinWinNWS
      34Mar 6, 191520Tommy MackWinNWS
      33Mar 4, 191520Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      32Feb 10, 191520Harry BakerWinNWS
      31Jan 25, 191520Jack BlackburnWinNWS
      30Jan 12, 191520Billy MiskeDrawNWS
      29Jan 8, 191520Howard TruesdaleWinNWS
      28Jan 1, 191520Billy DonovanWinNWS
      27Dec 7, 191420Joe BorrellLossNWS
      26Nov 14, 191420Terry MartinDrawNWS
      25Sep 26, 191420Jack FinkWinNWS
      24Aug 31, 191420John FoleyWinNWS
      23Aug 24, 191420Whitey WenzelDrawNWS
      22Aug 10, 191420Irish GorgasWinNWS
      21Jul 27, 191420George LewisWinNWS
      20Jul 20, 191420John FoleyWinNWS
      19Jun 29, 191420Irish GorgasWinNWS
      18Jun 15, 191420Walter MonaghanWinNWS
      17May 29, 191419Whitey WenzelDrawNWS
      16May 25, 191419George LewisWinNWS
      15May 13, 191419Fay KeiserDrawNWS
      14Apr 14, 191419Fay KeiserWinNWS
      13Mar 2, 191419Mickey RodgersWinDQ
      12Jan 10, 191419Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      11Jan 1, 191419Whitey WenzelWinNWS
      10Dec 12, 191319Young Battling NelsonWinTKO3
      9Dec 6, 191319Battling SherbineWinNWS
      8Nov 29, 191319Joe ChipLossKO2
      7Nov 17, 191319Mike MilkoWinNWS
      6Oct 22, 191319Mike MilkoDrawNWS
      5Oct 11, 191319Harvey EvansLossNWS
      4Aug 13, 191319Lloyd CrutcherWinKO1
      3Jul 19, 191319Battling MurphyWinTKO2
      2May 29, 191318Frank KirkwoodWinNWS
      1May 8, 191318Red CumpstonWinKO2

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Harry Greb (The Pittsburgh Windmill) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. on June 6, 1894. He was a middleweight world champion. He died on October 22, 1926 at the age of 32 years. Greb was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 13 years — from 1913 to 1926.

      Greb made his professional boxing debut against Red Cumpston at the age of 18 on May 8, 1913, defeating Cumpston via 2nd round KO. He went on to win 3 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 2 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 29 on August 31, 1923 after 238 professional fights, against Johnny Wilson for the middleweight NBA and NYSAC titles. He defeated Wilson via 15 round unanimous decision to become the middleweight champion of the world.

      He was elevated as world champion once. For all the details about Greb's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Greb had a total of 18 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was on August 19, 1926 against fellow American boxer Tiger Flowers for Flowers' middleweight NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring titles. Greb lost the fight via 15 round split decision.


      Greb had a total of seven world-title fights, which includes winning two world titles and four successful title defenses. He won five of these fights and lost two.

      Title Wins

      Harry Greb He was elevated as world champion once, by The Ring.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Aug 31, 1923Johnny WilsonMiddleweightNBA, NYSACUD

      Title Defenses

      Harry Greb had five middleweight world-title defense fights. He won four of them and lost once.

      Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Jul 2, 1925Mickey WalkerMiddleweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingUD
      Jun 26, 1924Ted MooreMiddleweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingUD
      Jan 18, 1924Johnny WilsonMiddleweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingUD
      Dec 3, 1923Bryan DowneyMiddleweightNBA, NYSACUD

      Title Losses

      Harry Greb lost one world-title defense fight, and lost three titles in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Feb 26, 1926Tiger FlowersMiddleweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingSD


      Greb fought a total of 299 times during his professional career, which includes 7 world-title fights at the middleweight division. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • May 23, 1922: Harry Greb puts on the first remarkable performance of his career, defeating Gene Tunney via 15th round unanimous decision.

      • August 31, 1923: Greb wins his first world titles by defeating Johnny Wilson via 15 round unanimous decision. He is now the NBA and NYSAC middleweight world champion.


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