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What is interactive mode infographic?

The infographic you see by default is an image. On the interactive infographic, you can mouseover, click, tap etc. on the chart to see more details about the fights. The browser's localStorage will be used to store your preference.

What is MartialBot?


MartialBot is an AI for combat sports career analysis, fight performace analysis, and fight outcome prediction.

Roy Jones Jr.'s boxing career

You may wonder, "Is that chart actually an accurate representation of the true nature of the career accomplishments and fight performaces of Roy Jone Jr.?"

Those who follow boxing closely may be able to tell just by looking at the chart, how close to accurate it is in representing Jone's career and his performances. For the rest, we need a more logical method to acertain that the analysis is actually true.

We use the performance and career data to predict fight outcome. That means, the accuracy of the prediction is dependent on the accuracy of analysis data. If the analysis is 100% correct, we should be able to get 100% prediction accuracy, provided the prediction module itself is flawless.

At present, The AI is able to accurately predict the outcome of past and future bouts with an accuracy of about 71%. It is using an old model (Model 1). With the new model (Model 2) and updates to the prediction module the accuracy will greatly improve. Our goal is to achieve more than 90% accuracy, which is literally a superhuman ability. Eventually, it may even get close to 99% accuracy with future models.


MartialBot currently supports the following features.

1. Fighter stats

On the fighter's page you can see their stats and career infographic, which lets you develop a general understanding about their performances and achievements without having to traverse through a long list of tabular data (the most common format available for fighter record).

2. Fight prediction

On fight pages, you can see the prediction (with quantified winning odds) and the outcome for past and future fights. See for youself, how well the AI did.

The above is the prediction for the first Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin fight. The AI had favored Golovkin to win at 55-45 odds.

3. Comparison

On the fighter's page, right under the infographic, you will find a input box for comparing careers, enter the name of the fighter whose career you want to compare with the fighter. You will get a comparison infographic, which looks something like the following.

4. Tale of the tape

Want to know the tale of the tape of past fights (and future, of course)? Just click or tap on the row on the fighter's record table.

This information is very helpful in making your own prediction or judgement about fights. Maybe it will change your impression about some of the fights of the past?

5. Queries

MartialBot currently support some simple queries, we will be supporting more in future.

i. PEDs and banned substances

Enter "ped", to get a list of fighters who have tested positive for PEDs or other banned substances.

To find out which banned substances a fighter tested positive for, add "ped" after the athlete's name. Eg: "Jean Pascal ped"

If you are an expert at knowing the names of PEDs, simply enter their names to see who tested positive for what. Eg: "epo"

ii. Nationality

To see fighters of a nationality, enter the nationality. Eg: "mexican"

iii. Undisputed

To see all the undisputed boxers on our database, enter "undisputed".

To see all the undisputed boxers of a nationality, enter the nationality after the nationality. Eg: "mexican undisputed"

Under Development

We are currently working on the MMA module, which will be using AI Model 2, we expect it to be more accurate in career analysis and prediction than the boxing module, which is still using Model 1. Model 2 will become available in the boxing module in a couple of months.

Mobile apps, next.