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Tony Pep Record

Total Fights53
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins22
KO Losses2
Tony Pep Record & Stats
Tony Pep's Record
Tony Pep's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Tony Pep's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 26 years and four months, Tony Pep fought 53 times with 42 wins, 10 losses, and 1 draw.

      Pep retired from professional boxing with a record of 42-10-1. He was a one-time super-featherweight world title challenger. He had a 41.5% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 22 of his total 53 fights being knockout wins. Pep suffered two knockout losses, both of which were in non-title fights.

      His last fight was a 6-round split decision victory over Leonardo Rojas on November 7, 2008.

      Some of Pep's best fights and notable victories include wins over Francisco Castillo, John T Williams, Chris Ranelli, Johar Abu Lashin, Jorge Palomares, Jose Luis Baltazar, and Reggie Johnson.

      53Nov 7, 200844Leonardo RojasWinSD
      52Mar 11, 200439Mark RiggsLossUD
      51Sep 20, 200137Mario LechowskiLossMD
      50Mar 26, 200136Ricky HattonLossTKO4
      49Sep 20, 200036Mario LechowskiWinUD
      48Mar 7, 200035Keith ThomasDrawPTS
      47Nov 19, 199935Pedro GarciaWinUD
      46Jun 24, 199934Francisco CastilloWinKO6
      45Jun 14, 199833Floyd Mayweather Jr.LossUD
      44Oct 16, 199733Khalil ShakeelWinMD
      43Jul 29, 199732Felipe GarciaWinUD
      42Dec 12, 199632Louie EspinozaWinUD
      41Oct 7, 199632Jose Luis BaltazarWinTKO3
      40Jul 17, 199631Angel AldamaWinUD
      39Apr 27, 199631Jorge PalomaresWinTKO3
      38Mar 7, 199631Johar Abu LashinWinKO7
      37Sep 30, 199531Justin JuukoLossPTS
      36Jun 8, 199530Felix TubleWinUD
      35Mar 9, 199530Regilio TuurLoss *UD
      34Jul 30, 199429John T WilliamsWinTKO1
      33Dec 2, 199329Glenn FordWinUD
      32Oct 2, 199329Reggie JohnsonWinKO4
      31Apr 17, 199328Joe PhillipsWinUD
      30May 28, 199227Alberto RendonWinUD
      29Feb 11, 199227Paul HarveyWinPTS
      28Oct 17, 199127Robert DixonWinTKO5
      27Aug 15, 199126Gilbert MitchellWinRTD5
      26May 11, 199126Damion SuttonWinTKO6
      25Feb 27, 199126Hugh FordeWinTKO9
      24Dec 14, 199026Richard FowlerWinKO1
      23Aug 25, 199025Dana RostonWinKO4
      22Apr 21, 199025Tony CisnerosWinKO2
      21May 12, 198823Racheed LawalLossPTS
      20Mar 25, 198823Tony LopezLossTKO3
      19Apr 29, 198722Serge CussonWinSD
      18Feb 5, 198722John KalbhennWinUD
      17Nov 20, 198622Dale WaltersWinTKO10
      16Jun 26, 198621Averell BradyWinKO8
      15May 14, 198621Arnel ArrozalWinUD
      14Apr 26, 198621Lorenzo GarciaWinPTS
      13Dec 8, 198521Ian ClydeWinTKO10
      12Sep 13, 198520Tony MillerLossSD
      11Aug 22, 198520Darrell SavoyLossSD
      10Jul 20, 198520Carlton SparrowWinUD
      9May 16, 198520Clayton HannahWinTKO2
      8Apr 10, 198520Nedrick SimmonsWinSD
      7Mar 23, 198520Lorenzo GarciaWinPTS
      6Aug 18, 198419Victor MorenoWinUD
      5Jun 27, 198419Chris RanelliWinKO2
      4Mar 12, 198419Chris RanelliWinKO2
      3Oct 13, 198319Pete EsterbrookWinTKO2
      2Aug 13, 198318Hugh FrederickWinKO4
      1Jun 17, 198217Chad MorganWinKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Tony Pep is a 59-year old retired Canadian professional boxer. He was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada on September 14, 1964. He retired without winning a major world title. His professional boxing career spanned more than 26 years — from 1982 to 2008.

      Pep made his professional boxing debut against Chad Morgan at the age of 17 on June 17, 1982, defeating Morgan via 1st round KO. He went on to win 9 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 5 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 30 on March 9, 1995 after 34 professional fights, against Regilio Tuur for the WBO title. He lost to Tuur via 12 round unanimous decision.

      Pep had a total of 10 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Leonardo Rojas on November 7, 2008. Pep won the fight via 6 round split decision. It's been 15 years, 5 months, and 16 days since this fight.


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