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Ruben Castillo Record

Total Fights79
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins35
KO Losses4
Ruben Castillo Record & Stats
Ruben Castillo's Record
Ruben Castillo's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Ruben Castillo's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 22 years, Ruben Castillo fought 79 times with 67 wins, 10 losses, and 2 draws.

      Castillo retired from professional boxing with a record of 67-10-2. He fought for world titles three times at two weight classes — featherweight and super-featherweight. He had a 44.3% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 35 of his total 79 fights being knockout wins. Castillo suffered four knockout losses in his career, two of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 3rd round TKO defeat to Rudy Zavala on March 20, 1997.

      Some of Castillo's best fights and notable victories include wins over Hall-of-Famer Jose Torres, Kelvin Lampkin, Hector Carrasquilla, Roberto Torres, Fred Rolando Pastor, Antonio Becerra, Juan Escobar, and Roberto Quintanilla.

      79Mar 20, 199739Rudy ZavalaLossTKO3
      78Sep 24, 199638Manny CastilloWinSD
      77Mar 24, 199638Antonio OjedaWinPTS
      76Feb 19, 199638Fabian Hector TejedaLossUD
      75Dec 15, 199537Jorge PalomaresWinKO3
      74Nov 16, 199537Francisco CuestaWinSD
      73Jun 20, 199537Ismael DiazWinUD
      72May 24, 199537Javier Hector ValadezWinKO2
      71Aug 31, 198931Edgar CastroLossTKO5
      70Jan 30, 198931Santos MorenoLossSD
      69Mar 4, 198628Martin MoradoWinMD
      68Aug 18, 198527Francisco Tomas da CruzLossUD
      67Apr 19, 198527Julio Cesar ChavezLoss *TKO6
      66Sep 18, 198426Jorge MoralesWinTKO2
      65Jun 14, 198426Oscar BejinesWinUD
      64Apr 24, 198426Robert AndersonWinTKO6
      63Mar 24, 198426Andres FelixWinTKO10
      62Jan 30, 198426Tony CisnerosWinTKO5
      61Oct 27, 198325Miguel HernandezWinTKO3
      60Feb 20, 198325Juan LaporteLoss *UD
      59Sep 14, 198224Francisco RodriguezWinKO3
      58Jul 29, 198224Lupe MartinezWinKO2
      57Apr 8, 198224Manuel VazquezWinTKO2
      56Feb 19, 198224Austreberto PerezDrawPTS
      55Dec 10, 198123Antonio ParedesWinUD
      54Nov 5, 198123Rocky GarciaWinUD
      53Sep 25, 198123Antonio BecerraWinKO3
      52Jul 20, 198123Kelvin LampkinWinTKO2
      51May 4, 198123Kelvin LampkinLossPTS
      50Mar 16, 198123Jaime NavaWinPTS
      49Nov 11, 198022James MartinezDrawPTS
      48Oct 28, 198022Jose TorresWinPTS
      47Aug 19, 198022Roberto GarciaWinKO6
      46Apr 12, 198022Salvador SanchezLoss *UD
      45Mar 3, 198022Edwin AlarconWinKO6
      44Jan 20, 198022Alexis ArguelloLoss *TKO11
      43Dec 10, 197921Juan EscobarWinKO8
      42Nov 19, 197921Fred Rolando PastorWinKO4
      41Oct 18, 197921Fel ClementeWinUD
      40Sep 25, 197921Roberto TorresWinKO3
      39Jul 21, 197921Hector CarrasquillaWinTKO3
      38Jun 15, 197921James MartinezWinUD
      37Jun 2, 197921Frank AhumadaWinUD
      36Apr 7, 197921Roberto QuintanillaWinKO2
      35Mar 28, 197921Tony SanchezWinKO3
      34Mar 11, 197921Warren MatthewsWinKO7
      33Feb 21, 197921Edel BorundaWinUD
      32Jan 25, 197921Roberto PerezWinKO3
      31Dec 11, 197820Alejandro OrejelWinKO2
      30Oct 23, 197820Juan BautistaWinUD
      29Sep 9, 197820Julio LealWinKO8
      28Jul 18, 197820Ramon ContrerasWinKO5
      27Jun 26, 197820Jesus HernandezWinPTS
      26Jun 16, 197820Jesus ReyesWinUD
      25Oct 15, 197719Miguel MezaWinUD
      24Aug 17, 197719Alberto TorresWinTKO1
      23Jul 20, 197719Jose RodriguezWinTKO7
      22Jun 22, 197719Alfredo CarranzaWinKO4
      21Apr 2, 197719Walter SeeleyWinUD
      20Mar 6, 197719Kenny WeldonWinUD
      19Nov 10, 197618Cookie ValenciaWinTKO4
      18Sep 1, 197618Artemio JeronimoWinUD
      17Aug 17, 197618Frank AhumadaWinUD
      16Aug 6, 197618Ramon ContrerasWinTKO6
      15May 26, 197618Miguel MezaWinUD
      14May 11, 197618Adrian LunaWinTKO2
      13Apr 8, 197618Johnny JensenWinUD
      12Jan 7, 197618Simon FortanelleWinUD
      11Dec 17, 197517Miguel MezaWinUD
      10Dec 10, 197517Danny StenadoWinTKO2
      9Nov 22, 197517Tony AlvaradoWinUD
      8Nov 12, 197517Regis RodriguezWinTKO1
      7Oct 10, 197517Ray ThomasWinUD
      6Sep 24, 197517Ray ThomasWinUD
      5Aug 22, 197517Yuma DuranWinPTS
      4Aug 13, 197517Ruben AguilarWinUD
      3Jul 30, 197517Manny CastroWinKO1
      2Apr 16, 197517Frank AhumadaWinUD
      1Feb 22, 197517Frank CastroWinTKO4

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Ruben Castillo is a 66-year old retired American professional boxer. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, USA on December 19, 1957. He is a former super-featherweight world champion. His professional boxing career spanned more than 22 years — from 1975 to 1997.

      Castillo made his professional boxing debut against Frank Castro at the age of 17 on February 22, 1975, defeating Castro via 4th round TKO. He went on to win 42 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 20 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 22 on January 20, 1980 after 43 professional fights, against Alexis Arguello for the WBC title. He lost to Arguello via 11th round TKO.

      Castillo had a total of 10 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Rudy Zavala on March 20, 1997. Castillo lost the fight via 3rd round TKO. It's been 27 years, 1 month, and 2 days since this fight.


      Castillo had a total of four world-title fights, which includes winning zero world titles and zero successful title defenses. He won zero of these fights and lost four.

      Title Wins

      Ruben Castillo He was elevated as world champion once, by WBC.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod

      Title Losses

      Ruben Castillo lost one world-title defense fight, and lost one title in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Apr 19, 1985Julio Cesar ChavezSuper-featherweightWBCTKO


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