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Likar Ramos Record

Total Fights42
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins23
KO Losses10
Likar Ramos Record & Stats
Likar Ramos' Record
Likar Ramos' boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Likar Ramos' boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 16 years and three months, Likar Ramos fought 42 times with 30 wins and 12 losses.

      Ramos retired from professional boxing with a record of 30-12. He had a 54.8% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 23 of his total 42 fights being knockout wins. Ramos suffered 10 knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 2nd round TKO defeat to Bryan Perez Castillo on October 8, 2021.

      Some of Ramos' best fights and notable victories include wins over Elkin Lopez, Julio Cesar Perez, Julio Gomez, John Merino, Franklin Arroyo, Elkin Zavaleta, and Ernesto Morales.

      42Oct 8, 202136Bryan Perez CastilloLossTKO2
      41Jul 23, 202135Johan GonzalezLossKO2
      40Feb 20, 202135Stepan DiyunLossTKO1
      39Dec 7, 201934John MerinoWinKO1
      38Oct 26, 201934Jose Miguel BorregoLossTKO3
      37Jul 1, 201832Ilhami AydemirLossTKO2
      36Mar 10, 201832Sergei ShigashevLossRTD2
      35Feb 3, 201832John MerinoWinKO1
      34Sep 1, 201731Elkin ZavaletaWinKO2
      33Jul 14, 201731John MerinoWinKO3
      32Jan 16, 201529Jean Carlos PradaLossKO2
      31Aug 29, 201428Elkin LopezWinTKO2
      30Jul 19, 201327Johnny De HortaWinUD
      29May 19, 201226Claudio Alfredo OlmedoLossKO1
      28Jul 16, 201125Juan Manuel MarquezLossTKO1
      27Apr 30, 201125Julio Cesar PerezWinTKO1
      26Oct 1, 201025Julio GomezWinKO4
      25Aug 13, 201024Franklin ArroyoWinKO5
      24Feb 6, 201024Jorge SolisLossKO7
      23Nov 19, 200924Angel GranadosWinUD
      22Jun 20, 200923Ernesto MoralesWinTKO3
      21Feb 14, 200923Orlen PadillaWinKO8
      20Nov 13, 200823Daniel MercadoWinKO2
      19Aug 16, 200822Luis PerezWinKO2
      18Dec 20, 200722Edinson JimenezWinTKO4
      17Sep 1, 200721Samir TorresWinUD
      16Jul 19, 200721Armando VelasquezWinKO1
      15May 11, 200721Dunis LinanWinUD
      14Jan 27, 200721Luis CardozoWinKO5
      13Nov 17, 200621Daniel MercadoWinKO1
      12Sep 16, 200621Edixon GarciaLossDQ
      11Aug 11, 200620Miguel PachecoWinKO1
      10Jun 30, 200620Edixon GarciaWinUD
      9May 12, 200620Walter EstradaLossUD
      8Mar 31, 200620Manuel UlloaWinKO1
      7Feb 23, 200620Victor Julio SalgadoWinKO3
      6Dec 16, 200520Dairo JulioWinPTS
      5Nov 19, 200520Jose PortilloWinPTS
      4Sep 30, 200520Orlando PerezWinKO1
      3Aug 6, 200519Julian FloresWinKO2
      2Jul 15, 200519Enrique RiveraWinKO3
      1Jul 1, 200519Antonio ZappaWinKO2

      Boxing career

      Likar Ramos (Concha) is a 38-year old retired Colombian professional boxer. He was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on September 8, 1985. He retired without winning a major world title. His professional boxing career spanned more than 16 years — from 2005 to 2021.

      Ramos made his professional boxing debut against Antonio Zappa at the age of 19 on July 1, 2005, defeating Zappa via 2nd round KO. He went on to win 7 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 5 wins via stoppage.

      Ramos had a total of 12 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Bryan Perez Castillo on October 8, 2021. Ramos lost the fight via 2nd round TKO. It's been 2 years, 9 months, and 13 days since this fight.


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