Laila Ali Record & Stats

Laila Ali Record & Stats

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In a career spanning 7 years and 3 months, Laila Ali fought 24 times with 24 wins and no losses. By her last professional fight on February 3, 2007, Ali's boxing record stood at 24-0 (21 KO wins).

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Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.
“She Bee Stingin'”
Dec 30, 1977
Oct 8, 1999
21 (87.5%)
178 cm
179 cm
Ape Index
1 cm
Last Fight
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Laila Ali's record and stats
Laila Ali's Record

      Laila Ali (She Bee Stingin') is a retired American professional boxer. She was born in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S. on December 30, 1977. Ali made her professional boxing debut at the age of 21 on October 8, 1999. She is a former super-middleweight world champion. She is 45 years old, and will be turning 46 in 10 months and 26 days. Ali is a Hall of Famer.

      Boxing Record

      Total Fights24
      KO Wins21
      Total Title Wins1
      Title Defenses2
      Title-Fight KO Wins3
      Losses via KO0
      24Feb 3, 200729Gwendolyn O'Neil WinTKO1
      23Nov 11, 200628Shelley Burton WinTKO4
      22Dec 17, 200527Åsa SandellWinTKO5
      21Jun 11, 200527Erin Toughill WinTKO3
      20Feb 11, 200527Cassandra GeiggarWinTKO8
      19Sep 24, 200426Gwendolyn O'NeilWinKO3
      18Jul 30, 200426Monica NunezWinTKO9
      17Jul 17, 200426Nikki EplionWinTKO4
      16Aug 23, 200325 Christy MartinWinKO4
      15Jun 21, 200325Valerie MahfoodWinTKO6
      14Feb 14, 200325Mary Ann AlmagerWinTKO4
      13Nov 8, 200224Valerie MahfoodWinTKO8
      12Aug 17, 200224Suzette TaylorWinTKO2
      11Jun 7, 200224Shirvelle WilliamsWinUD
      10Jun 8, 200123Jacqui Frazier-LydeWinMD
      9Mar 2, 200123Christine RobinsonWinTKO5
      8Oct 20, 200022Kendra LenhartWinUD
      7Jun 15, 200022Marjorie JonesWinTKO1
      6Apr 22, 200022Kristina KingWinTKO4
      5Apr 8, 200022Karen BillWinTKO3
      4Mar 7, 200022Crystal ArcandWinKO1
      3Dec 10, 199921Nicolyn ArmstrongWinTKO2
      2Nov 11, 199921Shadina PennybakerWinTKO4
      1Oct 8, 199921April FowlerWinKO1

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      Laila Ali is 178 cm tall (5' 10.08") with a reach of 179 cm (5' 10.47"). She fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 1 cm (0.39"). Ali has a 87.5% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Laila Ali's professional boxing career spanned more than 7 years — from 1999 to 2007.

      Ali made her debut against April Fowler at the age of 21 on October 8, 1999, defeating Fowler via 1st round KO. She would go on to remain undefeated throughout her career.

      Ali had her first world title fight at the age of 27 on June 11, 2005 after 20 professional fights, against Erin Toughill for the super-middleweight WBC title. She defeated Toughill via 3rd round TKO to become the super-middleweight champion of the world.

      Ali has won one world title at super-middleweight. For all the details about Ali's world title wins and defenses refer to "Laila Ali World Titles".

      Some of Ali's best fights and notable victories include wins over Gwendolyn O'Neil, Shelley Burton, Erin Toughill, Åsa Sandell, Christy Martin, Monica Nunez, and Mary Ann Almager.

      Laila Ali has never lost a fight in her professional boxing career.

      Her last professional fight was a super-middleweight title defense bout against Gwendolyn O'Neil on February 3, 2007. Ali won the fight via 1st round TKO and defended her WBC title. It's been 16 years and 1 day since this fight.

      Ali retired from professional boxing with an undefeated record of 24-0, which included 21 knockout wins, and 1 title win. She was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2021.

      Career Highlights

      Laila Ali fought a total of 24 times during her professional career. These three fights are the highlight of her career.

      • Laila Ali vs. Erin Toughill

        A 27-year old Laila Ali (20-0, 17 KO) had her first world title fight against Erin Toughill for Toughill's WBC super-middleweight belt.

        Ali defeated Toughill via 3rd round TKO to win the WBC super-middleweight title.

      • Laila Ali vs. Shelley Burton

        A 28-year old Laila Ali (22-0, 19 KO) faced Shelley Burton in a super-middleweight title defense fight.

        Ali defeated Burton via 4th round TKO to retain the WBC super-middleweight title.

      • Laila Ali vs. Gwendolyn O'Neil

        In a rematch, a 29-year old Laila Ali (23-0, 20 KO) faced Gwendolyn O'Neil in a super-middleweight title defense fight.

        Ali defeated O'Neil via 1st round TKO to retain the WBC super-middleweight title.


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