Kenshiro Teraji's Losses

Kenshiro Teraji has had just a single loss in 21 fights. He suffered his first loss against Masamichi Yabuki via 10th round TKO in his 19th fight — his 18 fight win streak came to an end with this loss. Yabuki is the only boxer to beat Teraji.

  1. Kenshiro Teraji loses to Masamichi Yabuki

    The first and only loss in Kenshiro Teraji's career so far. Teraji lost to fellow Japanese boxer Masamichi Yabuki via 10th round TKO on . He was defending his light-flyweight WBC title, he was 29 years old with a record of 18-0. Yabuki was also 29 years old, with a record of 12-3.