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Jose Roman Record

Total Fights85
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins27
KO Losses11
Jose Roman Record & Stats
Jose Roman's Record
Jose Roman's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Jose Roman's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 14 years and eight months, Jose Roman fought 85 times with 53 wins, 27 losses, and 4 draws.

      Roman retired from professional boxing with a record of 53-27-4. He was a one-time heavyweight world title challenger. He had a 32.1% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 27 of his total 85 fights being knockout wins. Roman suffered 11 knockout losses in his career, one of which was against George Foreman in a heavyweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 5th round KO defeat to Tony Severance on March 19, 1981.

      Some of Roman's best fights and notable victories include wins over Chuck Wepner, Clyde Brown, Charley Polite, Vicente Rondon, Manuel Ramos, Jack O'Halloran, and Moses Harrell.

      85Mar 19, 198134Tony SeveranceLossKO5
      84Nov 10, 197831Alfio RighettiLossKO2
      83Aug 10, 197831Glenn MorganLossTKO7
      82Jun 20, 197831Ibar ArringtonLossTKO8
      81May 23, 197831George JeromeWinTKO8
      80Apr 28, 197831Walter E. Moore, Jr.LossUD
      79Mar 17, 197831Levi ForteDrawPTS
      78Jan 19, 197831Bobby LloydLossUD
      77Dec 1, 197730John L CarterWinUD
      76Oct 1, 197730George JeromeWinTKO9
      75Sep 8, 197730Marlin LewisLossUD
      74Aug 5, 197730Marlin LewisDrawPTS
      73May 25, 197730Terry DanielsWinUD
      72May 7, 197730Bobby LloydLossPTS
      71Apr 26, 197730Boone KirkmanLossUD
      70Mar 23, 197730Ernie SmithWinTKO4
      69Feb 15, 197730Ibar ArringtonWinSD
      68Feb 2, 197730James AnthonyWinKO5
      67Oct 12, 197629Ibar ArringtonLossMD
      66Jun 15, 197629Fred HoupeLossTKO10
      65Jun 1, 197629Randy StephensLossPTS
      64Feb 20, 197629Jimmy YoungLossPTS
      63Jan 26, 197629Mike SchutteLossTKO7
      62Nov 29, 197528Mike SchutteLossPTS
      61Sep 30, 197528John DenisLossUD
      60Aug 29, 197528Wendell JosephLossUD
      59Mar 7, 197528Walter WhiteWinSD
      58Jan 3, 197528Mike QuarryLossUD
      57Oct 10, 197427Earl PerrerWinKO6
      56Aug 12, 197427Eddie OwensNCNC
      55Jun 6, 197427Vicente RondonWinTKO2
      54Mar 1, 197427Jose Manuel UrtainDrawPTS
      53Dec 17, 197327Pedro AgostoLossPTS
      52Sep 1, 197326George ForemanLoss *KO1
      51Jun 28, 197326Clyde BrownWinKO3
      50Nov 21, 197225Terry DanielsWinUD
      49Oct 2, 197225Tony VenturaWinTKO2
      48Jul 14, 197225Charley PoliteWinKO1
      47Apr 3, 197225Jose Manuel UrtainWinUD
      46Feb 14, 197225Brian O'MeliaWinPTS
      45Oct 29, 197124Robie HarrisLossSD
      44May 1, 197124Jose RondonWinPTS
      43Feb 25, 197124Tommy SheehanWinKO5
      42Feb 1, 197124Jose RondonWinUD
      41Oct 26, 197023Manuel RamosWinPTS
      40Aug 24, 197023Bill HardneyWinKO3
      39Jul 27, 197023Tommy HowardWinKO7
      38May 25, 197023Jack O'HalloranWinPTS
      37Apr 20, 197023Moses HarrellWinKO2
      36Apr 7, 197023Tommy GrantWinTKO1
      35Mar 31, 197023Abe BrownWinTKO2
      34Mar 18, 197023Tommy HowardWinPTS
      33Jan 20, 197023Mike BruceWinPTS
      32Dec 4, 196922George HoldenWinTKO4
      31Nov 18, 196922Charles ClarkWinKO3
      30Nov 13, 196922Abe BrownWinKO2
      29Oct 3, 196922Bowie AdamsWinTKO3
      28Jul 14, 196922Jack BodellLossPTS
      27Jun 22, 196922Chuck WepnerWinPTS
      26Apr 19, 196922Al BanksWinPTS
      25Mar 15, 196922Jack O'HalloranWinPTS
      24Feb 13, 196922Al SingletaryWinKO10
      23Nov 19, 196821Pedro AgostoLossKO12
      22May 20, 196821Charlie HarrisLossKO8
      21Apr 15, 196821Al SingletaryWinPTS
      20Mar 23, 196821Charley PoliteWinUD
      19Oct 2, 196720Al SingletaryLossKO7
      18Aug 21, 196720James J. JohnsonWinPTS
      17Jul 20, 196720Moses HarrellDrawPTS
      16Jun 5, 196720Herman HarrisLossTKO10
      15Apr 24, 196720Hal CarrollLossSD
      14Mar 27, 196720James J. JohnsonWinUD
      13Mar 22, 196720Don WaldheimWinSD
      12Mar 13, 196720Al BrooksWinUD
      11Mar 2, 196720Billy MuseWinPTS
      10Jan 16, 196720Tony BurwellWinPTS
      9Jan 9, 196720Joe WebbWinKO2
      8Dec 19, 196620Abe WaldenWinPTS
      7Dec 16, 196619Felix VieraWinTKO2
      6Oct 24, 196619Abe WaldenWinTKO5
      5Oct 20, 196619Bill HadermanWinKO5
      4Oct 17, 196619George FordWinKO2
      3Sep 8, 196619Wayne WebbWinKO2
      2Aug 4, 196619John HittsWinKO1
      1Jun 20, 196619Sam SellersWinPTS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Jose Roman (King) is a 77-year old retired Puerto Rican professional boxer. He was born in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico on December 17, 1946. He retired without winning a major world title. His professional boxing career spanned more than 14 years — from 1966 to 1981.

      Roman made his professional boxing debut against Sam Sellers at the age of 19 on June 20, 1966, defeating Sellers via 4 round PTS. He went on to win 13 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 7 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 26 on September 1, 1973 after 51 professional fights, against George Foreman for the WBA and WBC titles. He lost to Foreman via 1st round KO.

      Roman had a total of 27 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Tony Severance on March 19, 1981. Roman lost the fight via 5th round KO. It's been 43 years, 3 months, and 24 days since this fight.


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