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José Legrá Record

Total Fights144
Title Wins2
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs2
KO Wins49
KO Losses3
José Legrá Record & Stats
José Legrá's Record
José Legrá's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is José Legrá's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 13 years and four months, José Legrá fought 144 times with 129 wins, 11 losses, and 4 draws.

      Legrá retired from professional boxing with a record of 129-11-4, which included two featherweight world-title wins. He had a 34% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 49 of his total 144 fights being knockout wins, two of which were in title fights. Legrá suffered three knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 1st round TKO defeat to Alexis Argüello on November 24, 1973.

      Some of Legrá's best fights and notable victories include wins over Howard Winstone, Felix Said Brami, Clemente Sánchez, Giovanni Girgenti, Evan Armstrong, Bob Allotey, and Domenico Scalco.

      144Nov 24, 197330Alexis ArgüelloLossTKO1
      143Aug 1, 197330Jimmy BellWinPTS
      142May 5, 197330Éder JofreLoss *MD
      141Dec 16, 197229Clemente SánchezWin *TKO10
      140Oct 6, 197229Daniel VermandereWinUD
      139Jun 21, 197229Jonathan DeleLossPTS
      138May 17, 197229Tommy GlencrossWinSD
      137Feb 15, 197228Evan ArmstrongWinUD
      136Jan 15, 197228Ben Salah AbdesselemWinKO1
      135Aug 26, 197128Marius CordierWinTKO3
      134Aug 14, 197128Giovanni GirgentiWinKO9
      133May 21, 197128Tahar Ben HassenLossKO4
      132May 8, 197128David PesentiWinTKO8
      131Apr 15, 197127Marius CordierWinTKO3
      130Jan 25, 197127Jimmy RevieWinUD
      129Dec 26, 197027Renato GalliWinPTS
      128Dec 12, 197027Abel Cesar AlmarazWinKO4
      127Nov 14, 197027Bruno MelissanoWinPTS
      126Oct 24, 197027Ugo PoliWinPTS
      125Jun 26, 197027Tommaso GalliWinPTS
      124May 22, 197027Domenico ChiloiroWinTKO7
      123Apr 11, 197026Rolf KerstenWinTKO1
      122Mar 5, 197026Jimmy BellWinPTS
      121Feb 5, 197026Evan ArmstrongWinPTS
      120Dec 11, 196926Miguel HerreraWinTKO2
      119Oct 24, 196926Rey MillerWinKO2
      118Jul 18, 196926Vicente SaldivarLossUD
      117Jun 13, 196926Domenico ScalcoWinTKO1
      116May 30, 196926Vicente PinaWinKO4
      115Jan 21, 196925Johnny FamechonLoss *PTS
      114Oct 28, 196825Felix Said BramiWinKO1
      113Oct 5, 196825Bob AlloteyWinPTS
      112Jul 24, 196825Howard WinstoneWin *TKO5
      111Jun 10, 196825Fernando TavaresWinKO2
      110May 10, 196825Klaus JacobyWinKO6
      109Apr 25, 196825Joe TettehWinPTS
      108Mar 14, 196824Ernesto MirandaWinTKO4
      107Feb 2, 196824Ernesto MirandaWinPTS
      106Dec 22, 196724Yves DesmaretsWinTKO3
      105Nov 9, 196724Benito GallardoWinTKO3
      104Sep 30, 196724Paul RourreWinPTS
      103Sep 2, 196724Fernando TavaresWinTKO7
      102Jun 30, 196724Don JohnsonWinPTS
      101Jun 24, 196724Jose Luis TorcidaWinPTS
      100Jun 10, 196724Paul RourreWinPTS
      99Jun 2, 196724Maurice TavantWinPTS
      98Apr 27, 196724Mohamed Ben SaouitaWinTKO1
      97Mar 18, 196723Ameur LamineWinPTS
      96Mar 10, 196723Rafiu KingWinPTS
      95Feb 12, 196723Salvatore GennatiempoWinTKO6
      94Jan 21, 196723Julian GonzalezWinPTS
      93Jan 14, 196723Roger YounsiWinPTS
      92Jan 8, 196723Mohamed Halimi LaroussiWinTKO3
      91Dec 23, 196623Love AlloteyWinPTS
      90Dec 2, 196623Jean De KeersWinKO1
      89Nov 24, 196623Hector Omar OlivaWinTKO9
      88Nov 12, 196623Manuel CarvajalWinPTS
      87Oct 27, 196623Roberto MarthonWinTKO2
      86Oct 15, 196623Luis SeguraWinTKO2
      85Oct 1, 196623Raul TejeraWinTKO2
      84Sep 2, 196623Julian GonzalezWinTKO7
      83Aug 20, 196623Tommy ThompsonWinTKO1
      82Aug 12, 196623Vincenzo PitardiWinTKO5
      81Jul 29, 196623Celmiro RiosWinTKO3
      80Jul 2, 196623Jose RiveiroWinKO7
      79Jun 4, 196623Jose Luis TorcidaWinPTS
      78May 21, 196623Angel ChineaWinPTS
      77May 7, 196623Dris ben AmarWinTKO5
      76Apr 30, 196623Cristobal GomezWinPTS
      75Apr 15, 196622Hector Omar OlivaWinPTS
      74Apr 3, 196622Jesus ZarcoWinPTS
      73Mar 17, 196622Oye TurpinWinTKO2
      72Mar 3, 196622Antonio PaivaWinTKO7
      71Feb 13, 196622Cristobal GomezWinPTS
      70Jan 6, 196622Juan RodriguezWinPTS
      69Dec 18, 196522Manuel CalvoWinPTS
      68Nov 26, 196522Manuel CalvoWinPTS
      67Nov 12, 196522Ramon CasalWinPTS
      66Oct 30, 196522Jose BisbalWinPTS
      65Sep 25, 196522Luis SeguraWinPTS
      64Sep 19, 196522Juan de LeonWinKO4
      63Sep 5, 196522Tristano TartariniWinTKO1
      62Aug 31, 196522Lope de PabloWinPTS
      61Jun 22, 196522Howard WinstoneLossPTS
      60Jun 2, 196522Jose Caetano dos SantosWinPTS
      59Apr 2, 196521Antonio PaivaWinPTS
      58Mar 13, 196521Miguel CalderinWinPTS
      57Mar 6, 196521Domingo CabreraWinTKO8
      56Feb 26, 196521Mario SitriWinPTS
      55Jan 30, 196521Angel NechesDrawPTS
      54Jan 22, 196521Juan PintoWinPTS
      53Nov 26, 196421Renato GalliWinPTS
      52Nov 14, 196421Jose Sanchez MerayoWinTKO2
      51Oct 31, 196421Luis AisaWinPTS
      50Oct 10, 196421Antoine LicausiWinPTS
      49Sep 18, 196421Vincenzo PitardiWinPTS
      48Sep 5, 196421Luis AisaWinPTS
      47Aug 8, 196421Miguel CalderinWinPTS
      46Jul 18, 196421Rafael GayoWinPTS
      45Jul 2, 196421Angel RodriguezWinKO1
      44Jun 4, 196421Kid TanoWinPTS
      43May 23, 196421Kid TanoWinPTS
      42May 7, 196421Miguel CalderinWinPTS
      41Mar 31, 196420Kid TanoDrawPTS
      40Mar 14, 196420Jose Luis MartinezWinPTS
      39Feb 15, 196420Toni AlonsoWinPTS
      38Feb 5, 196420José Luis BiescasWinPTS
      37Jan 11, 196420Jose Luis MartinezWinPTS
      36Dec 4, 196320Luis AisaWinPTS
      35Nov 2, 196320Baldomero ArroyoWinPTS
      34Oct 26, 196320Lazaro ben LayachiWinTKO6
      33Oct 1, 196320Vicente NunezLossPTS
      32Jul 1, 196320Vicente NunezWinPTS
      31Jun 1, 196320Juan FernandezDrawPTS
      30May 1, 196320Enrique YamuriWinPTS
      29Apr 1, 196319Juan FernandezWinPTS
      28Mar 1, 196319Jimmy EscuderoWinPTS
      27Oct 1, 196219Pedro SotoWinPTS
      26Aug 1, 196219Vicente NunezWinPTS
      25Jul 1, 196219Raimundo PellegrinoWinPTS
      24Jun 1, 196219Esteban CastilloWinPTS
      23May 1, 196219OribazoWinPTS
      22Apr 1, 196218Leopoldo GalvezWinPTS
      21Mar 1, 196218Raul NunezWinPTS
      20Feb 1, 196218Luis OdioWinPTS
      19Jan 1, 196218Indio del SurWinPTS
      18Oct 6, 196118Baby LuisLossPTS
      17Oct 1, 196118Tomas MartinezWinPTS
      16Sep 1, 196118Tomas PerezWinPTS
      15Jul 1, 196118Huracan DiazWinKO3
      14Jun 1, 196118Eugenio GimenezWinKO3
      13May 22, 196118Jimmy HightowerWinRTD4
      12Apr 15, 196117Angel LeyLossKO6
      11Mar 1, 196117Indio IguamoWinKO2
      10Jan 12, 196117Pedro PineraWinPTS
      9Jan 7, 196117Agustin CarmonaLossPTS
      8Dec 17, 196017Miguel OlivaWinPTS
      7Nov 26, 196017Victor RecioWinTKO3
      6Oct 22, 196017Miguel OlivaWinPTS
      5Sep 24, 196017Andres PerezWinTKO2
      4Sep 1, 196017Julian PerezWinPTS
      3Aug 20, 196017Jose Ramon FerrerDrawPTS
      2Aug 1, 196017Julian PerezWinPTS
      1Jul 16, 196017Pedro PineraWinPTS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      José Legrá (Pocket Cassius Clay) is a 81-year old retired Cuban professional boxer. He was born in Baracoa, Cuba on April 19, 1943. He is a former featherweight world champion. His professional boxing career spanned more than 13 years — from 1960 to 1973.

      Legrá made his professional boxing debut against Pedro Pinera at the age of 17 on July 16, 1960, defeating Pinera via 4 round PTS.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 25 on July 24, 1968 after 111 professional fights, against Howard Winstone for the featherweight WBC title. He defeated Winstone via 5th round TKO to become the featherweight champion of the world.

      Legrá has won two world titles at featherweight. For all the details about Legrá's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Legrá had a total of 11 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Nicaraguan boxer Alexis Argüello on November 24, 1973. Legrá lost the fight via 1st round TKO. It's been 50 years, 4 months, and 30 days since this fight.


      Legrá had a total of four world-title fights, which includes winning two world titles and zero successful title defenses. He won two of these fights and lost two.

      Title Wins

      José Legrá fought for featherweight world titles in two fights and won both the times, both of them via stoppage. In total, he won two featherweight belts.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Dec 16, 1972Clemente SánchezFeatherweightWBCTKO
      Jul 24, 1968Howard WinstoneFeatherweightWBCTKO

      Title Losses

      José Legrá lost two world-title defense fights, and lost a total of two titles in these fights.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      May 5, 1973Éder JofreFeatherweightWBCMD
      Jan 21, 1969Johnny FamechonFeatherweightWBCPTS


      Although Legrá had a total of 144 fights, this fight against Howard Winstone is the sole highlight of his career.

      • July 24, 1968: Legrá wins his first world title by defeating Howard Winstone via 5th round TKO. He is now the WBC featherweight world champion.


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