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José Cuevas Record

Total Fights50
Title Wins1
Title Defenses11
Title-Fight KOs11
KO Wins31
KO Losses6
José Cuevas Record & Stats
Santo Tomás de los Plátanos, Mexico
Dec 27, 1957
Nov 14, 1971
Title Fights
31 (62%)
173 cm
173 cm
Ape Index
0 cm
Last Fight
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José Cuevas' Record
José Cuevas' boxing record and career infographic
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      What is José Cuevas' record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 17 years and 10 months, José Cuevas fought 50 times with 35 wins and 15 losses.

      Cuevas retired from professional boxing with a record of 35-15, which included one welterweight world-title win and 11 successful title defense fights. He had a 62% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 31 of his total 50 fights being knockout wins, 11 of which were in title fights. Cuevas suffered six knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Thomas Hearns in a welterweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 2nd round KO defeat to Lupe Aquino on September 25, 1989.

      Some of Cuevas' best fights and notable victories include wins over Clyde Gray, Billy Backus, Pete Ranzany, Scott Clark, Harold Volbrecht, Miguel Ángel Campanino, and Ángel Espada.

      50Sep 25, 198931Lupe AquinoLossKO2
      49Jul 31, 198931Martín MartínezWinKO1
      48May 29, 198931Francisco CarballoWinKO4
      47Jul 25, 198729Daniel ValenzuelaWinKO6
      46Dec 19, 198628Jorge VacaLossKO2
      45Oct 4, 198628Lorenzo Luis GarcíaLossMD
      44Jul 25, 198628Luis MateoWinTKO3
      43Mar 3, 198628Steve LittleLossMD
      42Feb 25, 198628Felipe VacaWinUD
      41Mar 7, 198527Herman MontesLossKO3
      40Jul 12, 198426Jun-Suk HwangLossMD
      39Mar 1, 198426Mauricio BravoWinTKO1
      38Jan 29, 198325Roberto DuránLossTKO4
      37Nov 7, 198123Roger StaffordLossUD
      36Jun 25, 198123Jørgen HansenWinTKO1
      35Feb 7, 198123Bernardo PradaWinKO2
      34Aug 2, 198022Thomas HearnsLoss *TKO2
      33Apr 6, 198022Harold VolbrechtWin *KO5
      32Dec 8, 197921Ángel EspadaWin *TKO10
      31Jul 30, 197921Randy ShieldsWin *UD
      30Jan 29, 197921Scott ClarkWin *TKO2
      29Sep 9, 197820Pete RanzanyWin *TKO2
      28May 20, 197820Billy BackusWin *TKO2
      27Mar 4, 197820Harold WestonWin *TKO9
      26Nov 19, 197719Ángel EspadaWin *TKO12
      25Aug 6, 197719Clyde GrayWin *KO2
      24Mar 12, 197719Miguel Ángel CampaninoWin *KO2
      23Oct 27, 197618Shoji TsujimotoWin *KO6
      22Jul 17, 197618Ángel EspadaWin *TKO2
      21Jun 2, 197618Andy PriceLossUD
      20Apr 3, 197618Rafael PiamonteWinKO1
      19Sep 27, 197517José PalaciosWinKO10
      18Jul 12, 197517Carlos ObregónWinUD
      17Jan 25, 197517Rubén Vázquez ZamoraWinUD
      16Oct 26, 197416Sammy GarcíaWinKO3
      15Aug 21, 197416José Luis PenaWinKO1
      14Jun 12, 197416Sugar SandersWinTKO1
      13May 11, 197416Salvador RuvalcabaWinKO1
      12Nov 24, 197315Eleazar DelgadoLossMD
      11Oct 6, 197315Octavio AmparanWinTKO7
      10Aug 4, 197315José FigueroaWinTKO3
      9May 13, 197315Memo CruzLossUD
      8Mar 1, 197315Sergio AlejoWinKO4
      7Dec 7, 197214Raúl MartínezWinKO1
      6Aug 19, 197214Juan Pablo OropezaLossMD
      5Jun 22, 197214Pancho BenítezWinTKO2
      4May 24, 197214Rielero RodríguezWinTKO2
      3Mar 4, 197214Mario RomanLossMD
      2Jan 1, 197214José AriasWinTKO4
      1Nov 14, 197113Alfredo CastroLossKO2

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      José Cuevas (Pipino) is a 65-year old retired Mexican professional boxer. He was born in Santo Tomás de los Plátanos, Mexico on December 27, 1957. He is a former welterweight world champion. Cuevas was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2002. His professional boxing career spanned more than 17 years — from 1971 to 1989.

      Cuevas made his professional boxing debut against Alfredo Castro at the age of 13 on November 14, 1971, losing to Castro via 2nd round KO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 18 on July 17, 1976 after 21 professional fights, against Ángel Espada for the welterweight WBA title. He defeated Espada via 2nd round TKO to become the welterweight champion of the world.

      Cuevas has won one world title at welterweight. For all the details about Cuevas' world title wins and defenses refer to "José Cuevas World Titles".

      Cuevas had a total of 15 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Lupe Aquino on September 25, 1989. Cuevas lost the fight via 2nd round KO. It's been 34 years, 2 months, and 14 days since this fight.

      For a very detailed list Cuevas' fights refer to "All of José Cuevas' fights".


      Cuevas fought a total of 50 times during his professional career, which includes 13 world-title fights at the welterweight division. He was among the very best of his generation and put on some great performances in his fights. These seven fights are the highlight of his career.

      • July 17, 1976: Cuevas wins his first world title by defeating Ángel Espada via 2nd round TKO. He is now the WBA welterweight world champion.

      • March 12, 1977: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Miguel Ángel Campanino, winning the fight via 2nd round KO.

      • August 6, 1977: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Clyde Gray, winning the fight via 2nd round KO.

      • May 20, 1978: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Billy Backus, winning the fight via 2nd round TKO.

      • September 9, 1978: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Pete Ranzany, winning the fight via 2nd round TKO.

      • January 29, 1979: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Scott Clark, winning the fight via 2nd round TKO.

      • April 6, 1980: Cuevas successfully defends the WBA welterweight title against Harold Volbrecht, winning the fight via 5th round KO.

      World Titles

      Cuevas was a welterweight world champion. He has held one world title at welterweight, which was a lineal championship win.

      Weight DivisionWorld Titles Held
      Ape Index
      Win Streak
      Career Score