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Jorge Páez Record

Total Fights98
Title Wins3
Title Defenses8
Title-Fight KOs4
KO Wins52
KO Losses6
Jorge Páez Record & Stats
Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
“El Maromero”
Oct 27, 1965
Nov 16, 1984
Title Fights
52 (53.1%)
165 cm
175 cm
Ape Index
10 cm
Last Fight
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Jorge Páez' Record
Jorge Páez' boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Jorge Páez' record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 19 years, Jorge Páez fought 98 times with 79 wins, 14 losses, and 5 draws.

      Páez retired from professional boxing with a record of 79-14-5, which included one world-championship elevation, three world-title wins, and eight successful title defense fights at the featherweight weight division. He had a 53.1% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 52 of his total 98 fights being knockout wins, four of which were in title fights. Páez suffered six knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Oscar De La Hoya in a lightweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 10-round split decision victory over Scott McCracken on December 5, 2003.

      Some of Páez' best fights and notable victories include wins over Hall-of-Famer Tom Johnson, Jose Mario Lopez, Juan Polo Perez, Lupe Gutierrez, Verdell Smith, Julian Wheeler, and Gerald Gray.

      98Dec 5, 200338Scott McCrackenWinSD
      97Sep 26, 200337Rodney JonesWinUD
      96Jul 25, 200337Rubén GalvánWinUD
      95Feb 7, 200337Silverio OrtizWinTD
      94Dec 13, 200237Sandro MarcosWinTKO3
      93Sep 28, 200236Juan Angel MaciasWinTKO8
      92Jun 26, 200236Agustin LorenzoWinKO3
      91May 17, 200236Mike JuarezWinKO5
      90Feb 22, 200236Tom JohnsonWinTKO2
      89Sep 23, 200135Justo SanchezDrawTD
      88Sep 7, 200135Verdell SmithWinTKO3
      87Jun 24, 200135Adarryl JohnsonWinTKO5
      86Apr 22, 200135Verdell SmithWinUD
      85Nov 26, 200035Michael DavisWinMD
      84Sep 24, 200034Justo SanchezWinSD
      83Aug 26, 200034Jorge RamirezWinTKO5
      82Apr 29, 200034Angel AldamaWinRTD3
      81Apr 8, 200034Jose Antonio OcampoWinKO2
      80Oct 15, 199933José Luis CastilloLossTKO5
      79May 8, 199933Augie SanchezLossKO7
      78Nov 14, 199833Juan Polo PerezWinKO2
      77Sep 12, 199832Victor Hugo PazWinUD
      76Mar 28, 199832Juan Angel MaciasWinKO6
      75Aug 2, 199731Angel ManfredyLossTKO8
      74Apr 26, 199731Gerald GrayWinRTD5
      73Jan 13, 199731Julian WheelerWin *SD
      72Oct 19, 199630Julian WheelerLoss *UD
      71Aug 17, 199630Narciso Valenzuela RomoWin *KO3
      70May 4, 199630José SanabriaWinTKO6
      69Feb 15, 199630Paris AlexanderWinTKO5
      68Nov 16, 199530Anthony JohnsonWinUD
      67Sep 30, 199529Jose Vida RamosLossSD
      66Jul 8, 199529Jose Vida RamosLossDQ
      65Mar 31, 199529Genaro HernandezLossTKO8
      64Jul 29, 199428Oscar De La HoyaLoss *KO2
      63Jun 11, 199428Juan GomezWinUD
      62Apr 11, 199428Mauricio AcevesWinUD
      61Feb 19, 199428Andres SandovalWinRTD5
      60Nov 20, 199328Dominick MonacoWinTKO5
      59Nov 15, 199328Raul FrancoWinTKO10
      58Oct 15, 199327Danny RomeroWinKO1
      57Sep 13, 199327Erick MadridWinTKO4
      56Jul 17, 199327Freddie PendletonLoss *UD
      55May 18, 199327Jesse TorresWinUD
      54Mar 13, 199327Ramon FelixWinTKO8
      53Dec 11, 199227Alberto CastroWinTKO3
      52Nov 6, 199227Rafael RuelasLossRTD10
      51Aug 24, 199226Brian BrownWinTKO6
      50Jul 17, 199226Roger BonineWinKO1
      49May 29, 199226Eduardo PerezWinUD
      48Mar 27, 199226Johnny De La RosaWinUD
      47Feb 17, 199226Benny MedinaWinUD
      46Oct 5, 199125Pernell WhitakerLoss *UD
      45Jun 14, 199125Tracy SpannWinMD
      44Apr 19, 199125Lupe SuarezDrawTD
      43Mar 8, 199125Jorge RamirezWinMD
      42Jan 6, 199125Javier MarquezWinTKO3
      41Sep 22, 199024Tony LopezLoss *UD
      40Jul 8, 199024Troy DorseyDraw *SD
      39Apr 7, 199024Louie EspinozaWin *SD
      38Feb 4, 199024Troy DorseyWin *SD
      37Dec 9, 198924Lupe GutierrezWin *TKO6
      36Nov 11, 198924Fernando SeguraWinUD
      35Oct 23, 198923Allan MakitokiWinTKO6
      34Sep 16, 198923Jose Mario LopezWin *KO2
      33Aug 6, 198923Steve CruzWin *UD
      32May 21, 198923Louie EspinozaDraw *SD
      31Mar 30, 198923Calvin GroveWin *TKO11
      30Sep 30, 198822Miguel MolinaWinKO6
      29Aug 4, 198822Calvin GroveWin *MD
      28May 28, 198822Martin GarciaWinKO6
      27Apr 22, 198822Rafael ToledoWinTKO2
      26Apr 4, 198822Carlos LinaresWinKO3
      25Feb 26, 198822Rosendo AlonsoWinKO1
      24Feb 5, 198822Elpidio InfanteWinRTD7
      23Dec 18, 198722Martin TorresWinKO4
      22Dec 4, 198722Jesus LopezWinKO2
      21Oct 30, 198722Robert LewisWinUD
      20Jul 25, 198721Refugio AlvaradoWinTKO7
      19May 22, 198721Arnel ArrozalWinRTD5
      18Apr 25, 198721Silvestre CastilloWinKO6
      17Mar 20, 198721Marco Antonio SantosWinKO5
      16Mar 1, 198721Alejandro MayorgaWinUD
      15Feb 15, 198721Jose MillanWinKO2
      14Jan 1, 198721Alejandro MayorgaWinUD
      13Dec 6, 198621Noe GonzalezWinKO3
      12Oct 3, 198620Carlos GalanWinKO1
      11Sep 16, 198620Jesus RojasWinPTS
      10Jul 28, 198620Miguel MolinaLossPTS
      9Jun 27, 198620Martin MorenoWinKO1
      8Apr 22, 198620Salvador SaraWinKO1
      7Nov 1, 198520Efren TineoWinKO3
      6Jul 29, 198519Mario RiveraDrawPTS
      5Apr 16, 198519Salomon VillavicencioLossPTS
      4Mar 30, 198519Jose Luis LunaWinTKO1
      3Feb 8, 198519Manuel ArmentaWinKO1
      2Dec 14, 198419Julio Cesar MedinaWinKO2
      1Nov 16, 198419Efren TineoWinTKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Jorge Páez (El Maromero) is a 58-year old retired Mexican professional boxer. He was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico on October 27, 1965. He is a former two-weight-class world champion. His professional boxing career spanned more than 19 years — from 1984 to 2003.

      Páez made his professional boxing debut against Efren Tineo at the age of 19 on November 16, 1984, defeating Tineo via 3rd round TKO. He went on to win 3 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 3 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 22 on August 4, 1988 after 28 professional fights, against Calvin Grove for the featherweight IBF title. He defeated Grove via 15 round majority decision to become the featherweight champion of the world.

      Páez has won three world titles at two weight classes. He was elevated as world champion once. For all the details about Páez' world title wins and defenses refer to "Jorge Páez World Titles".

      Páez had a total of 14 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Scott McCracken on December 5, 2003. Páez won the fight via 10 round split decision. It's been 20 years and 4 days since this fight.

      For a very detailed list Páez' fights refer to "All of Jorge Páez' fights".


      Páez fought a total of 98 times during his professional career, which includes 16 world-title fights at three weight divisions. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • August 4, 1988: Páez wins his first world title by defeating Calvin Grove via 15 round majority decision. He is now the IBF featherweight world champion.

      • September 16, 1989: Páez successfully defends the IBF featherweight title against Jose Mario Lopez, winning the fight via 2nd round KO.

      World Titles

      Páez was a two-weight-division world champion. He has held four world titles, one of which was a vacant title win and one of which was a championship elevation, the rest two were lineal championship wins.

      Weight DivisionWorld Titles Held
      Super-featherweightWBC 2x
      FeatherweightIBF, WBO
      Ape Index
      Win Streak
      Career Score