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Ike Williams Record

Total Fights157
Title Wins3
Title Defenses8
Title-Fight KOs7
KO Wins61
KO Losses6
Ike Williams Record & Stats
Ike Williams' Record
Ike Williams' boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Ike Williams' boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 14 years, Ike Williams fought 157 times with 128 wins, 24 losses, and 5 draws.

      Williams retired from professional boxing with a record of 128-24-5, which included three lightweight world-title wins and eight successful title defense fights. He had a 38.9% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 61 of his total 157 fights being knockout wins, seven of which were in title fights. Williams suffered six knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Jimmy Carter in a lightweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 8th round RTD victory over Beau Jack on April 9, 1954.

      Some of Williams' best fights and notable victories include wins over four Hall-of-Famers (Beau Jack, Kid Gavilán, Bob Montgomery, and Sammy Angott), Enrique Bolanos, Ronnie James, Juan Zurita, and Jesse Flores.

      157Apr 9, 195430Beau JackWinRTD8
      156Apr 9, 195430Beau JackDrawPTS
      155Jul 2, 195430Rafael LastreLossUD
      154Nov 9, 195330Jed BlackLossUD
      153Sep 17, 195330Dom ZimbardoWinTKO2
      152Jun 8, 195329Georgie JohnsonLossTKO8
      151Apr 9, 195329Billy AndyWinUD
      150Apr 20, 195329Billy AndyWinPTS
      149Mar 28, 195329Vic CardellWinUD
      148Mar 9, 195329Claude HammondWinPTS
      147Jan 12, 195329Carmen BasilioLossUD
      146Nov 24, 195229Pat ManziWinTKO7
      145Mar 26, 195228Chuck DaveyLossTKO5
      144Mar 17, 195228Johnny CunninghamWinKO5
      143Sep 10, 195128Gil TurnerLossTKO10
      142Aug 2, 195128Don WilliamsLossPTS
      141May 25, 195127Jimmy CarterLoss *TKO14
      140Apr 11, 195127Fitzie PrudenWinUD
      139Mar 5, 195127Beau JackWinSD
      138Feb 19, 195127Joe MiceliLossUD
      137Jan 31, 195127Vic CardellWinRTD8
      136Jan 22, 195127Ralph ZannelliWinKO5
      135Jan 5, 195127José María GaticaWinKO1
      134Dec 18, 195027Rudy CruzWinUD
      133Dec 12, 195027Dave MarshWinRTD8
      132Nov 23, 195027Joe MiceliWinSD
      131Oct 2, 195027Joe MiceliLossUD
      130Sep 26, 195027Charley SalasWinSD
      129Aug 7, 195027Charley SalasLossUD
      128Jul 12, 195026George CostnerLossUD
      127Jun 2, 195026Lester FeltonWinUD
      126Feb 27, 195026John L DavisWinSD
      125Feb 17, 195026Sonny Boy WestWinKO8
      124Jan 20, 195026Johnny BrattonWinTKO8
      123Dec 20, 194926Jimmy TaylorWinUD
      122Dec 5, 194926Freddie DawsonWin *UD
      121Nov 14, 194926Jean WalzackWinUD
      120Oct 24, 194926Al MobleyWinPTS
      119Sep 30, 194926Doug RatfordWinUD
      118Aug 3, 194926Benny WalkerWinUD
      117Jul 21, 194925Enrique BolanosWin *TKO4
      116Jun 21, 194925Irvin SteenWinUD
      115Apr 22, 194925Vince TurpinWinTKO6
      114Apr 1, 194925Kid GavilánLossUD
      113Jan 28, 194925Kid GavilánLossMD
      112Jan 17, 194925Johnny BrattonWinUD
      111Nov 18, 194825Billy NixonWinTKO4
      110Nov 8, 194825Buddy GarciaWinTKO1
      109Sep 23, 194825Jesse FloresWin *TKO10
      108Jul 12, 194824Beau JackWin *TKO6
      107May 25, 194824Enrique BolanosWin *SD
      106May 5, 194824Rudy CruzWinUD
      105Feb 27, 194824Kid GavilánWinUD
      104Feb 9, 194824Livio MinelliWinUD
      103Jan 26, 194824Freddie DawsonWinMD
      102Jan 13, 194824Doug CarterWinPTS
      101Dec 12, 194724Tony PelloneWinUD
      100Oct 10, 194724Talmadge BusseyWinTKO9
      99Sep 29, 194724Doll RaffertyWinKO4
      98Aug 4, 194724Bob MontgomeryWin *TKO6
      97Jun 20, 194723Tippy LarkinWinKO4
      96May 26, 194723Juste FontaineWinTKO4
      95May 9, 194723Ralph ZannelliWinUD
      94Apr 25, 194723Willie RussellWinUD
      93Apr 14, 194723Frankie ContiWinTKO7
      92Jan 27, 194723Gene BurtonLossUD
      91Sep 4, 194623Ronnie JamesWin *KO9
      90Aug 6, 194623Ivan ChristieWinKO2
      89Jun 12, 194622Bobby RuffinWinTKO5
      88Apr 30, 194622Enrique BolanosWin *TKO8
      87Apr 8, 194622Eddie GiosaWinRTD1
      86Mar 11, 194622Eddie GiosaWinRTD4
      85Feb 22, 194622Ace MillerWinUD
      84Feb 14, 194622Cleo ShansWinPTS
      83Jan 28, 194622Freddie DawsonDrawMD
      82Jan 20, 194622Johnny BrattonWinPTS
      81Jan 8, 194622Charlie SmithWinPTS
      80Nov 26, 194522Wesley MouzonDrawMD
      79Sep 19, 194522Sammy AngottLossTKO6
      78Sep 7, 194522Nick MoranWinUD
      77Aug 28, 194522Gene BurtonWinUD
      76Aug 14, 194522Charlie SmithWinPTS
      75Jun 8, 194521Willie JoyceLossSD
      74Apr 18, 194521Juan ZuritaWin *TKO2
      73Mar 26, 194521Dorsey LayWinKO3
      72Mar 2, 194521Willie JoyceLossUD
      71Jan 22, 194521Maxie BergerWinKO4
      70Jan 8, 194521Willie JoyceWinUD
      69Dec 11, 194421Dave CastillouxWinTKO5
      68Dec 5, 194421Lulu CostantinoWinUD
      67Nov 13, 194421Willie JoyceLossSD
      66Nov 2, 194421Ruby GarciaWinTKO7
      65Oct 18, 194421Johnny GreenWinKO2
      64Sep 19, 194421Freddie DawsonWinKO4
      63Sep 6, 194421Sammy AngottWinSD
      62Aug 29, 194421Jimmy HatcherWinUD
      61Jul 20, 194420Julie KogonWinUD
      60Jul 10, 194420Joey PirroneWinKO1
      59Jun 23, 194420Cleo ShansWinTKO10
      58Jun 6, 194420Sammy AngottWinSD
      57May 16, 194420Slugger WhiteWinUD
      56Apr 17, 194420Mike DeliaWinKO1
      55Apr 10, 194420Leroy SaundersWinKO5
      54Mar 27, 194420Joey PeraltaWinTKO9
      53Mar 13, 194420Leo FrancisWinPTS
      52Feb 28, 194420Ellis PhillipsWinKO1
      51Jan 25, 194420Bob MontgomeryLossKO12
      50Dec 13, 194320Mayon PadloWinUD
      49Nov 29, 194320Willie CheatumWinPTS
      48Nov 8, 194320Johnny HutchinsonWinKO3
      47Oct 29, 194320Gene JohnsonWinPTS
      46Oct 22, 194320Eddie PerryWinKO2
      45Oct 1, 194320Lefty LaChanceWinKO4
      44Sep 13, 194320Jerry MooreWinPTS
      43Aug 31, 194320Johnny BellusWinPTS
      42Aug 24, 194320Tommy JessupWinTKO5
      41Jul 19, 194319Jimmy HatcherWinTKO6
      40May 17, 194319Ray BrownWinPTS
      39May 7, 194319Lefty LaChanceWinUD
      38Apr 21, 194319Joe GenoveseWinTKO4
      37Apr 5, 194319Ruby GarciaWinUD
      36Apr 2, 194319Rudy GiscombeWinTKO3
      35Mar 8, 194319Bill SpearyWinTKO2
      34Feb 23, 194319Bobby McQuillarWinKO3
      33Feb 22, 194319Sammy DanielsWinKO2
      32Jan 29, 194319Jerry MooreWinPTS
      31Dec 21, 194219Sammy DanielsWinPTS
      30Dec 7, 194219Bobby GuntherWinPTS
      29Oct 10, 194219Gene BurtonWinKO4
      28Sep 10, 194219Charley DavisWinPTS
      27Aug 13, 194219Ruby GarciaWinPTS
      26Jul 29, 194218Tony MaglioneWinKO3
      25Jun 29, 194218Ivan ChristieWinKO5
      24Jun 15, 194218George BrownWinTKO3
      23May 7, 194218Abie KaufmanWinPTS
      22Apr 24, 194218Willie RoacheWinPTS
      21Apr 9, 194218Angelo PantellasWinTKO5
      20Mar 26, 194218Pedro FirpoWinPTS
      19Jan 16, 194218Eddie DowlWinPTS
      18Dec 16, 194118Eddie DowlWinPTS
      17Nov 3, 194118Vince DeliaWinPTS
      16Oct 27, 194118Benny WilliamsDrawNWS
      15Oct 1, 194118Freddie ArcherLossPTS
      14Apr 14, 194117Hugh CivatteWinTKO3
      13Apr 9, 194117Johnny RudolphWinPTS
      12Mar 19, 194117Joe GenoveseWinPTS
      11Mar 5, 194117Joey ZoddaLossPTS
      10Feb 19, 194117Carl ZulloWinTKO2
      9Jan 6, 194117Tommy FontanaWinPTS
      8Nov 11, 194017Tony MaglioneLossPTS
      7Sep 30, 194017Pete KellyWinKO2
      6Jul 19, 194016Joe RomeroWinTKO2
      5Jun 14, 194016Billy HildebrandWinTKO6
      4May 10, 194016Billy HildebrandLossPTS
      3Apr 1, 194016Patsy GallDrawPTS
      2Mar 29, 194016Leroy BornWinNWS
      1Mar 15, 194016Carmine FottiWinNWS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Ike Williams was an American professional boxer. He was born in Brunswick, Georgia on August 2, 1923. He was a lightweight world champion. He died on September 5, 1994 at the age of 71 years. Williams was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 14 years — from 1940 to 1954.

      Williams made his professional boxing debut against Carmine Fotti at the age of 16 on March 15, 1940, defeating Fotti via 4 round NWS.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 21 on April 18, 1945 after 73 professional fights, against Juan Zurita for the lightweight NBA title. He defeated Zurita via 2nd round TKO to become the lightweight champion of the world.

      Ike Williams was a one-time unified lightweight world champion, and won one world title at lightweight. For all the details about Williams' world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Williams had a total of 24 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Beau Jack at 30 years of age, on April 9, 1954. Williams won the fight via 8th round RTD.


      Williams had a total of 10 world-title fights, which includes winning three world titles and eight successful title defenses. He won nine of these fights and lost one.

      Title Wins

      Ike Williams fought for a lightweight world title in two fights and won both the times, both of them via stoppage. He won one lightweight belt.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Aug 4, 1947^Bob MontgomeryLightweightNYSAC, The Ring*TKO
      Apr 18, 1945Juan ZuritaLightweightNBATKO
      ^ Became unified world champion
      * Vacant title

      Title Defenses

      Ike Williams had nine lightweight world-title defense fights. He won eight of them and lost only once.

      Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Dec 5, 1949Freddie DawsonLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingUD
      Jul 21, 1949Enrique BolanosLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingTKO
      Sep 23, 1948Jesse FloresLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingTKO
      Jul 12, 1948Beau JackLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingTKO
      May 25, 1948Enrique BolanosLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingSD
      Aug 4, 1947^Bob MontgomeryLightweightNBATKO
      Sep 4, 1946Ronnie JamesLightweightNBAKO
      Apr 30, 1946Enrique BolanosLightweightNBATKO
      ^ Became unified world champion

      Title Losses

      Ike Williams lost one world-title defense fight, and lost three titles in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      May 25, 1951Jimmy CarterLightweightNBA, NYSAC, The RingTKO


      Williams fought a total of 157 times during his professional career, which includes 10 world-title fights at the lightweight division. He was among the very best of his generation and was known for his great performances in his fights. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • April 18, 1945: Williams wins his first world title by defeating Juan Zurita via 2nd round TKO. He is now the NBA lightweight world champion.

      • August 4, 1947: Williams becomes a unified lightweight world champion by beating Bob Montgomery via 6th round TKO. He now holds the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring lightweight world-champion belts.

      • July 12, 1948: Williams successfully defends the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring lightweight titles against Beau Jack, winning the fight via 6th round TKO.

      • July 21, 1949: Williams successfully defends the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring lightweight titles against Enrique Bolanos, winning the fight via 4th round TKO.


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