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Henry Armstrong Record

Total Fights183
Title Wins6
Title Defenses19
Title-Fight KOs16
KO Wins100
KO Losses2
Henry Armstrong Record & Stats
Henry Armstrong's Record
Henry Armstrong's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Henry Armstrong's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 13 years and six months, Henry Armstrong fought 183 times with 151 wins, 22 losses, and 10 draws.

      Armstrong retired from professional boxing with a record of 151-22-10, which included six world-title wins and 19 successful title defense fights at two weight classes — lightweight and welterweight. He had a 54.6% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 100 of his total 183 fights being knockout wins, 16 of which were in title fights. Armstrong suffered two knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Fritzie Zivic in a welterweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 10 round PTS defeat to Chester Slider on February 14, 1945.

      Some of Armstrong's best fights and notable victories include wins over 11 Hall-of-Famers (Sammy Angott, Lew Jenkins, Fritzie Zivic, Pedro Montanez, Baby Arizmendi, Lou Ambers, Barney Ross, Chalky Wright, Petey Sarron, Benny Bass, and Midget Wolgast), Al Manfredo, Bobby Pacho, Lew Feldman, Howard Scott, Richie Fontaine, and Jimmy Garrison.

      183Feb 14, 194532Chester SliderLossPTS
      182Feb 6, 194532Genaro RojoWinUD
      181Jan 17, 194532Chester SliderDrawPTS
      180Nov 4, 194431Mike BelloiseWinKO4
      179Sep 15, 194431Aldo SpoldiWinKO2
      178Aug 21, 194431Willie JoyceWinPTS
      177Jul 14, 194431Slugger WhiteDrawPTS
      176Jul 4, 194431John ThomasLossUD
      175Jun 21, 194431Nick LatsiosWinUD
      174Jun 15, 194431Al DavisWinTKO2
      173Jun 2, 194431Willie JoyceLossUD
      172May 22, 194431Aaron PerryWinTKO6
      171May 16, 194431Ralph ZannelliWinUD
      170Apr 25, 194431John ThomasWinSD
      169Mar 24, 194431Ralph ZannelliWinUD
      168Mar 20, 194431Frankie WillisWinUD
      167Mar 14, 194431Johnny JonesWinKO5
      166Feb 29, 194431Jackie ByrdWinKO4
      165Feb 23, 194431Jimmy GarrisonWinTKO5
      164Feb 7, 194431Lew HanburyWinKO3
      163Jan 25, 194431Saverio TurielloWinKO7
      162Jan 14, 194431Aldo SpoldiWinKO3
      161Aug 27, 194330Sugar Ray RobinsonLossUD
      160Aug 14, 194330Joey SilvaWinPTS
      159Aug 6, 194330Jimmy GarrisonWinPTS
      158Jul 24, 194330Willie JoyceWinUD
      157Jun 11, 194330Sammy AngottWinUD
      156May 24, 194330Maxie ShapiroWinTKO7
      155May 7, 194330Tommy JessupWinKO1
      154May 3, 194330Saverio TurielloWinTKO5
      153Apr 2, 194330Beau JackLossUD
      152Mar 22, 194330Al TribuaniWinUD
      151Mar 8, 194330Tippy LarkinWinKO2
      150Mar 2, 194330Willie JoyceLossUD
      149Jan 5, 194330Jimmy McDanielsWinUD
      148Dec 14, 194230Saverio TurielloWinTKO4
      147Dec 4, 194229Lew JenkinsWinTKO8
      146Oct 26, 194229Fritzie ZivicWinUD
      145Oct 13, 194229Juan ZuritaWinKO2
      144Sep 30, 194229Earl TurnerWinKO4
      143Sep 14, 194229Leo RodakWinTKO8
      142Sep 7, 194229Johnny TaylorWinTKO3
      141Aug 26, 194229Rodolfo RamirezWinKO8
      140Aug 13, 194229Jackie BurkeWinPTS
      139Aug 3, 194229Aldo SpoldiWinTKO7
      138Jul 20, 194229Joe YbarraWinTKO3
      137Jul 3, 194229Rueben ShankLossUD
      136Jun 24, 194229Sheik RangelWinPTS
      135Jun 1, 194229Johnny TaylorWinTKO4
      134Jan 17, 194128Fritzie ZivicLoss *TKO12
      133Oct 4, 194027Fritzie ZivicLoss *UD
      132Sep 23, 194027Phil FurrWin *KO4
      131Jul 17, 194027Lew JenkinsWinTKO6
      130Jun 21, 194027Paul JuniorWin *TKO3
      129May 24, 194027Ralph ZannelliWin *TKO5
      128Apr 26, 194027Paul JuniorWin *TKO7
      127Mar 1, 194027Ceferino GarciaDrawPTS
      126Jan 24, 194027Pedro MontanezWin *TKO9
      125Jan 4, 194027Joe GhnoulyWin *KO5
      124Dec 11, 193926Jimmy GarrisonWin *KO7
      123Oct 30, 193926Bobby PachoWin *TKO4
      122Oct 24, 193926Jimmy GarrisonWin *PTS
      121Oct 20, 193926Richie FontaineWin *TKO3
      120Oct 13, 193926Howard ScottWin *KO2
      119Oct 9, 193926Al ManfredoWin *TKO4
      118Aug 22, 193926Lou AmbersLoss *UD
      117May 25, 193926Ernie RoderickWin *PTS
      116Mar 31, 193926Davey DayWin *TKO12
      115Mar 16, 193926Lew FeldmanWin *KO1
      114Mar 4, 193926Bobby PachoWin *TKO4
      113Jan 10, 193926Baby ArizmendiWin *PTS
      112Dec 5, 193825Al ManfredoWin *TKO3
      111Nov 25, 193825Ceferino GarciaWin *UD
      110Aug 17, 193825Lou AmbersWin *SD
      109May 31, 193825Barney RossWin *UD
      108Mar 30, 193825Lew FeldmanWinKO5
      107Mar 25, 193825Eddie ZivicWinTKO4
      106Mar 15, 193825Baby ArizmendiWinPTS
      105Feb 28, 193825Charley BurnsWinKO2
      104Feb 25, 193825Everett RightmireWinTKO3
      103Feb 9, 193825Al CitrinoWinTKO4
      102Feb 1, 193825Chalky WrightWinKO3
      101Jan 22, 193825Tommy BrownWinKO2
      100Jan 21, 193825Frankie CastilloWinTKO3
      99Jan 12, 193825Enrico VenturiWinKO6
      98Dec 12, 193725Johnny JonesWinKO2
      97Dec 6, 193724Tony ChavezWinTKO1
      96Nov 23, 193724Joey BrownWinKO2
      95Nov 19, 193724Billy BeauhuldWinKO5
      94Oct 29, 193724Petey SarronWin *KO6
      93Oct 18, 193724Joe MarcienteWinKO3
      92Sep 21, 193724Bobby DeanWinKO1
      91Sep 16, 193724Johnny DeFoeWinTKO4
      90Sep 9, 193724Charley BurnsWinKO4
      89Aug 31, 193724Orville DrouillardWinTKO5
      88Aug 16, 193724Johnny CabelloWinRTD1
      87Aug 13, 193724Eddie BrinkWinKO3
      86Jul 27, 193724Benny BassWinKO4
      85Jul 19, 193724Lew MasseyWinTKO4
      84Jul 8, 193724Alf BlatchWinTKO3
      83Jun 15, 193724Jackie CarterWinTKO3
      82Jun 9, 193724Mark DiazWinKO4
      81May 28, 193724Wally HallyWinTKO4
      80May 4, 193724Frankie KlickWinTKO4
      79Apr 6, 193724Pete DeGrasseWinKO10
      78Mar 19, 193724Aldo SpoldiWinUD
      77Mar 12, 193724Mike BelloiseWinTKO4
      76Mar 2, 193724California Joe RiversWinTKO4
      75Feb 19, 193724Varias MillingWinKO4
      74Feb 2, 193724Moon MullinsWinTKO2
      73Jan 19, 193724Tony ChavezWinKO10
      72Jan 1, 193724Rodolfo CasanovaWinKO3
      71Dec 3, 193623Tony ChavezLossDQ
      70Nov 17, 193623Joey AlcanterWinRTD5
      69Nov 2, 193623Gene EspinozaWinKO1
      68Oct 27, 193623Mike BelloiseWinPTS
      67Sep 8, 193623Dommy GanzonWinKO1
      66Sep 3, 193623Elmer BrownWinPTS
      65Aug 18, 193623Juan ZuritaWinKO4
      64Aug 4, 193623Baby ArizmendiWinPTS
      63Jun 22, 193623Johnny DeFoeWinPTS
      62May 19, 193623Bobby LeyvasWinTKO4
      61Mar 31, 193623Richie FontaineWinPTS
      60Feb 26, 193623Richie FontaineLossPTS
      59Jan 1, 193623Joe CondeLossPTS
      58Dec 6, 193522Alton BlackWinTKO8
      57Nov 27, 193522Midget WolgastWinPTS
      56Nov 12, 193522Leo LomelliWinTKO6
      55Oct 21, 193522Lester MarstonWinTKO7
      54Sep 13, 193522Perfecto LopezDrawPTS
      53Sep 13, 193522Alton BlackWinTKO8
      52Jun 25, 193522Varias MillingWinPTS
      51May 28, 193522Davey AbadWinPTS
      50May 10, 193522Mark DiazWinPTS
      49Apr 16, 193522Frankie CovelliWinPTS
      48Apr 6, 193522Tully CorvoWinTKO5
      47Mar 31, 193522Davey AbadLossPTS
      46Mar 19, 193522Sal HernandezWinTKO2
      45Feb 16, 193522Rodolfo CasanovaLossDQ
      44Jan 1, 193522Baby ArizmendiLossUD
      43Dec 15, 193422Ventura AranaWinTKO5
      42Dec 1, 193421Joe CondeWinTKO7
      41Nov 4, 193421Baby ArizmendiLossPTS
      40Sep 28, 193421Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      39Sep 13, 193421Max TarleyWinKO3
      38Sep 7, 193421Joe SanchezWinTKO4
      37Aug 28, 193421Perfecto LopezWinTKO5
      36Jul 17, 193421Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      35Jun 14, 193421Davey AbadWinPTS
      34Jun 5, 193421Vicente TorresWinPTS
      33May 22, 193421Johnny DeFoeWinTKO6
      32May 4, 193421Young DannyDrawPTS
      31Mar 27, 193421Young DannyWinKO1
      30Mar 6, 193421Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      29Feb 13, 193421Benny PelzWinPTS
      28Jan 26, 193421Baby ManuelWinPTS
      27Dec 14, 193321Gene EspinozaWinTKO7
      26Nov 23, 193320Kid MoroDrawPTS
      25Nov 3, 193320Kid MoroWinPTS
      24Oct 19, 193320Johnny GranoneWinTKO6
      23Oct 11, 193320Perfecto LopezDrawPTS
      22Sep 5, 193320Perfecto LopezDrawPTS
      21Aug 30, 193320Hoyt JonesDrawPTS
      20Aug 8, 193320Bobby CalmesWinKO5
      19Jul 29, 193320Benny PelzWinPTS
      18Jul 11, 193320Baby ManuelLossPTS
      17Jun 28, 193320George HaberskiWinPTS
      16Jun 7, 193320Ricky HallWinKO3
      15May 31, 193320Max TarleyDrawPTS
      14May 24, 193320Young Bud TaylorWinKO2
      13Apr 28, 193320Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      12Mar 21, 193320Paul WangleyWinKO4
      11Feb 17, 193320George DundeeWinPTS
      10Feb 3, 193320Johnny RyanWinPTS
      9Dec 31, 193220Young CorpuzWinPTS
      8Dec 13, 193220Gene EspinozaWinPTS
      7Dec 1, 193219Vince TrujilloWinKO2
      6Oct 1, 193219Max TarleyWinPTS
      5Sep 27, 193219Al GreenfieldLossPTS
      4Aug 30, 193219Eddie TrujilloLossPTS
      3Dec 7, 193118Victor Kid PonceLossPTS
      2Jul 31, 193118Sammy BurnsWinPTS
      1Jul 27, 193118Al LovinoLossKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Henry Armstrong (Homicide Hank) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi on December 12, 1912. He was a three-weight-class world champion. He died on October 24, 1988 at the age of 75 years. Armstrong was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 13 years — from 1931 to 1945.

      Armstrong made his professional boxing debut against Al Lovino at the age of 18 on July 27, 1931, losing to Lovino via 3rd round KO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 24 on October 29, 1937 after 93 professional fights, against Petey Sarron for the featherweight NBA and The Ring titles. He defeated Sarron via 6th round KO to become the featherweight champion of the world.

      Armstrong won three world titles at three weight classes. For all the details about Armstrong's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Armstrong had a total of 22 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Chester Slider at 32 years of age, on February 14, 1945. Armstrong lost the fight via 10 round PTS.


      Armstrong had a total of 25 world-title fights, which includes winning six world titles and 19 successful title defenses. He won 22 of these fights and lost three.

      Title Wins

      Henry Armstrong fought for world titles in four fights and won three of these fights, winning one of them via way of stoppage. In total, he won three belts across three weight classes.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Aug 17, 1938Lou AmbersLightweightNBA, The RingSD
      May 31, 1938Barney RossWelterweightNBA, The RingUD
      Oct 29, 1937Petey SarronFeatherweightNBA, The RingKO

      Title Defenses

      Henry Armstrong had 21 world-title defense fights across two weight classes — welterweight (x19) and lightweight (x2). He won 19 of them and lost two times.

      Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Sep 23, 1940Phil FurrWelterweightNBA, The RingKO
      Jun 21, 1940Paul JuniorWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      May 24, 1940Ralph ZannelliWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Apr 26, 1940Paul JuniorWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Jan 24, 1940Pedro MontanezWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Jan 4, 1940Joe GhnoulyWelterweightNBA, The RingKO
      Dec 11, 1939Jimmy GarrisonWelterweightNBA, The RingKO
      Oct 30, 1939Bobby PachoWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Oct 24, 1939Jimmy GarrisonWelterweightNBA, The RingPTS
      Oct 20, 1939Richie FontaineWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Oct 13, 1939Howard ScottWelterweightNBA, The RingKO
      Oct 9, 1939Al ManfredoWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      May 25, 1939Ernie RoderickWelterweightNBA, The RingPTS
      Mar 31, 1939Davey DayWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Mar 16, 1939Lew FeldmanLightweightNBA, The RingKO
      Mar 4, 1939Bobby PachoWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Jan 10, 1939Baby ArizmendiWelterweightNBA, The RingPTS
      Dec 5, 1938Al ManfredoWelterweightNBA, The RingTKO
      Nov 25, 1938Ceferino GarciaWelterweightNBA, The RingUD

      Title Losses

      Henry Armstrong lost two world-title defense fights, and lost a total of four titles in these fights.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Oct 4, 1940Fritzie ZivicWelterweightNBA, The RingUD
      Aug 22, 1939Lou AmbersLightweightNBA, The RingUD


      Armstrong fought a total of 183 times during his professional career, which includes 25 world-title fights at three weight divisions. He was among the very best of his generation and is one of the pound-for-pound best boxers of all time. These 11 fights are the highlight of his career.

      • October 29, 1937: Armstrong wins his first world titles by defeating Petey Sarron via 6th round KO. He is now the NBA and The Ring featherweight world champion.

      • May 31, 1938: Armstrong wins the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles from Barney Ross, by beating Ross via 15 round unanimous decision.

      • December 5, 1938: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Al Manfredo, winning the fight via 3rd round TKO.

      • March 4, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Bobby Pacho, winning the fight via 4th round TKO.

      • March 16, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring lightweight titles against Lew Feldman, winning the fight via 1st round KO.

      • October 9, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Al Manfredo, winning the fight via 4th round TKO.

      • October 13, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Howard Scott, winning the fight via 2nd round KO.

      • October 20, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Richie Fontaine, winning the fight via 3rd round TKO.

      • October 30, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Bobby Pacho, winning the fight via 4th round TKO.

      • December 11, 1939: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Jimmy Garrison, winning the fight via 7th round KO.

      • January 4, 1940: Armstrong successfully defends the NBA and The Ring welterweight titles against Joe Ghnouly, winning the fight via 5th round KO.


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