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Gianluca Branco Record

Total Fights53
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins24
KO Losses1
Gianluca Branco Record & Stats
Gianluca Branco's Record
Gianluca Branco's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Gianluca Branco's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 19 years and seven months, Gianluca Branco fought 53 times with 49 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

      Branco retired from professional boxing with a record of 49-3-1. He was a two-time super-lightweight world title challenger. He had a 45.3% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 24 of his total 53 fights being knockout wins. The only knockout loss in Branco's career was a 8th round TKO loss to Miguel Cotto in a super-lightweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 6th round RTD victory over Rafał Jackiewicz on November 22, 2014.

      Some of Branco's best fights and notable victories include wins over Rafał Jackiewicz, Allan Vester, Juho Tolppola, Farid El Houari, George Scott, Vasile Herteg, and Ariel Francisco Burgos.

      53Nov 22, 201444Rafał JackiewiczWinRTD6
      52Dec 21, 201343Konstantins SakaraWinUD
      51Feb 22, 201342Łukasz MaciecWinUD
      50Nov 10, 201242Krzysztof BieniasWinUD
      49Nov 11, 201141János PetrovicsWinTKO6
      48Nov 27, 201040Semjons MoroseksWinPTS
      47Mar 26, 201039Matthew HattonLossUD
      46Jul 11, 200938János PetrovicsWinPTS
      45Dec 19, 200838Juho TolppolaWinTKO9
      44May 16, 200837Colin LynesWinSD
      43Feb 29, 200837Nico SalzmannWinPTS
      42Dec 8, 200737Laszlo KomjathiWinTKO4
      41Jul 31, 200736Arek MalekWinPTS
      40Oct 8, 200636Adam ZadwornyWinTKO1
      39Mar 4, 200635Miguel CottoLoss *TKO8
      38Jul 22, 200534Farid El HouariWinTKO4
      37Mar 12, 200534Ariel Francisco BurgosWinTKO6
      36Jul 24, 200433Vasile HertegWinTKO2
      35May 8, 200433Nasser LakribWinTKO4
      34Jan 24, 200433Arturo GattiLoss *UD
      33Nov 5, 200232Michel RaynaudWinPTS
      32Sep 13, 200231Massimo BertozziWinPTS
      31Mar 9, 200231Allan VesterWinTKO10
      30Nov 17, 200131George ScottWinTD
      29Jun 23, 200130Gabriel MapoukaWinMD
      28Feb 17, 200130Frederic TrippWinPTS
      27Dec 22, 200030Adejoussi AdewaleWinUD
      26Jun 17, 200029Slobodan VlaovicWinPTS
      25Mar 18, 200029Slobodan VlaovicWinUD
      24Dec 3, 199929Francesco CioffiWinPTS
      23Oct 16, 199929Gheorghe ParaschivWinTKO2
      22Aug 7, 199928Horia DobreWinTKO1
      21Apr 24, 199928Francesco CioffiWinUD
      20Dec 18, 199828Nassim YahiaouiWinPTS
      19Oct 19, 199828Viktor BaranovDrawPTS
      18Jul 28, 199827Andile NongazaWinTKO4
      17May 9, 199827Massimo BertozziWinPTS
      16Feb 26, 199827Elyes MahdjoubWinUD
      15Nov 29, 199727Elyes MahdjoubWinPTS
      14Aug 28, 199726Antonio StrabelloWinKO6
      13May 30, 199726Francesco CioffiWinPTS
      12Feb 13, 199726Lajos NagyWinTKO4
      11Dec 28, 199626Abderzek Oulad LaarbiWinTKO1
      10Dec 12, 199626Angel FernandezWinTKO1
      9Aug 8, 199625Janos ZsirosWinTKO1
      8May 2, 199625Rene OrlovskyWinTKO4
      7Jan 20, 199625Rene OrlovskyWinTKO4
      6Jan 4, 199625Hamit RiahiWinPTS
      5Sep 27, 199525Fabio MarinoniWinPTS
      4Aug 5, 199524Mario SpadaroWinTKO5
      3Jun 26, 199524Maurizio BonitoWinKO4
      2Jun 3, 199524Mauro BarigelliWinKO3
      1Apr 7, 199524Aladar HorvathWinKO6

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Gianluca Branco is a 53-year old retired Italian professional boxer. He was born in Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy on September 20, 1970. He retired without winning a major world title. His professional boxing career spanned more than 19 years — from 1995 to 2014.

      Branco made his professional boxing debut against Aladar Horvath at the age of 24 on April 7, 1995, defeating Horvath via 6th round KO. He went on to win 17 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 11 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 33 on January 24, 2004 after 33 professional fights, against Arturo Gatti for the WBC (vacant) title. He lost to Gatti via 12 round unanimous decision.

      Branco had a total of three losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Rafał Jackiewicz on November 22, 2014. Branco won the fight via 6th round RTD. It's been 9 years, 6 months, and 30 days since this fight.


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