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Fritzie Zivic Record

Total Fights233
Title Wins3
Title Defenses1
Title-Fight KOs1
KO Wins81
KO Losses5
Fritzie Zivic Record & Stats
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“The Croat Comet”
May 8, 1913
May 16, 1984 (71 years)
Oct 5, 1931
Title Fights
81 (34.8%)
178 cm
180 cm
Ape Index
2 cm
Last Fight
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Fritzie Zivic's Record
Fritzie Zivic's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Fritzie Zivic's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 17 years and three months, Fritzie Zivic fought 233 times with 158 wins, 65 losses, and 10 draws.

      Zivic retired from professional boxing with a record of 158-65-10, which included three welterweight world-title wins and one successful title defense fight. He had a 34.8% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 81 of his total 233 fights being knockout wins, one of which was in a title fight. Zivic suffered five knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 10-round unanimous decision victory over Eddie Steele on January 17, 1949.

      Some of Zivic's best fights and notable victories include wins over six Hall-of-Famers (Jake LaMotta, Lew Jenkins, Henry Armstrong, Sammy Angott, Eddie Booker, and Charley Burley), Kid Azteca and Johnny Jadick.

      233Jan 17, 194935Eddie SteeleWinUD
      232Jan 12, 194935Al ReidWinPTS
      231Oct 28, 194835Eddie SteeleDrawPTS
      230Feb 4, 194733Kid AztecaLossKO5
      229Jan 8, 194733Clyde GordonLossUD
      228Dec 10, 194633Bobby BrittonWinPTS
      227Dec 6, 194633Pete MeadLossPTS
      226Dec 2, 194633Ralph ZannelliLossPTS
      225Nov 18, 194633Jimmy McGriffDrawPTS
      224Nov 12, 194633Al MobleyLossPTS
      223Oct 29, 194633Russell WilhiteWinTKO5
      222May 27, 194633Tommy LemmonLossSD
      221May 14, 194633California Jackie WilsonLossTKO8
      220May 1, 194632Joey MartinezWinTKO8
      219Apr 29, 194632Howard BleyhlLossUD
      218Apr 18, 194632Don LeeWinUD
      217Apr 12, 194632Lincoln StanleyWinPTS
      216Apr 5, 194632Manuel Villa IDrawUD
      215Mar 26, 194632Tony ElizondoLossUD
      214Mar 19, 194632Levi SouthallWinPTS
      213Feb 25, 194632Aaron PerryLossPTS
      212Feb 1, 194632O'Neill BellLossUD
      211Jan 15, 194632Al PriestLossUD
      210Dec 10, 194532Cecil HudsonLossUD
      209Nov 13, 194532Joe CurcioLossPTS
      208Nov 2, 194532Freddie ArcherLossUD
      207Oct 20, 194532Joe ReddickLossSD
      206Sep 18, 194532Billy DeegWinPTS
      205Sep 12, 194532Paul AltmanLossPTS
      204Jul 16, 194532Bill McDowellLossPTS
      203Jul 10, 194532Ossie HarrisLossSD
      202Jul 3, 194532Rueben ShankLossSD
      201Jun 22, 194532Harold GreenLossUD
      200Jun 12, 194532Baby ZavalaWinKO4
      199May 8, 194532Pat SaiaWinUD
      198May 7, 194531Kid AztecaWinMD
      197Apr 3, 194531Manuel Villa IWinKO8
      196Mar 22, 194531Benny EvansWinTKO8
      195Mar 6, 194531Bill McDowellWinUD
      194Feb 22, 194531Kid EstradaWinKO2
      193Jan 5, 194531Billy ArnoldWinMD
      192Dec 12, 194431Kid AztecaWinMD
      191Nov 29, 194431Manuel Villa IWinKO6
      190Nov 14, 194431Chuck HirstWinKO5
      189Oct 18, 194431Pat SaiaWinTKO8
      188Oct 16, 194431Tommy RomanLossUD
      187Sep 26, 194431Artie DorrellWinTKO7
      186Sep 12, 194431Felix MoralesWinKO2
      185Aug 1, 194431Pete DeRuzzaWinTKO8
      184Jun 26, 194431Tommy BellLossSD
      183Mar 29, 194430Freddie ArcherLossPTS
      182Mar 24, 194430Harry TeaneyWinPTS
      181Jan 14, 194430Jake LaMottaLossUD
      180Jan 3, 194430Ossie HarrisWinKO10
      179Dec 20, 194330Ralph ZannelliLossUD
      178Nov 12, 194330Jake LaMottaLossSD
      177Oct 29, 194330Bobby RichardsonWinUD
      176Oct 15, 194330Jose BasoraLossUD
      175Sep 10, 194330Vinnie VinesWinKO1
      174Aug 23, 194330Bob MontgomeryLossUD
      173Aug 9, 194330Young Kid McCoyWinTKO4
      172Jul 12, 194330Jake LaMottaWinSD
      171Jun 10, 194330Jake LaMottaLossSD
      170Apr 30, 194329Johnny RoszinaWinTKO8
      169Mar 5, 194329Beau JackLossUD
      168Feb 16, 194329Mayon PadloWinPTS
      167Feb 5, 194329Beau JackLossUD
      166Dec 15, 194229Carmen NotchWinUD
      165Nov 16, 194229Sheik RangelLossPTS
      164Oct 26, 194229Henry ArmstrongLossUD
      163Oct 13, 194229Tito TaylorWinPTS
      162Sep 21, 194229Johnny WalkerWinUD
      161Sep 10, 194229Freddie CochraneWinUD
      160Aug 13, 194229Garvey YoungWinTKO6
      159Jul 27, 194229Norman RubioWinTKO9
      158Jun 29, 194229Norman RubioLossPTS
      157Jun 22, 194229Bobby BrittonWinTKO4
      156Jun 4, 194229Rueben ShankWinPTS
      155May 25, 194229Lew JenkinsWinTKO10
      154Apr 23, 194228Reuben ShankLossUD
      153Apr 13, 194228Maxie BergerWinPTS
      152Mar 30, 194228Bill McDowellWinTKO6
      151Mar 9, 194228Izzy JannazzoWinRTD4
      150Feb 27, 194228Tony MotisiLossUD
      149Feb 9, 194228Raul CarabantesWinPTS
      148Jan 16, 194228Sugar Ray RobinsonLossTKO10
      147Dec 12, 194128Young Kid McCoyDrawPTS
      146Dec 1, 194128Harry WeeklyWinTKO9
      145Nov 26, 194128Phil FurrWinUD
      144Oct 31, 194128Sugar Ray RobinsonLossUD
      143Sep 15, 194128Milt AronWinKO5
      142Jul 29, 194128Freddie CochraneLoss *PTS
      141Jul 14, 194128Johnny BarbaraWinUD
      140Jul 2, 194128Al DavisWinTKO10
      139May 2, 194127Tony MartelianoWinUD
      138Apr 18, 194127Mike KaplanLossUD
      137Apr 4, 194127Dick DemarayWinTKO5
      136Mar 20, 194127Felix GarciaWinKO2
      135Mar 17, 194127Saverio TurielloWinPTS
      134Jan 17, 194127Henry ArmstrongWin *TKO12
      133Dec 20, 194027Lew JenkinsDrawPTS
      132Nov 26, 194027Ronnie BeaudinWinTKO3
      131Nov 15, 194027Al DavisWinDQ
      130Oct 4, 194027Henry ArmstrongWin *UD
      129Aug 29, 194027Sammy AngottWinUD
      128Aug 5, 194027Kenny LaSalleWinSD
      127Jul 22, 194027Leonard BennettWinKO4
      126Jul 8, 194027Ossie HarrisWinPTS
      125Jun 24, 194027Johnny RinaldiWinKO1
      124May 21, 194027Ossie HarrisWinKO3
      123May 7, 194026Johnny BarbaraLossUD
      122May 3, 194026Mansfield DriskellWinPTS
      121Apr 8, 194026Johnny BarbaraLossMD
      120Mar 14, 194026Johnny BarbaraWinPTS
      119Mar 4, 194026Saverio TurielloWinKO1
      118Feb 16, 194026Remo FernandezWinTKO7
      117Jan 22, 194026Mike KaplanWinSD
      116Dec 27, 193926Milt AronLossKO8
      115Dec 6, 193926Wicky HarkinsWinTKO9
      114Nov 18, 193926Billy LancasterWinTKO7
      113Oct 30, 193926Milo TheodorescuWinUD
      112Oct 24, 193926Kid AztecaWinUD
      111Sep 21, 193926Ralph GizzyWinKO2
      110Sep 5, 193926Pete DeRuzzaWinTKO6
      109Jul 17, 193926Charley BurleyLossUD
      108Jul 11, 193926Jackie BurkeWinUD
      107Jun 5, 193926Kenny LaSalleWinSD
      106May 16, 193926Al TrainoWinPTS
      105May 9, 193926Kenny LaSalleLossPTS
      104Apr 20, 193925Tiger Kid WalkerWinKO1
      103Mar 29, 193925Bobby BrittonWinUD
      102Mar 20, 193925Nick PastoreWinTKO9
      101Feb 15, 193925Charlie BellWinKO3
      100Feb 10, 193925Eddie BookerWinPTS
      99Jan 20, 193925Jackie BurkeWinMD
      98Dec 26, 193825Howell KingDrawNWS
      97Dec 8, 193825Vince PimpinellaWinUD
      96Nov 21, 193825Al HamiltonWinKO5
      95Nov 15, 193825Frankie BlairWinPTS
      94Oct 27, 193825Salvy SabanWinPTS
      93Oct 10, 193825Jay MacedonWinTKO5
      92Oct 3, 193825Paul CortlynWinKO4
      91Sep 13, 193825Bobby PachoWinPTS
      90Aug 26, 193825Mickey PaulWinKO1
      89Aug 22, 193825Steve KahleyWinTKO3
      88Aug 12, 193825Joe PenninoWinPTS
      87Aug 2, 193825Joe LemieuxWinTKO4
      86Jul 12, 193825Phil FurrWinTKO3
      85Jul 9, 193825Eddie ConleyWinKO6
      84Jun 20, 193825Ercole BurattiWinKO4
      83Jun 13, 193825Charley BurleyLossUD
      82May 20, 193825Petey MikeWinKO1
      81Apr 12, 193824Remo FernandezWinPTS
      80Mar 21, 193824Charley BurleyWinSD
      79Mar 7, 193824Tommy BlandWinTKO8
      78Feb 14, 193824Frankie BlairWinPTS
      77Jan 7, 193824Harold BrownWinPTS
      76Dec 25, 193724Tommy BlandLossMD
      75Nov 18, 193724Jimmy ReillyWinKO2
      74Oct 27, 193724Frankie PortlandWinKO2
      73May 21, 193724Tony PetroskeyWinPTS
      72Apr 6, 193723Chuck WoodsWinPTS
      71Mar 1, 193723Bobby PachoWinSD
      70Feb 11, 193723Johnny JadickWinKO6
      69Dec 28, 193623Billy ConnLossSD
      68Dec 2, 193623Harry DublinskyWinTKO6
      67Nov 9, 193623Gaston LeCadreWinPTS
      66Oct 16, 193623Chuck WoodsWinKO6
      65Oct 5, 193623Johnny DursoWinKO2
      64Sep 28, 193623Jackie McFarlandWinPTS
      63Aug 12, 193623Cleto LocatelliLossUD
      62Jul 30, 193623Laddie TonielliWinTKO6
      61Jul 22, 193623Mickey DurisWinPTS
      60Jul 6, 193623Laddie TonielliWinTKO4
      59Jul 2, 193623Lou JallosWinTKO3
      58Jun 17, 193623Al ManfredoWinPTS
      57Jun 9, 193623Tony FalcoWinTKO8
      56May 22, 193623Billy CelebronWinKO1
      55Apr 17, 193622Young Gene BuffaloLossPTS
      54Apr 15, 193622Joe FloccoWinPTS
      53Feb 24, 193622Chuck WoodsLossPTS
      52Jan 27, 193622Joey FerrandoLossPTS
      51Jan 13, 193622Eddie CoolLossSD
      50Dec 16, 193522Billy CelebronLossUD
      49Oct 4, 193522George SalvadoreLossPTS
      48Sep 30, 193522Tony HerreraLossSD
      47Aug 6, 193522Joey FerrandoLossPTS
      46Jul 29, 193522Mike BartoWinPTS
      45Jul 16, 193522Jackie McFarlandWinUD
      44Jul 1, 193522Lou AmbersLossUD
      43May 21, 193522Eddie AdamsWinRTD7
      42May 6, 193521Sammy ChivasWinTKO3
      41Apr 29, 193521Freddie ChynowethWinPTS
      40Apr 15, 193521Marty GornickWinRTD5
      39Apr 8, 193521Dominic ManciniWinTKO11
      38Apr 1, 193521Dominic ManciniDrawPTS
      37Mar 4, 193521KO CastilloWinUD
      36Feb 18, 193521Johnny JadickLossPTS
      35Feb 4, 193521Jimmy LetoLossUD
      34Oct 26, 193421Laddie TonielliLossKO2
      33Sep 27, 193421Harry CarltonWinPTS
      32Aug 18, 193421Young Joe FirpoWinPTS
      31Jul 2, 193421Eddie RanWinSD
      30May 29, 193421Luis CarranzaWinPTS
      29May 8, 193421Phil RiosDrawPTS
      28Apr 30, 193420Phil RiosWinPTS
      27Mar 6, 193420Lloyd SmithDrawPTS
      26Feb 6, 193420Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      25Jan 23, 193420Baby Sal SorioWinTKO2
      24Dec 27, 193320Rudy AyonWinPTS
      23Dec 15, 193320Vincent MartinezWinPTS
      22Dec 4, 193320Homer FosterDrawPTS
      21Nov 23, 193320Don MillerWinTKO3
      20Nov 3, 193320Gus VargasWinKO2
      19Oct 12, 193320Joe PimentelWinKO4
      18Aug 7, 193320Joey GrebWinPTS
      17Jul 10, 193320Don AstoWinTKO3
      16Jun 26, 193320Don AstoWinUD
      15Apr 28, 193319Patsy HenniganWinPTS
      14Apr 10, 193319Eddie BrannonWinTKO6
      13Mar 27, 193319US CarpenterWinTKO4
      12Feb 8, 193319Steve SenichWinKO2
      11Jan 30, 193319George SchleeWinRTD2
      10Dec 13, 193219Billy CreganWinPTS
      9Nov 18, 193219Jerry ClementsLossSD
      8Oct 14, 193219Terry WanerWinTKO3
      7Sep 26, 193219Jim DorseyWinKO4
      6Jun 22, 193219Steve SenichLossMD
      5Jun 9, 193219Young LowstetterWinUD
      4Mar 4, 193218Elmer KozakWinTKO4
      3Jan 1, 193218Paddy GilmoreWinKO4
      2Nov 16, 193118Steve SenichLossPTS
      1Oct 5, 193118Al RettingerWinTKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Fritzie Zivic (The Croat Comet) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1913. He was a welterweight world champion. He died on May 16, 1984 at the age of 71 years. Zivic was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1993. His professional boxing career spanned more than 17 years — from 1931 to 1949.

      Zivic made his professional boxing debut against Al Rettinger at the age of 18 on October 5, 1931, defeating Rettinger via 1st round TKO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 27 on October 4, 1940 after 129 professional fights, against Henry Armstrong for the welterweight NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring titles. He defeated Armstrong via 15 round unanimous decision to become the welterweight champion of the world.

      Zivic won one world title at welterweight. For all the details about Zivic's world title wins and defenses refer to "Fritzie Zivic World Titles".

      Zivic had a total of 65 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Eddie Steele at 35 years of age, on January 17, 1949. Zivic won the fight via 10 round unanimous decision.

      For a very detailed list Zivic's fights refer to "All of Fritzie Zivic's fights".


      Zivic fought a total of 233 times during his professional career, which includes 3 world-title fights at the welterweight division. He was among the top boxers of his generation and put on some very good performances in these fights. These six fights are the highlight of his career.

      • October 24, 1939: Fritzie Zivic puts on the first remarkable performance of his career, defeating Kid Azteca via 10th round unanimous decision.

      • October 4, 1940: Zivic wins his first world titles by defeating Henry Armstrong via 15 round unanimous decision. He is now the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring welterweight world champion.

      • January 17, 1941: Zivic successfully defends the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring welterweight titles against Henry Armstrong, winning the fight via 12th round TKO.

      • July 12, 1943: Fritzie Zivic beats Jake LaMotta via 15th round split decision.

      • December 12, 1944: Fritzie Zivic beats Kid Azteca via 10th round majority decision.

      • May 7, 1945: Fritzie Zivic beats Kid Azteca via 10th round majority decision.

      World Titles

      Zivic was a welterweight world champion. He held one world title at welterweight, which was a lineal championship win.

      Weight DivisionWorld Titles Held
      WelterweightThe Ring
      Ape Index
      Win Streak
      Career Score