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Éder Jofre Record

Total Fights78
Title Wins2
Title Defenses9
Title-Fight KOs10
KO Wins50
KO Losses0
Éder Jofre Record & Stats
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
“Galinho de Ouro”
Mar 26, 1936
Oct 2, 2022 (86 years)
Mar 29, 1957
Title Fights
50 (64.1%)
163 cm
168 cm
Ape Index
5 cm
Last Fight
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Éder Jofre's Record
Éder Jofre's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Éder Jofre's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 19 years and six months, Éder Jofre fought 78 times with 72 wins, 2 losses, and 4 draws.

      Jofre retired from professional boxing with a record of 72-2-4, which included three world-championship elevations, two world-title wins, and nine successful title defense fights at two weight classes — bantamweight and featherweight. He had a 64.1% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 50 of his total 78 fights being knockout wins, 10 of which were in title fights. Jofre never lost via knockout.

      His last fight was a 12-round unanimous decision victory over Octavio Gomez on October 8, 1976.

      Some of Jofre's best fights and notable victories include wins over Hall-of-Famer Vicente Saldivar, Katsutoshi Aoki, Bernardo Caraballo, Ramon Arias, Johnny Caldwell, José Medel, and Fernando Gonçalves.

      78Oct 8, 197640Octavio GomezWinUD
      77Aug 13, 197640Juan Antonio LópezWinUD
      76Jul 2, 197640Jose Antonio JimenezWinUD
      75May 29, 197640Pasqualino MorbidelliWinKO4
      74May 2, 197640Michel LefevbreWinKO3
      73Feb 24, 197639Enzo FarinelliWinKO4
      72Jan 3, 197538Niliberto HerreraWinUD
      71Oct 21, 197337Vicente SaldivarWin *KO4
      70Aug 25, 197337Frankie CrawfordWinUD
      69Jul 21, 197337Godfrey StevensWinKO4
      68May 5, 197337José LegráWin *MD
      67Sep 29, 197236Djiemai BelhadriWinKO3
      66Aug 18, 197236Shig FukuyamaWinTKO9
      65Jun 30, 197236Jose BisbalWinKO2
      64Apr 28, 197236Felix FigueroaWinPTS
      63Mar 24, 197235Guillermo MoralesWinKO6
      62Oct 29, 197135Robert PorcelWinKO2
      61Sep 10, 197135Tony Jumao-AsWinPTS
      60Jul 9, 197135Domenico ChiloiroWinPTS
      59Mar 26, 197135Jerry StokesWinKO2
      58Nov 6, 197034Giovanni GirgentiWinPTS
      57Sep 25, 197034Roberto WongWinKO3
      56May 29, 197034Manny EliasWinUD
      55Jan 30, 197033Nevio CarbiWinPTS
      54Aug 27, 196933Rudy CoronaWinKO6
      53May 31, 196630Fighting HaradaLoss *UD
      52Nov 5, 196529Manny EliasDrawPTS
      51May 18, 196529Fighting HaradaLoss *SD
      50Nov 27, 196428Bernardo CaraballoWin *KO7
      49May 18, 196327Johnny JamitoWin *TKO12
      48Apr 4, 196327Katsutoshi AokiWin *KO3
      47Sep 11, 196226José MedelWin *KO6
      46May 4, 196226Herman MarquesWin *TKO10
      45Jan 18, 196225Johnny CaldwellWin *TKO10
      44Dec 6, 196125Fernando GonçalvesWinKO8
      43Aug 19, 196125Ramon AriasWin *TKO7
      42Jul 26, 196125Sadao YaoitaWinKO10
      41Apr 18, 196125Sugar RayWinKO2
      40Mar 2, 196124Piero RolloWin *RTD9
      39Dec 16, 196024Billy PeacockWinKO2
      38Nov 18, 196024Eloy SanchezWin *KO6
      37Sep 30, 196024Ricardo MorenoWinTKO6
      36Aug 18, 196024José MedelWinKO10
      35Jul 15, 196024Claudio BarrientosWinTKO8
      34Jun 10, 196024Ernesto MirandaWinKO3
      33Feb 19, 196023Ernesto MirandaWinPTS
      32Dec 12, 195923Danny KidWinUD
      31Oct 30, 195923Giovanni ZuddasWinPTS
      30Oct 9, 195923Angel BustosWinKO3
      29Jul 31, 195923Ruben CáceresWinKO7
      28Jun 28, 195923Salustiano SuarezWinTKO1
      27Jun 19, 195923Angel BustosWinTKO4
      26Jun 4, 195923Leo EspinosaWinPTS
      25Apr 20, 195923Salustiano SuarezWinKO4
      24Mar 23, 195922Aniceto PereyraWinPTS
      23Dec 12, 195822Roberto CastroWinKO2
      22Nov 14, 195822Jose SmeccaWinTKO7
      21Oct 10, 195822Jose CasasWinKO3
      20Sep 12, 195822Jose CasasWinPTS
      19Jul 18, 195822Roberto OlmedoWinTKO5
      18Jul 18, 195822Juan Carlos AcebalWinKO2
      17Jun 29, 195822German EscuderoWinKO2
      16Jun 20, 195822German EscuderoWinKO2
      15May 14, 195822Ruben CáceresDrawPTS
      14Mar 7, 195821Cristobal GabisansWinTKO6
      13Jan 29, 195821Avelino RomeroWinTKO2
      12Dec 22, 195721Cristobal GabisansWinPTS
      11Dec 13, 195721Adolfo Ramon PendasWinPTS
      10Oct 30, 195721Luis Angel JimenezWinKO8
      9Sep 6, 195721Ernesto MirandaDrawPTS
      8Aug 16, 195721Ernesto MirandaDrawPTS
      7Jul 19, 195721Raul JaimeWinPTS
      6Jul 5, 195721Raul JaimeWinPTS
      5Jun 14, 195721Juan GonzalezWinKO5
      4Jun 7, 195721Osvaldo PerezWinKO2
      3May 24, 195721Osvaldo PerezWinTKO10
      2Apr 26, 195721Raul LopezWinKO3
      1Mar 29, 195721Raul LopezWinKO4

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Éder Jofre (Galinho de Ouro) was a Brazilian professional boxer. He was born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil on March 26, 1936. He was a two-weight-class world champion. He died on October 2, 2022 at the age of 86 years. Jofre was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1992. His professional boxing career spanned more than 19 years — from 1957 to 1976.

      Jofre made his professional boxing debut against Raul Lopez at the age of 21 on March 29, 1957, defeating Lopez via 4th round KO. He went on to win 6 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 4 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 24 on November 18, 1960 after 37 professional fights, against Eloy Sanchez for the bantamweight NBA (vacant) title. He defeated Sanchez via 6th round KO to become the bantamweight champion of the world.

      Jofre won one world title at bantamweight. He was elevated as world champion thrice. For all the details about Jofre's world title wins and defenses refer to "Éder Jofre World Titles".

      Jofre had a total of two losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Octavio Gomez at 40 years of age, on October 8, 1976. Jofre won the fight via 12 round unanimous decision.

      For a very detailed list Jofre's fights refer to "All of Éder Jofre's fights".


      Jofre fought a total of 78 times during his professional career, which includes 13 world-title fights at two weight divisions. He was among the very best of his generation and put on some great performances in his fights. These seven fights are the highlight of his career.

      • November 18, 1960: Jofre wins his first world title by defeating Eloy Sanchez via 6th round KO. He is now the NBA bantamweight world champion.

      • August 19, 1961: Jofre successfully defends the NBA and The Ring bantamweight titles against Ramon Arias, winning the fight via 7th round TKO.

      • January 18, 1962: Jofre successfully defends the NBA and The Ring bantamweight titles against Johnny Caldwell, winning the fight via 10th round TKO.

      • September 11, 1962: Jofre successfully defends the WBA and The Ring bantamweight titles against José Medel, winning the fight via 6th round KO.

      • April 4, 1963: Jofre successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring bantamweight titles against Katsutoshi Aoki, winning the fight via 3rd round KO.

      • November 27, 1964: Jofre successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring bantamweight titles against Bernardo Caraballo, winning the fight via 7th round KO.

      • October 21, 1973: Jofre successfully defends the WBC featherweight title against Vicente Saldivar, winning the fight via 4th round KO.

      World Titles

      Jofre was a two-weight-division world champion. He held four world titles, three of which were championship elevations, the other was a lineal championship win.

      Weight DivisionWorld Titles Held
      BantamweightWBA, WBC, The Ring
      Ape Index
      Win Streak
      Career Score