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Chalky Wright Record

Total Fights238
Title Wins2
Title Defenses2
Title-Fight KOs2
KO Wins87
KO Losses7
Chalky Wright Record & Stats
Willcox, Arizona, U.S.
Feb 1, 1912
Aug 12, 1957 (45 years)
Feb 23, 1928
Title Fights
87 (36.9%)
169 cm
175 cm
Ape Index
6 cm
Last Fight
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Chalky Wright's Record
Chalky Wright's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Chalky Wright's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 20 years, Chalky Wright fought 238 times with 171 wins, 46 losses, and 19 draws.

      Wright retired from professional boxing with a record of 171-46-19, which included two featherweight world-title wins and two successful title defense fights. He had a 36.9% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 87 of his total 238 fights being knockout wins, two of which were in title fights. Wright suffered seven knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 3rd round RTD defeat to Ernie Hunick on March 9, 1948.

      Some of Wright's best fights and notable victories include wins over Harry Jeffra, Joey Archibald, Lou Transparenti, Joe Marinelli, Curley St Angelo, Carlos Cuebas, and Henry Vasquez.

      238Mar 9, 194836Ernie HunickLossRTD3
      237Jun 24, 194735Larry CisnerosLossPTS
      236May 12, 194735Frankie SaucedoDrawPTS
      235Nov 27, 194634Willie PepLossKO3
      234Oct 15, 194634Enrique BolanosLossUD
      233Aug 27, 194634Johnny DellLossPTS
      232Apr 17, 194634Frankie MooreLossPTS
      231Mar 27, 194634Frankie MooreLossKO1
      230Mar 5, 194634Georgie HansfordWinRTD3
      229Feb 19, 194634Enrique BolanosLossUD
      228Jan 25, 194633Pedro FirpoWinUD
      227Dec 14, 194533Johnny BrattonWinUD
      226Nov 2, 194533Leroy WillisWinUD
      225Oct 5, 194533Bobby RuffinWinUD
      224Sep 21, 194533Humberto ZavalaWinUD
      223Aug 28, 194533Enrique BolanosWinSD
      222Jul 31, 194533Henry JordanWinKO6
      221Apr 17, 194533Willie JoyceWinUD
      220Apr 9, 194533Jackie WilsonNCNC
      219Feb 5, 194533Willie JoyceLossUD
      218Dec 5, 194432Willie PepLossUD
      217Sep 29, 194432Willie PepLoss *UD
      216Jul 17, 194432Johnny CockfieldWinTKO5
      215Jul 10, 194432Ruby GarciaWinTKO8
      214Jun 5, 194432Vince Dell'OrtoWinKO3
      213May 22, 194432Sammy DanielsWinKO8
      212May 1, 194432Clyde EnglishWinTKO1
      211Mar 5, 194432Young FinniganDrawPTS
      210Feb 6, 194432Al CarlosWinKO6
      209Jan 23, 194431Baby Al BrownWinKO5
      208Nov 19, 194331Al ReasonerWinRTD1
      207Nov 8, 194331Billy BanksWinTKO5
      206Oct 26, 194331Patsy SpataroWinTKO2
      205Aug 9, 194331Angel AvilesWinTKO7
      204Jul 21, 194331Lulu CostantinoLossPTS
      203Jul 3, 194331National KidWinKO8
      202Jun 4, 194331Phil TerranovaWinKO5
      201May 25, 194331Billy PintiWinKO4
      200May 17, 194331Frankie CartoWinTKO8
      199Mar 10, 194331Joey PirroneWinKO3
      198Feb 23, 194331Joey PeraltaWinPTS
      197Feb 15, 194331Morris ParkerWinKO4
      196Jan 15, 194330Joey PeraltaWinPTS
      195Nov 20, 194230Willie PepLoss *UD
      194Oct 20, 194230Henry VasquezWinTKO8
      193Oct 13, 194230Carlos CuebasWinTKO4
      192Sep 25, 194230Lulu CostantinoWin *SD
      191Aug 27, 194230Joe MarinelliWinKO2
      190Aug 15, 194230Curley St AngeloWinKO2
      189Aug 6, 194230Allie StolzLossUD
      188Jul 13, 194230Lou TransparentiWinTKO4
      187Jun 19, 194230Harry JeffraWin *TKO10
      186May 7, 194230Lulu CostantinoWinMD
      185Apr 6, 194230Vern BybeeLossUD
      184Mar 24, 194230Jorge MoreliaWinTKO6
      183Feb 18, 194230Richie FontaineWinPTS
      182Feb 3, 194230Richie LemosWinTKO6
      181Jan 13, 194229Bobby RuffinLossUD
      180Nov 28, 194129Jorge MoreliaWinTKO6
      179Oct 31, 194129Ray LunnyWinPTS
      178Oct 14, 194129Leo RodakWinPTS
      177Oct 2, 194129Joey PeraltaLossUD
      176Sep 11, 194129Joey ArchibaldWin *KO11
      175Aug 5, 194129Paco VillaWinKO6
      174Jul 17, 194129Jackie WilsonWinUD
      173Jun 24, 194129Bobby McIntireWinTKO5
      172Jun 17, 194129Lloyd PineWinTKO2
      171Jun 3, 194129Guillermo PuentesWinPTS
      170May 29, 194129Norment QuarlesWinPTS
      169May 22, 194129Sal BartoloWinPTS
      168May 1, 194129Charley VarreWinPTS
      167Mar 17, 194129Charles SchnappaufWinTKO5
      166Mar 5, 194129Texas Lee HarperWinKO3
      165Feb 24, 194129Maurice ArnaultWinTKO2
      164Feb 19, 194129Frankie TerranovaWinTKO5
      163Feb 4, 194129Norman RahnWinTKO2
      162Jan 14, 194128Norment QuarlesWinPTS
      161Jan 6, 194128Mel WilliamsWinTKO5
      160Dec 9, 194028Jimmy LetoLossMD
      159Oct 7, 194028Teddy BaldwinWinTKO4
      158Sep 9, 194028Joey FerrandoWinTKO4
      157Aug 12, 194028Paul JuniorWinTKO5
      156Jul 15, 194028Joey SilvaWinTKO7
      155Jun 24, 194028Saverio TurielloWinPTS
      154Apr 29, 194028Herbert Lewis HardwickLossMD
      153Apr 1, 194028Tommy SpeigalWinPTS
      152Mar 11, 194028Charley GomerWinKO4
      151Feb 22, 194028Mike MartinezWinTKO3
      150Feb 19, 194028Frankie GilmoreWinMD
      149Jan 29, 194027Paul JuniorLossUD
      148Jan 16, 194027Sammy JulianWinPTS
      147Dec 1, 193927Everette RightmireWinPTS
      146Sep 18, 193927Lew FeldmanLossUD
      145Aug 21, 193927Billy BullockWinTKO5
      144Aug 8, 193927Teddy BaldwinWinPTS
      143Jun 8, 193927Richie TannerWinKO7
      142May 25, 193927George DalyWinPTS
      141Apr 27, 193927Dan McAllisterWinTKO5
      140Mar 21, 193927Carl GugginoWinPTS
      139Mar 11, 193927Joe De JesusWinKO2
      138Feb 14, 193927Johnny BellusLossPTS
      137Jan 31, 193926Lew FeldmanLossPTS
      136Jan 14, 193926Johnny RohrigWinPTS
      135Jan 3, 193926Tommy SpeigalWinPTS
      134Dec 26, 193826Joey FerrandoLossPTS
      133Dec 5, 193826Pete DeGrasseWinKO5
      132Nov 25, 193826Vince Dell'OrtoWinPTS
      131Nov 7, 193826Cristobal JaramilloWinPTS
      130Aug 17, 193826Al ReidWinKO4
      129Feb 1, 193826Henry ArmstrongLossKO3
      128Nov 30, 193725Bus BreeseWinPTS
      127Oct 19, 193725Babe SantelloWinKO1
      126Oct 5, 193725Baby ArizmendiLossPTS
      125Sep 7, 193725Georgie HansfordWinPTS
      124Aug 17, 193725Georgie HansfordDrawPTS
      123Jul 21, 193725Norbert MeehanWinTKO5
      122Jul 5, 193725Henry MendolaWinKO1
      121Jun 9, 193725Mike MartinezWinTKO3
      120May 18, 193725Sonny ValdezWinPTS
      119Apr 14, 193725Kid RayWinPTS
      118Jan 15, 193724Jimmy McClainWinKO2
      117Sep 29, 193624Douglas WorthWinTKO1
      116Aug 20, 193624Cecil PayneDrawPTS
      115Jul 6, 193624Eddie SpinaWinPTS
      114May 21, 193624Eddie SpinaWinPTS
      113Apr 28, 193624Willie DaviesWinTKO7
      112Apr 17, 193624Elmer BrownWinPTS
      111Apr 10, 193624Young CorpuzWinPTS
      110Mar 25, 193624Claude VarnerWinPTS
      109May 10, 193523Pablo DanoLossKO2
      108Apr 6, 193523Mark DiazWinTKO4
      107Feb 16, 193523Chico CisnerosLossPTS
      106Feb 2, 193523Baby ArizmendiLossKO4
      105Nov 17, 193422Lew MonteLossPTS
      104Oct 8, 193422Mose ButchLossPTS
      103Jun 29, 193422Perfecto LopezWinPTS
      102Jun 8, 193422Freddie MillerLossPTS
      101May 29, 193422Perfecto LopezDrawPTS
      100May 25, 193422Frankie VenegasWinKO5
      99May 1, 193422Albert LadouWinPTS
      98Apr 17, 193422Jimmy AlvaradoWinTKO3
      97Feb 20, 193422Augie SolizWinTKO5
      96Jan 30, 193421Bobby GrayWinPTS
      95Oct 17, 193321Eddie SheaLossKO1
      94Sep 19, 193321Allan FostonDrawPTS
      93Sep 5, 193321Willie JuberaWinRTD2
      92Sep 1, 193321Huerta EvansWinTKO4
      91Aug 22, 193321Whitey NealWinPTS
      90Apr 11, 193321Mickey CohenWinTKO3
      89Jan 6, 193320Pedro VillanuevaWinPTS
      88Dec 15, 193220Benny GarciaWinPTS
      87Dec 7, 193220Huerta EvansWinPTS
      86Nov 22, 193220Al GreenfieldWinPTS
      85Nov 15, 193220Baby Jack DempseyWinKO2
      84Nov 9, 193220Johnny RyanWinTKO2
      83Oct 19, 193220Victor Kid PonceWinKO1
      82Oct 11, 193220Jesse MaxeyWinKO1
      81Sep 2, 193220Mose BaileyDrawPTS
      80Aug 26, 193220Johnny MinellaWinPTS
      79Jul 12, 193220Al GreenfieldWinPTS
      78Jun 7, 193220Huerta EvansWinTKO5
      77May 18, 193220Joe PimentelWinKO2
      76May 3, 193220Willie DaviesWinPTS
      75Apr 29, 193220Al GreenfieldWinPTS
      74Feb 16, 193220Martin ZunigaDrawPTS
      73Feb 5, 193220Ray MontoyaWinPTS
      72Jan 12, 193219Tony TassiWinTKO4
      71Nov 24, 193119Clem AvilaWinPTS
      70Oct 29, 193119Huerta EvansDrawPTS
      69Oct 8, 193119Huerta EvansWinPTS
      68Sep 15, 193119Mike CordovaWinPTS
      67Aug 11, 193119Baby Jack DempseyWinKO2
      66Aug 6, 193119Martin ZunigaDrawPTS
      65Jul 29, 193119Adam MoragaWinTKO3
      64Jul 4, 193119Martin ZunigaLossPTS
      63Jun 12, 193119Rod AlcanteraWinKO1
      62May 1, 193119Claude RobertsWinPTS
      61Apr 27, 193119Frank AbendinoNCNC
      60Apr 24, 193119Ricky HallWinPTS
      59Apr 7, 193119Mike CordovaWinPTS
      58Mar 31, 193119Mike CordovaWinPTS
      57Mar 10, 193119Ernie ChaconWinPTS
      56Feb 13, 193119Sailor Ray ButlerWinPTS
      55Jan 28, 193118Bobby GuinnWinTKO2
      54Jan 13, 193118Huerta EvansLossPTS
      53Dec 12, 193018Ray MontoyaLossPTS
      52Nov 18, 193018Ray CervantesWinPTS
      51Nov 14, 193018Jerry DuffyWinPTS
      50Nov 7, 193018Johnny LeeWinKO3
      49Oct 24, 193018Mose BaileyDrawPTS
      48Oct 21, 193018Marion CanoWinKO4
      47Oct 7, 193018Kid AvelinoWinPTS
      46Sep 16, 193018Manuel TrevinoWinKO1
      45Aug 12, 193018Sid TorresWinPTS
      44Jul 21, 193018Sammy SeamanDrawPTS
      43Jul 10, 193018Carlos ChipresWinKO2
      42Jul 5, 193018Frisco LendaLossPTS
      41Jun 26, 193018Ramon NavarroWinTKO5
      40Jun 17, 193018Frisco LendaWinPTS
      39Jun 12, 193018Jimmy MackWinPTS
      38May 8, 193018Clayton GouydWinPTS
      37Apr 24, 193018Canto RobledoLossPTS
      36Jan 30, 193017Danny ArnufWinTKO1
      35Dec 3, 192917Luis EchevesteLossPTS
      34Nov 27, 192917Jess VasquezWinPTS
      33Oct 24, 192917Harry BarrereWinPTS
      32Oct 10, 192917Harry PurdueWinPTS
      31Oct 2, 192917Tony MorenoDrawPTS
      30Sep 12, 192917Pal ShoafWinPTS
      29Sep 10, 192917Louie MedinaLossPTS
      28Sep 4, 192917Pastor CalopeWinPTS
      27Aug 29, 192917Ray VilalobosWinKO5
      26Aug 21, 192917Clem AvilaLossPTS
      25Jul 5, 192917Frisco LendaLossPTS
      24May 2, 192917Ray VilalobosDrawPTS
      23Apr 18, 192917Johnny MasonWinPTS
      22Apr 9, 192917Henry WallenderDrawPTS
      21Apr 2, 192917Johnny GabuccoWinPTS
      20Mar 28, 192917Paul HardyWinKO3
      19Mar 14, 192917Tony ApodacaWinPTS
      18Feb 7, 192917Joe VelardiLossPTS
      17Jan 24, 192916Frisco LendaDrawPTS
      16Jan 17, 192916Pastor CalopeWinTKO2
      15Dec 20, 192816Ray DavisWinPTS
      14Dec 13, 192816Louie ContrerasDrawPTS
      13Nov 22, 192816Ray DavisWinPTS
      12Oct 3, 192816Jimmy MartinezWinTKO1
      11Sep 13, 192816Joe HernandezDrawPTS
      10Aug 23, 192816Joe HernandezLossPTS
      9Jul 26, 192816Ray DavisLossPTS
      8Jul 12, 192816Valentino CastellanosDrawPTS
      7Jun 20, 192816June LageraWinPTS
      6May 31, 192816Victor AcostaWinKO2
      5May 24, 192816Tommy SanchezWinPTS
      4May 3, 192816Valemo MartinWinPTS
      3Apr 12, 192816Nilo BallesWinKO3
      2Mar 1, 192816Jodie GreysonLossPTS
      1Feb 23, 192816Nilo BallesWinPTS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Albert Wright (Chalky) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Willcox, Arizona, U.S. on February 1, 1912. He was a featherweight world champion. He died on August 12, 1957 at the age of 45 years. Wright was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1997. His professional boxing career spanned more than 20 years — from 1928 to 1948.

      Wright made his professional boxing debut against Nilo Balles at the age of 16 on February 23, 1928, defeating Balles via 4 round PTS.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 29 on September 11, 1941 after 175 professional fights, against Joey Archibald for the featherweight NYSAC and The Ring titles. He defeated Archibald via 11th round KO to become the featherweight champion of the world.

      Wright won one world title at featherweight. For all the details about Wright's world title wins and defenses refer to "Chalky Wright World Titles".

      Wright had a total of 46 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Ernie Hunick at 36 years of age, on March 9, 1948. Wright lost the fight via 3rd round RTD.

      For a very detailed list Wright's fights refer to "All of Chalky Wright's fights".


      Wright fought a total of 238 times during his professional career, which includes 5 world-title fights at the featherweight division. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • September 11, 1941: Wright wins his first world titles by defeating Joey Archibald via 11th round KO. He is now the NYSAC and The Ring featherweight world champion.

      • June 19, 1942: Wright successfully defends the NYSAC and The Ring featherweight titles against Harry Jeffra, winning the fight via 10th round TKO.

      World Titles

      Wright was a featherweight world champion. He held one world title at featherweight, which was a lineal championship win.

      Weight DivisionWorld Titles Held
      FeatherweightThe Ring
      Ape Index
      Win Streak
      Career Score