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Ceferino Garcia Record

Total Fights162
Title Wins1
Title Defenses1
Title-Fight KOs2
KO Wins74
KO Losses6
Ceferino Garcia Record & Stats
Naval, Biliran, Philippine Islands
“Bolo Punch”
Aug 26, 1906
Jan 1, 1981 (74 years)
May 5, 1923
Title Fights
74 (45.7%)
170 cm
170 cm
Ape Index
0 cm
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Ceferino Garcia's Record
Ceferino Garcia's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Ceferino Garcia's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 21 years and eight months, Ceferino Garcia fought 162 times with 118 wins, 30 losses, and 14 draws.

      Garcia retired from professional boxing with a record of 118-30-14, which included one middleweight world-title win and one successful title defense fight. He had a 45.7% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 74 of his total 162 fights being knockout wins, two of which were in title fights. Garcia suffered six knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 10 round PTS defeat to Bill McDowell on January 15, 1945.

      Some of Garcia's best fights and notable victories include wins over two Hall-of-Famers (Fred Apostoli and Lloyd Marshall), Allen Matthews, Bobby Pacho, Joe Glick, and Glen Lee.

      162Jan 15, 194538Bill McDowellLossPTS
      161Oct 16, 194438George BaratkoWinKO3
      160Oct 6, 194438Kid AztecaWinPTS
      159Sep 25, 194438Willis JohnsonWinTKO10
      158Feb 24, 194235California Jackie WilsonLossUD
      157Dec 1, 194135Anton ChristoforidisLossPTS
      156Sep 15, 194135Billy SooseDrawTD
      155Aug 19, 194134Bobby PachoWinKO3
      154Jul 11, 194134Jimmy CasinoWinTKO8
      153Sep 12, 194034Steve BelloiseLossPTS
      152May 23, 194033Ken OverlinLoss *UD
      151Apr 24, 194033Allen MatthewsWinTKO4
      150Mar 1, 194033Henry ArmstrongDrawPTS
      149Dec 23, 193933Glen LeeWin *TKO13
      148Oct 2, 193933Fred ApostoliWin *KO7
      147Aug 8, 193932Bobby PachoWinKO5
      146Jul 4, 193932Bobby PachoWinPTS
      145Jun 15, 193932Walter WoodsWinKO4
      144Apr 21, 193932Al RomeroWinTKO10
      143Mar 28, 193932Chief ParrisWinKO3
      142Mar 17, 193932Lloyd MarshallWinTKO5
      141Feb 22, 193932Lloyd MarshallWinPTS
      140Feb 7, 193932Al TrulmansWinKO2
      139Jan 27, 193932Dick FosterWinTKO8
      138Nov 25, 193832Henry ArmstrongLoss *UD
      137Jul 25, 193831Jackie BurkeWinTKO2
      136Jul 4, 193831Jackie BurkeWinKO4
      135Jun 17, 193831Frankie BlairWinTKO3
      134May 6, 193831Glen LeeWinPTS
      133Mar 25, 193831Tony RoccaforteWinKO1
      132Mar 19, 193831Otto BlackwellWinKO9
      131Mar 12, 193831Otto BlackwellWinKO7
      130Feb 18, 193831Manuel VictoriaWinKO4
      129Sep 23, 193731Barney RossLoss *UD
      128Jul 22, 193730Bobby PachoWinTKO9
      127Jun 11, 193730Phil FurrWinPTS
      126May 21, 193730George SalvadoreWinPTS
      125May 7, 193730Phil McQuillanWinKO2
      124Mar 23, 193730Aaron WadeWinTKO1
      123Feb 23, 193730Glen LeeLossPTS
      122Feb 5, 193730Chief ParrisWinKO4
      121Jan 12, 193730Otto BlackwellWinKO1
      120Dec 18, 193630Ray AcostaWinKO1
      119Oct 30, 193630Izzy JannazzoDrawPTS
      118Sep 11, 193630Cleto LocatelliWinPTS
      117Aug 11, 193629Leon ZorritaWinKO5
      116Jul 17, 193629Kid AztecaWinKO5
      115Jun 9, 193629Young Peter JacksonWinPTS
      114May 8, 193629Jackie BurkeWinTKO8
      113Mar 27, 193629Lou HalperWinTKO6
      112Mar 2, 193629Jackie BurkeDrawPTS
      111Feb 7, 193629Gordon WallaceWinPTS
      110Jan 13, 193629Al ManfredoLossPTS
      109Nov 29, 193529Barney RossLossUD
      108Nov 20, 193529Gordon WallaceWinMD
      107Nov 12, 193529Otto BlackwellWinPTS
      106Oct 23, 193529Gordon WallaceDrawPTS
      105Oct 18, 193529Joe BernalWinPTS
      104Sep 13, 193529Barney RossLossPTS
      103Aug 16, 193528Sammy BrownWinKO3
      102Jul 19, 193528Baby Joe GansWinKO3
      101Jul 4, 193528Sammy O'DellWinKO5
      100Jun 21, 193528Al RomeroWinPTS
      99May 31, 193528Meyer GraceWinKO1
      98May 17, 193528Al ManfredoWinPTS
      97Apr 26, 193528Guy McKinneyWinKO1
      96Apr 18, 193528Al ManfredoLossPTS
      95Mar 26, 193528Baby Joe GansWinKO1
      94Dec 7, 193428Bep van KlaverenLossPTS
      93Nov 16, 193428Manuel VictoriaWinKO3
      92Oct 30, 193428Bep van KlaverenWinPTS
      91Sep 28, 193428Erwin BigeWinKO2
      90Sep 24, 193428Flash ButlerWinKO2
      89Sep 11, 193428Tony RoccaforteWinKO2
      88Sep 1, 193428Joe GlickWinKO2
      87Aug 9, 193427Jimmy EvansWinPTS
      86Jul 27, 193427Mike PayanWinTKO1
      85Jul 3, 193427Andy DiVodiWinKO1
      84Jun 14, 193427Tommy HermanWinKO3
      83Jun 1, 193427Billy BoggsWinTKO5
      82May 18, 193427Johnny MartinezWinTKO3
      81May 4, 193427Tommy MartinezWinKO4
      80Apr 20, 193427Baby Sal SorioWinKO4
      79Apr 10, 193427Young Peter JacksonLossKO3
      78Mar 23, 193427Tommy HermanWinKO2
      77Mar 6, 193427Eddie CerdaWinTKO6
      76Feb 9, 193427Paulie WalkerWinPTS
      75Jan 16, 193427Bobby PachoWinKO3
      74Dec 22, 193327Mike PayanWinPTS
      73Dec 12, 193327Baby Joe GansWinPTS
      72Nov 25, 193327Vincent MartinezWinPTS
      71Oct 27, 193327Andy CallahanLossPTS
      70Oct 13, 193327King TutWinKO7
      69Sep 22, 193327Meyer GraceWinKO10
      68Aug 25, 193326Eddie FriscoWinTKO7
      67Jul 25, 193326Kid AztecaLossTKO8
      66Jul 18, 193326Lloyd SmithWinKO4
      65Jul 11, 193326Kid AztecaLossPTS
      64Jul 3, 193326Johnny MartinezWinKO5
      63May 29, 193326Eddie RanLossDQ
      62May 9, 193326Leonard BennettWinPTS
      61Apr 28, 193326Howard FritzWinTKO8
      60Apr 19, 193326Tommy HuffmanWinPTS
      59Apr 12, 193326Jesus MaciasWinKO1
      58Mar 24, 193326Mike PayanDrawPTS
      57Mar 10, 193326Johnny RomeroWinPTS
      56Mar 3, 193326Frankie DiazWinKO2
      55Feb 10, 193326Johnny RomeroWinKO8
      54Jan 27, 193326Charlie CobbWinTKO5
      53Jan 20, 193326Tommy KingLossPTS
      52Nov 22, 193226Andy DiVodiWinKO4
      51Oct 25, 193226Young Corbett IIILossPTS
      50Sep 20, 193226Freddie SteeleLossKO2
      49Sep 2, 193226Tommy KingDrawPTS
      48Jul 13, 193225Jimmy BrittDrawMD
      47Jun 22, 193225Oakland Jimmy DuffyWinTKO7
      46May 24, 193225Joey GoodmanLossPTS
      45May 18, 193225Freddie SteeleLossKO2
      44May 6, 193225David VelascoWinPTS
      43Apr 12, 193225Young Corbett IIILossPTS
      42Apr 1, 193225Joe SaldivarWinKO1
      41Mar 11, 193225Tommy HermanLossTKO10
      40Feb 19, 193225Vearl WhiteheadWinTKO7
      39Jan 26, 193225David VelascoWinPTS
      38Jan 19, 193225Alfredo GaonaWinTKO4
      37Nov 14, 193125Tony GoraWinPTS
      36Jul 18, 193124Ignacio FernandezWinPTS
      35May 16, 193124Ignacio FernandezWinDQ
      34Apr 18, 193124Frank MalinaoWinPTS
      33Mar 7, 193124Joe HallWinPTS
      32Dec 22, 192822Jimmy HillLossPTS
      31Nov 26, 192822Joe SacramentoWinKO4
      30Oct 3, 192822Irineo FloresDrawPTS
      29Aug 4, 192821Joe HallWinDQ
      28Apr 28, 192821Kid MoroLossPTS
      27Feb 18, 192821Luis LoganWinPTS
      26Dec 10, 192721Young Harry WillsWinPTS
      25Nov 26, 192721Joe SacramentoWinKO4
      24Jul 9, 192720Irineo FloresWinPTS
      23Jun 18, 192720Pedro CampoWinPTS
      22May 7, 192720Pedro CampoWinPTS
      21Feb 26, 192720Ignacio FernandezWinPTS
      20Dec 18, 192620Harry StoneDrawPTS
      19Nov 6, 192620Kid MoroLossPTS
      18Sep 18, 192620Irineo FloresLossPTS
      17Sep 4, 192620Harry StoneWinPTS
      16Jul 3, 192619Irineo FloresDrawPTS
      15May 29, 192619Irineo FloresDrawPTS
      14Mar 6, 192619Fighting NelsonWinPTS
      13Feb 6, 192619Fighting NelsonWinDQ
      12Jan 16, 192619Irineo BoisonWinPTS
      11Jan 2, 192619Max JimWinKO1
      10Dec 19, 192519Jimmy HallWinKO4
      9Nov 14, 192519Young Harry WillsDrawPTS
      8Oct 31, 192519Pedro SyapWinTKO1
      7Oct 17, 192519Terrible DaguaWinTKO4
      6Oct 3, 192519Harry TunneyWinPTS
      5Jun 28, 192417Antonio GarciaLossTKO4
      4Jun 14, 192417Cornelio CoronelWinKO3
      3Sep 22, 192317G VargasWinPTS
      2May 12, 192316M FloresWinPTS
      1May 5, 192316Pedro del MundoDrawPTS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Ceferino Garcia (Bolo Punch) was a Filipino professional boxer. He was born in Naval, Biliran, Philippine Islands on August 26, 1906. Garcia died on January 1, 1981 at the age of 74 years. His professional boxing career spanned more than 21 years — from 1923 to 1945.

      Garcia made his professional boxing debut against Pedro del Mundo at the age of 16 on May 5, 1923. The fight ended in a draw. He went on to win 3 consecutive fights after this draw, which included 1 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 31 on September 23, 1937 after 128 professional fights, against Barney Ross for the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring titles. He lost to Ross via 15 round unanimous decision.

      Garcia had a total of 30 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Bill McDowell at 38 years of age, on January 15, 1945. Garcia lost the fight via 10 round PTS.

      For a very detailed list Garcia's fights refer to "All of Ceferino Garcia's fights".


      Garcia fought a total of 162 times during his professional career, which includes 5 world-title fights at two weight divisions. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • September 23, 1937: In his first world-title fight, Ceferino Garcia loses to Barney Ross via 15 round unanimous decision. He was fighting for the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring welterweight titles.

      • October 2, 1939: Garcia wins the NYSAC middleweight title from Fred Apostoli, by beating Apostoli via 7th round KO.

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      Win Streak
      Career Score