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Carlos Monzón Record

Total Fights100
Title Wins3
Title Defenses14
Title-Fight KOs10
KO Wins59
KO Losses0
Carlos Monzón Record & Stats
Carlos Monzón's Record
Carlos Monzón's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Carlos Monzón's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 14 years and five months, Carlos Monzón fought 100 times with 87 wins, 3 losses, and 9 draws.

      Monzón retired from professional boxing with a record of 87-3-9, which included three middleweight world-title wins and 14 successful title defense fights. He had a 59.6% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 59 of his total 100 fights being knockout wins, 10 of which were in title fights. Monzón never lost via knockout.

      His last fight was a 15-round unanimous decision victory over Rodrigo Valdéz on July 30, 1977. Monzón successfully defended the undisputed middleweight championship in this fight.

      Some of Monzón's best fights and notable victories include wins over three Hall-of-Famers (José Nápoles, Emile Griffith, and Nino Benvenuti), Rodrigo Valdéz, Tony Mundine, Tom Bogs, Gratien Tonna, and Denny Moyer.

      100Jul 30, 197734Rodrigo ValdézWin *UD
      99Jun 26, 197633Rodrigo ValdézWin *UD
      98Dec 13, 197533Gratien TonnaWin *KO5
      97Jun 30, 197532Tony LicataWin *TKO10
      96Oct 5, 197432Tony MundineWin *KO7
      95Feb 9, 197431José NápolesWin *RTD7
      94Sep 29, 197331Jean-Claude BouttierWin *UD
      93Jun 2, 197330Emile GriffithWin *UD
      92May 5, 197330Roy DaleWinKO5
      91Nov 11, 197230Bennie BriscoeWin *UD
      90Aug 19, 197230Tom BogsWin *TKO5
      89Jun 17, 197229Jean-Claude BouttierWin *TKO13
      88Mar 4, 197229Denny MoyerWin *TKO5
      87Dec 4, 197129Fraser ScottWinTKO3
      86Sep 25, 197129Emile GriffithWin *TKO14
      85May 8, 197128Nino BenvenutiWin *TKO3
      84Mar 6, 197128Roy LeeWinKO2
      83Feb 19, 197128Domingo GuerreroWinKO2
      82Dec 19, 197028Charley AustinWinKO2
      81Nov 7, 197028Nino BenvenutiWin *TKO12
      80Sep 19, 197028Santiago RosaWinKO4
      79Jul 18, 197027Eddie PaceWinPTS
      78Apr 18, 197027Adolfo Jorge CardozoWinTKO3
      77Mar 7, 197027Juan AguilarWinRTD9
      76Feb 11, 197027Antonio AguilarWinKO5
      75Dec 12, 196927Carlos EstradaWinKO2
      74Sep 27, 196927Manoel SeverinoWinKO6
      73Sep 5, 196927Emilio Ale AliWinTKO7
      72Aug 9, 196927Tom BetheaWinPTS
      71Jul 5, 196926Harold RichardsonWinKO3
      70Jun 6, 196926Carlos Alberto SalinasWinTKO7
      69Apr 25, 196926Carlos Alberto SalinasDrawPTS
      68Mar 14, 196926Mario TabordaWinKO3
      67Jan 10, 196926Ruben OrricoWinKO9
      66Dec 20, 196826Emilio Ale AliWinPTS
      65Dec 7, 196826Johnny BrooksWinPTS
      64Oct 23, 196826Charley AustinWinUD
      63Aug 14, 196826Doug HuntleyWinKO4
      62Jul 5, 196825Benito SanchezWinKO4
      61Jun 20, 196825Juan AguilarWinPTS
      60May 17, 196825Alberto MassiWinPTS
      59Apr 5, 196825Juan AguilarDrawPTS
      58Nov 18, 196725Tito MarshallWinPTS
      57Oct 20, 196725Ramon D RochaWinKO7
      56Oct 6, 196725Carlos EstradaWinKO7
      55Sep 8, 196725Ramon D RochaWinPTS
      54Aug 16, 196725Tito MarshallWinPTS
      53Jul 29, 196724Antonio AguilarWinKO9
      52Jun 10, 196724Jorge FernandezWinUD
      51May 6, 196724Bennie BriscoeDrawPTS
      50Apr 9, 196724Benito SanchezWinTKO3
      49Mar 25, 196724Angel Alberto CoriaWinKO6
      48Mar 9, 196724Osvaldo MarinoWinKO7
      47Feb 15, 196724Alberto MassiWinPTS
      46Jan 27, 196724Eudoro RobledoWinKO4
      45Jan 13, 196724Carlos Alberto SalinasWinKO8
      44Dec 23, 196624Marcelo FariasWinKO3
      43Dec 2, 196624Alberto MassiWinTKO8
      42Nov 18, 196624Luis Antonio PereyraWinTKO2
      41Nov 1, 196624Angel Alberto CoriaWinPTS
      40Sep 3, 196624Jorge FernandezWinUD
      39Jul 8, 196623Benito SanchezWinKO4
      38Jun 3, 196623Ubaldo Marcos BustosDrawPTS
      37Apr 29, 196623Ismael HamzeWinTKO9
      36Feb 17, 196623Norberto JuncosWinKO7
      35Feb 4, 196623Ramon D RochaWinPTS
      34Dec 29, 196523Carlos Alberto SalinasWinPTS
      33Dec 8, 196523Antonio AguilarWinPTS
      32Nov 17, 196523Celedonio LimaWinKO5
      31Oct 6, 196523Gregorio GomezWinPTS
      30Aug 28, 196523Manoel SeverinoDrawPTS
      29Aug 14, 196523Manoel SeverinoDrawPTS
      28Aug 1, 196522Felipe CambeiroWinPTS
      27Jul 14, 196522Alberto RetondoWinTKO8
      26May 19, 196522Anibal CordobaWinPTS
      25Apr 9, 196522Emilio Ale AliDrawPTS
      24Mar 11, 196522Andres Antonio SelpaWinPTS
      23Jan 8, 196522Andres Antonio SelpaDrawPTS
      22Nov 18, 196422Celedonio LimaDrawPTS
      21Oct 28, 196422Francisco GilabertWinRTD4
      20Oct 9, 196422Alberto MassiLossUD
      19Sep 25, 196422Francisco OleaWinKO9
      18Sep 4, 196422Americo VaccaWinKO3
      17Aug 14, 196422Juan Carlos DiazWinKO9
      16Jul 24, 196421Walter VillaWinKO9
      15Jul 10, 196421Roberto Eduardo CarabajalWinPTS
      14Jun 28, 196421Felipe CambeiroLossPTS
      13Jun 13, 196421Angel Alberto CoriaWinPTS
      12Jan 17, 196421Roberto Eduardo CarabajalWinKO8
      11Dec 6, 196321Rene SosaWinKO6
      10Oct 18, 196321Benito SanchezWinKO8
      9Aug 28, 196321Antonio AguilarLossPTS
      8Aug 9, 196321Lisandro GuzmánWinKO3
      7Jul 17, 196320Andres CejasWinKO4
      6May 31, 196320Jose N RodriguezWinKO5
      5May 3, 196320Raul Elio RivasWinKO5
      4Apr 12, 196320Mario SuarezWinTKO8
      3Apr 9, 196320Albino VeronWinTKO2
      2Mar 13, 196320Albino VeronNCND
      1Feb 6, 196320Ramón MontenegroWinKO2

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Carlos Monzón (Escopeta) was an Argentinian professional boxer. He was born in San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina on August 7, 1942. He was a middleweight world champion. He died on January 8, 1995 at the age of 52 years. Monzón was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 14 years — from 1963 to 1977.

      Monzón made his professional boxing debut against Ramón Montenegro at the age of 20 on February 6, 1963, defeating Montenegro via 2nd round KO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 28 on November 7, 1970 after 80 professional fights, against Nino Benvenuti for the middleweight WBA, WBC, and The Ring titles. He defeated Benvenuti via 12th round TKO to become the middleweight champion of the world.

      Carlos Monzón was a one-time undisputed middleweight world champion, and won three world titles at middleweight. For all the details about Monzón's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Monzón had a total of three losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a middleweight undisputed championship title defense against Colombian boxer Rodrigo Valdéz at 34 years of age, on July 30, 1977. Monzón won the fight via 15 round unanimous decision, and successfully defended his undisputed title.


      Monzón had a total of 15 world-title fights, which includes winning three world titles and 14 successful title defenses. He won all 15 of these fights.

      Title Wins

      Carlos Monzón fought for middleweight world titles once, which he won via TKO. In total, he won three middleweight belts.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Nov 7, 1970+Nino BenvenutiMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
      + Became undisputed world champion

      Title Defenses

      Carlos Monzón had 14 middleweight world-title defense fights. He won all of these fights.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Jul 30, 1977Rodrigo ValdézMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
      Jun 26, 1976Rodrigo ValdézMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
      Dec 13, 1975Gratien TonnaMiddleweightWBA, The RingKO
      Jun 30, 1975Tony LicataMiddleweightWBA, The RingTKO
      Oct 5, 1974Tony MundineMiddleweightWBA, The RingKO
      Feb 9, 1974José NápolesMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingRTD
      Sep 29, 1973Jean-Claude BouttierMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
      Jun 2, 1973Emile GriffithMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
      Nov 11, 1972Bennie BriscoeMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
      Aug 19, 1972Tom BogsMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
      Jun 17, 1972Jean-Claude BouttierMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
      Mar 4, 1972Denny MoyerMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
      Sep 25, 1971Emile GriffithMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
      May 8, 1971Nino BenvenutiMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO


      Monzón fought a total of 100 times during his professional career, which includes 15 world-title fights at the middleweight division. He was among the very best of his generation and put on some incredible performances in his fights. These nine fights are the highlight of his career.

      • November 7, 1970: Monzón becomes the undisputed middleweight world champion in his first world-title fight by beating Nino Benvenuti via 12th round TKO. He now holds the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight world-champion belts.

      • May 8, 1971: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against Nino Benvenuti, winning the fight via 3rd round TKO.

      • March 4, 1972: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against Denny Moyer, winning the fight via 5th round TKO.

      • August 19, 1972: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against Tom Bogs, winning the fight via 5th round TKO.

      • February 9, 1974: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against José Nápoles, winning the fight via 7th round RTD.

      • October 5, 1974: Monzón successfully defends the WBA and The Ring middleweight titles against Tony Mundine, winning the fight via 7th round KO.

      • December 13, 1975: Monzón successfully defends the WBA and The Ring middleweight titles against Gratien Tonna, winning the fight via 5th round KO.

      • June 26, 1976: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against Rodrigo Valdéz, winning the fight via 15 round unanimous decision.

      • July 30, 1977: Monzón successfully defends the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight titles against Rodrigo Valdéz, winning the fight via 15 round unanimous decision.


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