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Yoan Boyeaux Record

Total Fights51
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins26
KO Losses2
Yoan Boyeaux Record & Stats
Yoan Boyeaux's Record
Yoan Boyeaux's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Yoan Boyeaux's boxing record?

      12 years and four months into his professional boxing career, Yoan Boyeaux has fought 51 times with 43 wins, 7 losses, and 1 no-contest.

      Boyeaux's boxing record is currently 43-7. He is a one-time super-flyweight world title challenger. He has a 52% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 26 of his total 51 fights being knockout wins. Boyeaux has suffered two knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Naoya Inoue in a super-flyweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 2nd round RTD defeat to Shabaz Masoud on March 18, 2022. He is on a one-fight losing streak.

      Some of Boyeaux's best fights and notable victories include wins over Artur Movsesian, Nelson Daniel Monte, Orlando Javier Maciel, Walter Rojas, Jesus Altamirano Sanchez, Mishiko Shubitidze, and David Kanalas.

      51Mar 18, 202234Shabaz MasoudLossRTD2
      50Feb 20, 202133Milan SavicWinUD
      49Sep 18, 202032Dimitrije DjordjevicWinUD
      48Nov 3, 201830Paul ButlerLossPTS
      47Dec 30, 201729Naoya InoueLoss *TKO3
      46Apr 8, 201729Mishiko ShubitidzeWinKO2
      45Oct 8, 201628Nika KokashviliWinUD
      44May 28, 201628Milan SavicWinUD
      43Apr 14, 201628Razmik GrigoryanWinUD
      42Dec 5, 201527Artur MovsesianWinRTD4
      41Jul 25, 201527Walter RojasWinTKO1
      40Jul 10, 201527Oscar Ulises LopezWinKO3
      39Jun 27, 201527Jesus Altamirano SanchezWinKO1
      38Jun 6, 201527Oscar Ulises LopezWinKO4
      37Apr 18, 201527Cristian SujevicWinPTS
      36Jan 31, 201527Roberto Joaquin IturraWinTKO6
      35Jan 24, 201527Nelson Daniel MonteWinRTD2
      34Dec 28, 201426Agustin Alfredo BordonWinKO1
      33Dec 21, 201426Mario Ezequiel Sayal LozanoWinMD
      32Nov 9, 201426David KanalasWinTKO1
      31Aug 30, 201426Orlando Javier MacielWinRTD6
      30Jul 2, 201426Bernardo AsprillaWinTKO4
      29Jun 14, 201426Raul Eliseo MedinaWinUD
      28Mar 15, 201426Cristian SujevicWinPTS
      27Jan 3, 201425Benjamin Alcides Cantero VillalbaWinKO2
      26Dec 21, 201325Walter RojasWinTKO2
      25Nov 27, 201325Gabor MolnarWinTKO2
      24Nov 3, 201325Richard VorosWinTKO1
      23Aug 31, 201325Luis Eloy RomeroWinTKO2
      22Aug 17, 201325Washington Dos SantosWinKO2
      21Aug 2, 201325Eduardo ZapataWinTKO3
      20Jun 29, 201325George Florin TinuWinTKO3
      19Jun 9, 201325Goran OlcanWinTKO2
      18Jan 15, 201325Karim GuerfiNCND
      17Nov 24, 201224Hyusein HyuseinovWinTKO3
      16Oct 20, 201224Reginaldo Martins CarvalhoWinKO1
      15Apr 14, 201224Alix DjavoievWinPTS
      14Jan 20, 201224Anthony SettoulLossUD
      13Nov 26, 201123Elemir RafaelWinPTS
      12Jun 30, 201123Levan GaribashviliWinUD
      11Jun 16, 201123Jerome ArnouldWinRTD4
      10Apr 8, 201123Faycal MessaoudeneWinPTS
      9Mar 12, 201123Jerome ThomasLossSD
      8Sep 25, 201022Josh WaleLossPTS
      7Jun 19, 201022Badis OuariWinPTS
      6May 7, 201022Anthony BuquetWinRTD6
      5Apr 30, 201022Badis OuariWinPTS
      4Apr 17, 201022Istvan PetrovicsWinKO3
      3Feb 12, 201022Carl FramptonLossPTS
      2Jan 21, 201022Thomas BarbierWinPTS
      1Nov 7, 200921Thomas EssombaWinPTS

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Yoan Boyeaux (Yo Boy) is a 36-year old French professional boxer. He was born in Beaune, Côte-d'Or, France on January 8, 1988. He is yet to win a major world title.

      Boyeaux made his professional boxing debut against Thomas Essomba at the age of 21 on November 7, 2009, defeating Essomba via 4 round PTS.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 29 on December 30, 2017 after 46 professional fights, against Naoya Inoue for the WBO title. He lost to Inoue via 3rd round TKO.

      Boyeaux has had a total of seven losses in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against Shabaz Masoud on March 18, 2022. Boyeaux lost the fight via 2nd round RTD. It's been 2 years, 3 months, and 3 days since this fight.


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