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Xu Can Record

Total Fights22
Title Wins1
Title Defenses2
Title-Fight KOs1
KO Wins3
KO Losses1
Xu Can Record & Stats
Fuzhou, Jiangxi, China
Mar 9, 1994
Nov 16, 2013
Title Fights
3 (13.6%)
175 cm
175 cm
Ape Index
0 cm
Last Fight
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Xu Can's Record
Xu Can's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Xu Can's record?

      Eight years and 10 months into his professional boxing career, Xu Can has fought 22 times with 18 wins and 4 losses.

      Can's boxing record is currently 18-4, which includes one featherweight world-title win and two successful title defense fights. He has a 13.6% knockouts-to-fights ratio with three of his total 22 fights being knockout wins, one of which was in a title fight. The only knockout loss in Can's career is a 12th round TKO loss to Leigh Wood in a featherweight title fight.

      His latest fight was a 10-round split decision defeat to Brandon Benitez on October 7, 2022. He is on a two-fight losing streak.

      Some of Can's best fights and notable victories include wins over Shun Kubo, Jesús Rojas, Nehomar Cermeño, Manny Robles III, Jelbirt Gomera, Kris George, and Jack Asis.

      22Oct 7, 202228Brandon BenitezLossSD
      21Jul 31, 202127Leigh WoodLoss *TKO12
      20Nov 23, 201925Manny Robles IIIWin *UD
      19May 26, 201925Shun KuboWin *TKO6
      18Jan 26, 201924Jesús RojasWin *UD
      17Sep 13, 201824Enrique BernacheWinSD
      16Jul 27, 201824Jelbirt GomeraWinTKO7
      15Oct 3, 201723Nehomar CermeñoWinRTD7
      14May 7, 201723Jack AsisWinUD
      13Dec 17, 201622Spicy MatsushitaWinUD
      12Sep 30, 201622Ramiro BlancoWinUD
      11Jun 24, 201622Corey McConnellWinUD
      10Feb 12, 201621Isaias Santos SampaioWinUD
      9Sep 18, 201521Chaiyong ChanthahongWinUD
      8Jun 27, 201521Kris GeorgeWinUD
      7May 8, 201521Hurricane FutaWinUD
      6Feb 22, 201520Josh BaillieWinMD
      5Sep 8, 201420Bao DongLossMD
      4Aug 23, 201420Hongpeng ZhangWinUD
      3Jun 7, 201420Neeraj GoyatLossSD
      2Apr 13, 201420Kota HamamotoWinUD
      1Nov 16, 201319Tang Yuan YuanWinUD

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Xu Can (Monster) is a 29-year old Chinese professional boxer. He was born in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, China on March 9, 1994. He is a former featherweight world champion.

      Can made his professional boxing debut against Tang Yuan Yuan at the age of 19 on November 16, 2013, defeating Yuan via 4 round unanimous decision.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 24 on January 26, 2019 after 17 professional fights, against Jesús Rojas for the featherweight WBA (Regular) title. He defeated Rojas via 12 round unanimous decision to become the featherweight champion of the world.

      Can has won one world title at featherweight. For all the details about Can's world title wins and defenses refer to "Xu Can World Titles".

      Can has had a total of four losses in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against Mexican boxer Brandon Benitez on October 7, 2022. Can lost the fight via 10 round split decision. It's been 1 year, 2 months, and 2 days since this fight.

      For a very detailed list Can's fights refer to "All of Xu Can's fights".

      World Titles

      Can is a featherweight world champion. He has held one world title at featherweight, which was a lineal championship win.

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