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Feb 2, 1979
Nov 12, 1999
Title Fights
13 (27.1%)
170 cm
170 cm
Ape Index
0 cm
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      Willie Limond is a 44-year old Scottish professional boxer. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. on February 2, 1979. Limond made his professional boxing debut at the age of 20, on November 12, 1999. He is yet to win a major world title.

      Willie Limond Record

      23 years and nine months into his professional boxing career, Willie Limond has fought 48 times with 42 wins and 6 losses. As of September 2023, Limond's boxing record stands at 42-6 (13 KO wins, 5 KO losses).

      Following is a tabular list of Limond's fights. For a list with more details — like opponent record, opponent stats, including videos, and his next fight — refer to "All of Willie Limond's fights".

      Total Fights48
      KO Wins13
      Total Title Wins0
      Title Defenses0
      Title-Fight KO Wins0
      Losses via KO5
      48Sep 1, 202344Ricky BurnsLossTKO8
      47May 13, 202243CJ WoodWinTKO3
      46Jun 6, 201940William WarburtonWinPTS
      45Dec 18, 201637Michal VosykaWinTKO2
      44May 28, 201637Tyrone NurseLossTKO9
      43Jan 30, 201636Zaurs SadihovsWinTKO1
      42Jun 27, 201435Curtis WoodhouseWinMD
      41Jun 7, 201334Mitch PrinceWinUD
      40Jan 21, 201333Eddie DoyleWinTKO1
      39Sep 1, 201233William WarburtonWinPTS
      38Nov 25, 201132Anthony CrollaLossUD
      37Jun 3, 201132Arek MalekWinPTS
      36Sep 11, 201031Erik MoralesLossKO6
      35Nov 15, 200930Duncan CottierWinPTS
      34May 29, 200930Ryan BarrettWinUD
      33Feb 27, 200930Harry RamogoadiWinPTS
      32Oct 18, 200829Matt ScrivenWinPTS
      31Mar 29, 200829Martin WatsonWinUD
      30Jul 14, 200728Amir KhanLossRTD8
      29Nov 4, 200627Joshua AlloteyWinUD
      28Nov 5, 200526Jus WallieWinPTS
      27Jun 17, 200526Kevin O'HaraWinPTS
      26May 20, 200526John MackayWinTKO5
      25Dec 3, 200425Alberto LopezWinUD
      24Oct 29, 200425Frederic BonifaiWinPTS
      23Jun 19, 200425Youssouf DjibabaWinUD
      22Mar 6, 200425Dafydd CarlinWinTKO1
      21Nov 29, 200324Anthony HannaWinPTS
      20Nov 1, 200324Dariusz SnarskiWinTKO1
      19Jul 12, 200324Alex ArthurLossTKO8
      18Mar 22, 200324Jimmy BeechWinKO4
      17Sep 6, 200223Asen VasilevWinTKO3
      16Mar 11, 200223Dave HindsWinPTS
      15Nov 17, 200122Keith JonesWinPTS
      14Nov 3, 200122Rakhim MingaleyevWinPTS
      13Sep 7, 200122Gary ReidWinPTS
      12Apr 27, 200122Choi TseveenpurevWinPTS
      11Apr 3, 200122Trevor SmithWinPTS
      10Feb 15, 200122Marcus PortmanWinPTS
      9Dec 17, 200021Billy SmithWinPTS
      8Nov 10, 200021Danny ConnellyWinPTS
      7Jun 24, 200021Haroon DinWinPTS
      6May 26, 200021Billy SmithWinPTS
      5Apr 7, 200021Jimmy BeechWinTKO2
      4Mar 18, 200021Phil LashleyWinTKO1
      3Feb 24, 200021Nigel SeniorWinTKO6
      2Dec 13, 199920Steve HanleyWinPTS
      1Nov 12, 199920Lenny HodgkinsWinRTD1


      Willie Limond is 170 cm tall (5' 6.93") with a reach of 170 cm (5' 6.93"). He fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 0.

      Limond has a 27.1% KO rate. Of his total 13 KO wins, 11 were in the early rounds and two in the mid rounds. He has six first-round KO wins.

      Career Summary

      Willie Limond made his professional boxing debut against Lenny Hodgkins at the age of 20 on November 12, 1999, defeating Hodgkins via 1st round RTD. He went on to win 17 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 5 wins via stoppage.

      Some of Limond's best fights and notable victories include wins over Hall-of-Famer Billy Smith, Zaurs Sadihovs, Michal Vosyka, Eddie Doyle, CJ Wood, John Mackay, Jimmy Beech, and Lenny Hodgkins.

      Limond has had a total of six losses in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against fellow Scottish boxer Ricky Burns on September 1, 2023. Limond lost the fight via 8th round TKO.


      Fight Recommendations

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      1. Willie Limond loses to Anthony Crolla via 12-round unanimous decision
      2. Willie Limond loses to Amir Khan via 8th round RTD
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