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Vincent Feigenbutz' Losses

Vincent Feigenbutz has had a total of three losses in his professional boxing career so far — two of them in title bouts and one in a non-title bout. He suffered his first loss against Roman Javoev via 3rd round TKO on March 24, 2012. All of Feigenbutz' losses came via stoppage.

Caleb Plant, Giovanni De Carolis, and Roman Javoev are the three boxers who have beaten Feigenbutz.

  1. Vincent Feigenbutz loses to Roman Javoev

    This is the first loss in Vincent Feigenbutz' career. Feigenbutz lost to Roman Javoev via 3rd round TKO on in a non-title bout. He was 16 years old and it was his first professional boxing fight.

  2. Vincent Feigenbutz loses to Giovanni De Carolis in their 2nd fight

    On Feigenbutz lost to Italian boxer Giovanni De Carolis in the rematch via 11th round TKO. He was defending his super-middleweight WBA (Regular) title, he was 20 years old with a record of 21-1. Carolis was 31 years old with a record of 23-6.

  3. Vincent Feigenbutz loses to Caleb Plant

    On Feigenbutz lost to American boxer Caleb Plant via 10th round TKO. He was fighting for Plant's super-middleweight IBF title, he was 24 years old with a record of 31-2. Plant was 27 years old with a record of 19-0.