Vergil Ortiz Jr. Record & Stats

Vergil Ortiz Jr. Record & Stats

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Six years into his professional boxing career, Vergil Ortiz Jr. has fought 19 times with 19 wins and no losses. As of June 2023, Ortiz Jr.'s boxing record stands at 19-0 (19 KO wins).

Grand Prairie, Texas, U.S.
Mar 25, 1998
Jul 30, 2016
19 (100%)
178 cm
180 cm
Ape Index
2 cm
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Vergil Ortiz Jr.'s boxing record
Boxing Career of Vergil Ortiz Jr.
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      Vergil Ortiz Jr. is an American professional boxer. He was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, U.S. on March 25, 1998. Ortiz Jr. made his professional boxing debut at the age of 18, on July 30, 2016. He is yet to win a major world title. Ortiz Jr. is 25 years old, he will turn 26 in nine months and 15 days.

      Fight Record

      Total Fights19
      KO Wins19
      Total Title Wins0
      Title Defenses0
      Title-Fight KO Wins0
      Losses via KO0
      20Jul 8, 202325Eimantas StanionisNA *NA
      19Aug 6, 202224Michael McKinsonWinTKO9
      18Aug 14, 202123Egidijus KavaliauskasWinTKO8
      17Mar 20, 202122Maurice HookerWinTKO7
      16Jul 24, 202022Samuel VargasWinTKO7
      15Dec 13, 201921Brad SolomonWinKO5
      14Aug 10, 201921Antonio OrozcoWinKO6
      13May 4, 201921Mauricio HerreraWinKO3
      12Jan 26, 201920Jesus A Valdez BarrayanWinRTD5
      11Sep 15, 201820Roberto OrtizWinTKO2
      10Jun 23, 201820Juan Carlos SalgadoWinKO3
      9Feb 22, 201819Jesus Alvarez RodriguezWinTKO3
      8Nov 16, 201719Evandro CavalheiroWinTKO1
      7Sep 16, 201719Cesar ValenzuelaWinTKO2
      6Jun 17, 201719Ricardo Alan FernandezWinTKO1
      5May 5, 201719Angel SarinanaWinTKO3
      4Jan 28, 201718Israel VillelaWinKO1
      3Dec 16, 201618Nestor GarciaWinKO1
      2Sep 17, 201618Ernesto HernandezWinKO1
      1Jul 30, 201618Julio RodasWinKO1


      Vergil Ortiz Jr. is 178 cm tall (5' 10.08") with a reach of 180 cm (5' 10.87"). He fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 2 cm (0.79").

      Ortiz Jr. has a 100% KO rate. Of his total 19 KO wins, 12 were in the early rounds, six in the mid rounds, and one in the later rounds. He has six first-round KO wins.

      Career Summary

      Vergil Ortiz Jr. made his professional boxing debut against Julio Rodas at the age of 18 on July 30, 2016, defeating Rodas via 1st round KO.

      Vergil Ortiz Jr. is scheduled for his first world title fight on July 8, 2023 at the age of 25, after 19 professional fights, against Eimantas Stanionis with the WBA (Regular) title on the line. The fight ended in a na.

      Some of Ortiz Jr.'s best fights and notable victories include wins over Maurice Hooker, Michael McKinson, Samuel Vargas, Antonio Orozco, Egidijus Kavaliauskas, Brad Solomon, and Juan Carlos Salgado.

      Ortiz Jr. has never lost a fight in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against British boxer Michael McKinson on August 6, 2022. Ortiz Jr. won the fight via 9th round TKO. It's been 10 months and 4 days since this fight.

      Career Highlights

      Ortiz Jr. has fought a total of 19 times till today. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • July 24, 2020: Vergil Ortiz Jr. puts on the first remarkable performance of his career, defeating Samuel Vargas via 7th round TKO.

      • March 20, 2021: Vergil Ortiz Jr. beats Maurice Hooker via 7th round TKO.

      • August 6, 2022: Vergil Ortiz Jr. beats Michael McKinson via 9th round TKO.

      • July 8, 2023: Vergil Ortiz Jr. is scheduled to fight Eimantas Stanionis in his first world-title fight.


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