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Takashi Uchiyama Record

Total Fights27
Title Wins1
Title Defenses11
Title-Fight KOs10
KO Wins20
KO Losses1
Takashi Uchiyama Record & Stats
Takashi Uchiyama's Record
Takashi Uchiyama's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Takashi Uchiyama's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 11 years and five months, Takashi Uchiyama fought 27 times with 24 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw.

      Uchiyama retired from professional boxing with a record of 24-2-1, which included one super-featherweight world-title win and 11 successful title defense fights. He had a 74.1% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 20 of his total 27 fights being knockout wins, 10 of which were in title fights. The only knockout loss in Uchiyama's career was a 2nd round KO loss to Jezreel Corrales in a super-featherweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 12-round split decision defeat to Jezreel Corrales on December 31, 2016. Uchiyama was fighting for the super-featherweight WBA (Super) title.

      Some of Uchiyama's best fights and notable victories include wins over Oliver Flores, Jomthong Chuwattana, Takashi Miura, Roy Mukhlis, Jaider Parra, Juan Carlos Salgado, and Bryan Vázquez.

      27Dec 31, 201637Jezreel CorralesLoss *SD
      26Apr 27, 201636Jezreel CorralesLoss *KO2
      25Dec 31, 201536Oliver FloresWin *TKO3
      24May 6, 201535Jomthong ChuwattanaWin *TKO2
      23Dec 31, 201435Israel Héctor PerezWin *RTD9
      22Dec 31, 201334Daiki KanekoWin *UD
      21May 6, 201333Jaider ParraWin *KO5
      20Dec 31, 201233Bryan VázquezWin *TKO8
      19Jul 16, 201232Michael FarenasDraw *TD
      18Dec 31, 201132Jorge SolísWin *TKO11
      17Jan 31, 201131Takashi MiuraWin *RTD8
      16Sep 20, 201030Roy MukhlisWin *TKO5
      15May 17, 201030Angel GranadosWin *TKO6
      14Jan 11, 201030Juan Carlos SalgadoWin *TKO12
      13Oct 3, 200929Aaron MelgarejoWinTKO7
      12May 2, 200929Thong Por ChokchaiWinTKO5
      11Nov 1, 200828Byung-Joo MoonWinTKO4
      10Jun 12, 200828Hero BandoWinUD
      9Feb 2, 200828Akira YamazakiWinTKO10
      8Sep 8, 200727Nedal HusseinWinKO8
      7Jun 2, 200727Seung Won BaekWinKO3
      6Feb 10, 200727Muangfahlek KiatwicheanWinUD
      5Dec 9, 200627Moses SeranWinKO3
      4Sep 13, 200626Tomoya EndoWinUD
      3Nov 19, 200526Man Deuk ParkWinTKO1
      2Sep 29, 200525Takamasa UenoWinKO1
      1Jul 16, 200525Chandet SithramkamhaengWinKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Takashi Uchiyama (KO Dynamite) is a 44-year old retired Japanese professional boxer. He was born in Nagasaki Prefecture, on November 10, 1979. He is a former super-featherweight world champion. His professional boxing career spanned more than 11 years — from 2005 to 2016.

      Uchiyama made his professional boxing debut against Chandet Sithramkamhaeng at the age of 25 on July 16, 2005, defeating Sithramkamhaeng via 1st round KO. He went on to win 17 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 14 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 30 on January 11, 2010 after 13 professional fights, against Juan Carlos Salgado for the super-featherweight WBA title. He defeated Salgado via 12th round TKO to become the super-featherweight champion of the world.

      Uchiyama has won one world title at super-featherweight. For all the details about Uchiyama's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Uchiyama had a total of two losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was on December 31, 2016 against Panamanian boxer Jezreel Corrales for Corrales' super-featherweight WBA (Super) title. Uchiyama lost the fight via 12 round split decision. It's been 7 years, 3 months, and 22 days since this fight.


      Uchiyama had a total of 14 world-title fights, which includes winning one world title and 11 successful title defenses. He won 11 of these fights, lost two, and drew in one.

      Title Wins

      Takashi Uchiyama fought for a super-featherweight world title in two fights and won once, which came via way of stoppage. He won one super-featherweight belt.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Jan 11, 2010Juan Carlos SalgadoSuper-featherweightWBATKO

      Title Defenses

      Takashi Uchiyama had 12 super-featherweight world-title defense fights. He won 11 of them and lost only once.

      Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Dec 31, 2015Oliver FloresSuper-featherweightWBA (Super)TKO
      May 6, 2015Jomthong ChuwattanaSuper-featherweightWBA (Super)TKO
      Dec 31, 2014Israel Héctor PerezSuper-featherweightWBARTD
      Dec 31, 2013Daiki KanekoSuper-featherweightWBAUD
      May 6, 2013Jaider ParraSuper-featherweightWBAKO
      Dec 31, 2012Bryan VázquezSuper-featherweightWBATKO
      Jul 16, 2012Michael FarenasSuper-featherweightWBATD (draw)
      Dec 31, 2011Jorge SolísSuper-featherweightWBATKO
      Jan 31, 2011Takashi MiuraSuper-featherweightWBARTD
      Sep 20, 2010Roy MukhlisSuper-featherweightWBATKO
      May 17, 2010Angel GranadosSuper-featherweightWBATKO

      Title Losses

      Takashi Uchiyama lost one world-title defense fight, and lost one title in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Apr 27, 2016Jezreel CorralesSuper-featherweightWBA (Super)KO


      Uchiyama fought a total of 27 times during his professional career, which includes 14 world-title fights at the super-featherweight division. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • January 11, 2010: Uchiyama wins his first world title by defeating Juan Carlos Salgado via 12th round TKO. He is now the WBA super-featherweight world champion.

      • January 31, 2011: Uchiyama successfully defends the WBA super-featherweight title against Takashi Miura, winning the fight via 8th round RTD.

      • May 6, 2015: Uchiyama successfully defends the WBA (Super) super-featherweight title against Jomthong Chuwattana, winning the fight via 2nd round TKO.

      • December 31, 2015: Uchiyama successfully defends the WBA (Super) super-featherweight title against Oliver Flores, winning the fight via 3rd round TKO.


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