Steve Forbes Record & Stats

Steve Forbes Record & Stats

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In a career spanning 22 years and 4 months, Steve Forbes fought 50 times with 36 wins and 14 losses. By his last professional fight on April 6, 2019, Forbes' boxing record stood at 36-14 (11 KO wins, 1 KO loss).

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American nationality
Portland, Oregon, U.S.
“2 Pounds”
Feb 26, 1977
Dec 6, 1996
11 (22%)
171 cm
173 cm
Ape Index
2 cm
Last Fight
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Steve Forbes' record and stats
Steve Forbes' Record

      Steve Forbes (2 Pounds) is a retired American professional boxer. He was born in Portland, Oregon, U.S. on February 26, 1977. Forbes made his professional boxing debut at the age of 19 on December 6, 1996. He is a former super-featherweight world champion. He is 45 years old, and will be turning 46 in 22 days.

      Boxing Record

      Total Fights50
      KO Wins11
      Total Title Wins1
      Title Defenses1
      Title-Fight KO Wins1
      Losses via KO1
      50Apr 6, 201942Tavorus TeagueWinUD
      49Oct 10, 201437 Antonio OrozcoLossUD
      48Jun 7, 201437Emmanuel Lartei LarteyLossUD
      47Jan 12, 201335Johan PérezLossMD
      46May 5, 201235 Jessie VargasLossUD
      45Jun 17, 201134Karim MayfieldLossTKO10
      44Feb 11, 201133Jo Jo DanLossTD
      43Dec 17, 201033Roberto ValenzuelaWinKO2
      42Mar 6, 201033Harrison CuelloLossMD
      41Mar 6, 200932Jason DavisWinTKO2
      40Sep 27, 200831 Andre Berto LossUD
      39May 3, 200831 Oscar De La HoyaLossUD
      38Oct 6, 200730Francisco BojadoWinSD
      37Mar 17, 200730Demetrius HopkinsLossUD
      36Sep 26, 200629Grady BrewerLossSD
      35Feb 10, 200628 Cornelius BundrageWinUD
      34Feb 1, 200628Nick AcevedoWinSD
      33Jan 29, 200628Freddy CurielWinUD
      32Nov 19, 200528Julio Sanchez LeonWinKO3
      31May 22, 200528Marteze LoganWinUD
      30Apr 7, 200528Alfonso GarciaWinKO1
      29Dec 16, 200427Ricardo BarajasWinSD
      28Oct 1, 200427Steve QuinonezWinSD
      27Aug 7, 200427Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai LossUD
      26Jun 4, 200427Arthur CruzWinTKO2
      25Oct 4, 200326 Carlos Hernández LossTD
      24Apr 26, 200326Silverio OrtizWinUD
      23Jan 3, 200325Ronnie LongakitWinTKO5
      22Aug 18, 200225David SantosWinSD
      21Sep 29, 200124John Brown WinUD
      20Dec 3, 200023John Brown WinTKO8
      19Sep 17, 200023David SantosWinUD
      18Aug 18, 200023Moises PedrozaWinUD
      17Jun 16, 200023Ernesto ZepedaWinMD
      16May 19, 200023Don Juan FutrellWinUD
      15Mar 11, 200023Alejandro GonzálezLossMD
      14Jan 22, 200022Juan TorresWinUD
      13Jan 9, 200022David ArmstrongWinMD
      12Apr 16, 199922Ernesto MartinezWinUD
      11Feb 26, 199922Gustavo TapiaWinUD
      10Dec 26, 199821Juan Roberto ColinWinUD
      9Dec 11, 199821Martin JohnsonWinTKO4
      8Nov 27, 199821Jose Teran TorresWinTKO5
      7Oct 2, 199821Teddy WorthWinUD
      6Jun 9, 199821Patrick RandWinUD
      5May 31, 199720Octavio SuarezWinUD
      4May 9, 199720Gustavo BalderasWinTKO2
      3Apr 9, 199720Sergio BenitezWinTKO1
      2Feb 13, 199719Ramon AragonWinUD
      1Dec 6, 199619Octavio SuarezWinMD

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      Steve Forbes is 171 cm tall (5' 7.32") with a reach of 173 cm (5' 8.11"). He fights out of the orthodox stance and presents an ape-index of 2 cm (0.79"). Forbes has a 22% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Steve Forbes' professional boxing career spanned more than 22 years — from 1996 to 2019.

      Forbes made his debut against Octavio Suarez at the age of 19 on December 6, 1996, defeating Suarez via 4 round majority decision. He went on to win 13 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 4 wins via stoppage.

      Forbes had his first world title fight at the age of 23 on December 3, 2000 after 19 professional fights, against John Brown for the super-featherweight IBF (vacant) title. He defeated Brown via 8th round TKO to become the super-featherweight champion of the world.

      Forbes has won one world title at super-featherweight. For all the details about Forbes' world title wins and defenses refer to "Steve Forbes World Titles".

      Some of Forbes' best fights and notable victories include wins over Ronnie Longakit, Arthur Cruz, Jason Davis, Alfonso Garcia, Julio Sanchez Leon, Roberto Valenzuela, and John Brown.

      Steve Forbes had a total of 14 losses in his professional boxing career — three of them in title bouts and 11 in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss against Alejandro González via 12 round majority decision on March 11, 2000, which ended his 14-fight win streak. He has been stopped once and lost 13 times via decision. For more details about these defeats, refer to "All of Steve Forbes' losses".

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Tavorus Teague on April 6, 2019. Forbes won the fight via 7 round unanimous decision. It's been 3 years, 9 months, and 29 days since this fight.

      Forbes retired from professional boxing with a record of 36-14, which included 11 knockout wins and 1 loss via knockout, and 1 title win.


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