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Roamer Alexis Angulo Record

Total Fights30
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins23
KO Losses1
Roamer Alexis Angulo Record & Stats
Roamer Alexis Angulo's Record
Roamer Alexis Angulo's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Roamer Alexis Angulo's boxing record?

      11 years and eight months into his professional boxing career, Roamer Alexis Angulo has fought 30 times with 27 wins and 3 losses.

      Angulo's boxing record is currently 27-3. He is a two-time super-middleweight world title challenger. He has a 76.7% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 23 of his total 30 fights being knockout wins. The only knockout loss in Angulo's career is a 10th round RTD loss to David Benavidez in a super-middleweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 10-round unanimous decision defeat to Edgar Berlanga on June 11, 2022. He is on a one-fight losing streak.

      Some of Angulo's best fights and notable victories include wins over Anthony Sims Jr., Javier Gomez Rueda, Reinaldo Gonzalez, Carlos Galvan, Evert Bravo, Rolando Mansilla, and Slavisa Simeunovic.

      30Jun 11, 202238Edgar BerlangaLossUD
      29Jun 4, 202137Carlos GalvanWinRTD5
      28Aug 15, 202036David BenavidezLoss *RTD10
      27Jan 30, 202035Anthony Sims Jr.WinSD
      26Sep 14, 201935Javier Gomez RuedaWinTKO1
      25Dec 21, 201834Reinaldo GonzalezWinKO4
      24Jun 30, 201834Gilberto RamírezLoss *UD
      23Feb 24, 201833Evert BravoWinKO1
      22May 27, 201733Rolando MansillaWinTKO2
      21Apr 18, 201733Valerio MarteWinTKO2
      20Mar 31, 201733Ramon JimenezWinTKO1
      19Aug 6, 201632Zoltan PappWinKO1
      18Apr 1, 201632Claudio Ariel AbalosWinUD
      17Dec 5, 201531Matingu KindeleWinTKO4
      16Aug 27, 201531Izaak CardonaWinUD
      15Nov 18, 201430Junior RamosWinTKO1
      14May 10, 201430Slavisa SimeunovicWinRTD2
      13Apr 11, 201430Surik DonsdeanWinTKO4
      12Sep 27, 201329Sandor MicskoWinTKO3
      11Jul 27, 201329Dario BalmacedaWinTKO2
      10May 4, 201329Ferenc HafnerWinKO3
      9Mar 23, 201328Ionut Trandafir IlieWinKO2
      8Nov 24, 201228Jose Maria CaffarenaWinSD
      7Sep 8, 201228Alvaro VargasWinKO1
      6Jun 4, 201228Elias RuizWinTKO2
      5Mar 24, 201227Juan VilladiegoWinKO1
      4Sep 15, 201127Segundo HerreraWinTKO4
      3Jul 29, 201127Leonardo JulioWinKO1
      2Nov 29, 201026Aneudy MarteWinTKO1
      1Sep 18, 201026Jose FelixWinTKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Roamer Alexis Angulo is a 40-year old Colombian professional boxer. He was born in Patía, Cauca, Colombia on March 25, 1984. He is yet to win a major world title.

      Angulo made his professional boxing debut against Jose Felix at the age of 26 on September 18, 2010, defeating Felix via 1st round TKO. He went on to win 22 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 19 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 34 on June 30, 2018 after 23 professional fights, against Gilberto Ramírez for the WBO title. He lost to Ramírez via 12 round unanimous decision.

      Angulo has had a total of three losses in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against American boxer Edgar Berlanga on June 11, 2022. Angulo lost the fight via 10 round unanimous decision. It's been 2 years and 8 days since this fight.


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