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Ken Norton Record

Total Fights50
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins33
KO Losses4
Ken Norton Record & Stats
Ken Norton's Record
Ken Norton's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Ken Norton's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 13 years and five months, Ken Norton fought 50 times with 42 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw.

      Norton retired from professional boxing with a record of 42-7-1. He was a two-time heavyweight world title challenger. He had a 66% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 33 of his total 50 fights being knockout wins. Norton suffered four knockout losses in his career, one of which was against George Foreman in a heavyweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 1st round TKO defeat to Gerry Cooney on May 11, 1981.

      Some of Norton's best fights and notable victories include wins over Hall-of-Famer Muhammad Ali, Duane Bobick, Jerry Quarry, Boone Kirkman, Pedro Lovell, Ron Stander, and Jimmy Young.

      50May 11, 198137Gerry CooneyLossTKO1
      49Nov 7, 198037Randall CobbWinSD
      48Aug 19, 197936Scott LeDouxDrawSD
      47Mar 23, 197935Earnie ShaversLossKO1
      46Nov 10, 197835Randy StephensWinKO3
      45Jun 9, 197834Larry HolmesLoss *SD
      44Nov 5, 197734Jimmy YoungWinSD
      43Sep 14, 197734Lorenzo ZanonWinKO5
      42May 11, 197733Duane BobickWinTKO1
      41Sep 28, 197633Muhammad AliLoss *UD
      40Jul 10, 197632Larry MiddletonWinTKO10
      39Apr 30, 197632Ron StanderWinTKO5
      38Jan 10, 197632Pedro LovellWinTKO5
      37Aug 14, 197532Jose Luis GarciaWinKO5
      36Mar 24, 197531Jerry QuarryWinTKO5
      35Mar 4, 197531Rico BrooksWinKO1
      34Jun 25, 197430Boone KirkmanWinRTD7
      33Mar 26, 197430George ForemanLoss *TKO2
      32Sep 10, 197330Muhammad AliLossSD
      31Mar 31, 197329Muhammad AliWinSD
      30Dec 13, 197229Charlie RenoWinUD
      29Nov 21, 197229Henry ClarkWinTKO9
      28Jun 30, 197228James J. WoodyWinRTD8
      27Jun 5, 197228Herschel JacobsWinUD
      26Mar 17, 197228Jack O'HalloranWinUD
      25Feb 17, 197228Charlie HarrisWinTKO3
      24Sep 29, 197128James J. WoodyWinUD
      23Aug 7, 197127Chuck HaynesWinKO7
      22Jun 12, 197127Vic BrownWinKO5
      21Jun 12, 197127Steve CarterWinTKO3
      20Oct 16, 197027Roby HarrisWinKO2
      19Sep 26, 197027Chuck LeslieWinUD
      18Aug 29, 197027Roy WallaceWinKO4
      17Jul 2, 197026Jose Luis GarciaLossKO8
      16May 8, 197026Ray Junior EllisWinKO2
      15Apr 7, 197026Bob MashburnWinKO4
      14Mar 13, 197026Stamford HarrisWinTKO3
      13Feb 4, 197026Aaron EastlingWinKO2
      12Oct 21, 196926Julius GarciaWinTKO3
      11Jul 25, 196925Gary BatesWinTKO8
      10Jul 25, 196925Bill McMurrayWinTKO7
      9Mar 31, 196925Pedro SanchezWinTKO2
      8Feb 20, 196925Wayne KindredWinTKO9
      7Feb 11, 196925Joe HemphillWinTKO3
      6Dec 8, 196825Cornell NolanWinKO6
      5Jul 23, 196824Wayne KindredWinTKO6
      4Mar 26, 196824Jimmy GilmoreWinKO7
      3Feb 6, 196824Harold DutraWinKO3
      2Jan 16, 196824Sam WyattWinPTS
      1Nov 14, 196724Grady BrazellWinTKO5

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Ken Norton (The Black Hercules) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Jacksonville, Illinois, U.S. on August 9, 1943. He was a heavyweight world champion. He died on September 18, 2013 at the age of 70 years. Norton was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1992. His professional boxing career spanned more than 13 years — from 1967 to 1981.

      Norton made his professional boxing debut against Grady Brazell at the age of 24 on November 14, 1967, defeating Brazell via 5th round TKO. He went on to win 15 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 14 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 30 on March 26, 1974 after 32 professional fights, against George Foreman for the WBA, WBC, and The Ring titles. He lost to Foreman via 2nd round TKO.

      Norton had a total of seven losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against fellow American boxer Gerry Cooney at 37 years of age, on May 11, 1981. Norton lost the fight via 1st round TKO.


      Norton had a total of three world-title fights, which includes winning zero world titles and zero successful title defenses. He won zero of these fights and lost three.

      Title Wins

      Ken Norton He was elevated as world champion once, by WBC.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod

      Title Losses

      Ken Norton lost one world-title defense fight, and lost one title in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Jun 9, 1978Larry HolmesHeavyweightWBCSD


      Norton fought a total of 50 times during his professional career, which includes 3 world-title fights at the heavyweight division. These four fights are the highlight of his career.

      • March 31, 1973: Ken Norton puts on the first remarkable performance of his career, defeating Muhammad Ali via 12th round split decision.

      • March 26, 1974: In his first world-title fight, Ken Norton loses to George Foreman via 2nd round TKO. He was fighting for the WBA, WBC, and The Ring heavyweight titles.

      • March 24, 1975: Ken Norton beats Jerry Quarry via 5th round TKO.

      • November 5, 1977: Ken Norton beats Jimmy Young via 15th round split decision.


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