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Long Beach, California, U.S.
May 24, 1989
Dec 25, 2009
Title Fights
27 (67.5%)
173 cm
179 cm
Ape Index
6 cm
Last Fight v0.1.7-beta 2023-09-28
Jose Zepeda's boxing record
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      Jose Zepeda (Chon) is a 34-year old American professional boxer. He was born in Long Beach, California, U.S. on May 24, 1989. Zepeda made his professional boxing debut at the age of 20, on December 25, 2009. He is yet to win a major world title.

      Jose Zepeda Record

      13 years and eight months into his professional boxing career, Jose Zepeda has fought 42 times with 36 wins, 4 losses, and 2 no-contests. As of September 2023, Zepeda's boxing record stands at 36-4 (27 KO wins, 2 KO losses).

      Following is a tabular list of Zepeda's fights. For a list with more details — like opponent record, opponent stats, including videos, and his next fight — refer to "All of Jose Zepeda's fights".

      Total Fights42
      KO Wins27
      Total Title Wins0
      Title Defenses0
      Title-Fight KO Wins0
      Losses via KO2
      42Sep 23, 202334Richardson HitchinsLossUD
      41Mar 25, 202333Neeraj GoyatWinUD
      40Nov 26, 202233Regis PrograisLoss *KO11
      39Oct 30, 202132Josue VargasWinTKO1
      38May 22, 202131Hank LundyWinUD
      37Oct 3, 202031Ivan BaranchykWinKO5
      36Jul 7, 202031Kendo CastanedaWinUD
      35Sep 14, 201930José PedrazaWinUD
      34May 18, 201929Eleazar ValenzuelaNCNC
      33Feb 10, 201929José RamírezLoss *MD
      32Oct 20, 201829Domicio RondonWinTKO7
      31Jun 16, 201829Carlos Diaz RamirezWinKO5
      30Nov 4, 201728Abner LopezWinTKO6
      29Jun 17, 201728Miguel ZamudioWinTKO6
      28Apr 1, 201727Jesus SilveiraWinTD
      27Apr 16, 201626Pedro NavarreteWinUD
      26Jan 23, 201626Ammeth DiazWinTKO1
      25Oct 31, 201526José AlfaroNCNC
      24Jul 11, 201526Terry FlanaganLoss *RTD2
      23Apr 25, 201525Armando RoblesWinKO1
      22Jan 17, 201525Orlando VazquezWinKO2
      21Nov 8, 201425Victor CayoWinKO1
      20Aug 9, 201425Adrian Rodriguez GarzaWinKO3
      19Apr 26, 201424Robert FrankelWinUD
      18Mar 1, 201424Johnnie EdwardsWinTKO2
      17Dec 21, 201324Emanuel LopezWinKO3
      16Oct 11, 201324Luis ArceoWinTKO3
      15Jul 13, 201324Ricardo DomĂ­nguezWinTKO3
      14Nov 24, 201223Rodolfo QuintanillaWinTKO5
      13Oct 20, 201223Jovany Javier GomezWinTKO1
      12Sep 21, 201223Cristian FavelaWinTKO6
      11Sep 8, 201223Roberto HernandezWinTKO1
      10Jun 2, 201223Abraham AlvarezWinTKO6
      9Mar 16, 201222Sergio Joel De la TorreWinTKO2
      8Dec 10, 201122Luis Rey CampoaWinKO1
      7Sep 23, 201122Arron RobinsonWinKO1
      6May 19, 201121Yakub ShidaevWinUD
      5Dec 18, 201021Manuel DelcidWinUD
      4May 28, 201021Alejandro AlonsoWinRTD1
      3May 7, 201020Manuel RuizWinTKO1
      2Feb 12, 201020Jesus GonzalezWinKO1
      1Dec 25, 200920Ignacio MondragonWinKO1

      * World-title fight


      Jose Zepeda is 173 cm tall (5' 8.11") with a reach of 179 cm (5' 10.47"). He fights out of the southpaw stance and presents an ape-index of 6 cm (2.36").

      Zepeda has a 67.5% KO rate. Of his total 27 KO wins, 19 were in the early rounds and eight in the mid rounds. He has 12 first-round KO wins.

      Career Summary

      Jose Zepeda made his professional boxing debut against Ignacio Mondragon at the age of 20 on December 25, 2009, defeating Mondragon via 1st round KO. He went on to win 22 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 19 wins via stoppage.

      Zepeda had his first world title fight at the age of 26 on July 11, 2015 after 23 professional fights, against Terry Flanagan for the WBO (vacant) title. He lost to Flanagan via 2nd round RTD.

      Some of Zepeda's best fights and notable victories include wins over Ivan Baranchyk, Josue Vargas, José Pedraza, Armando Robles, Victor Cayo, Emanuel Lopez, and Ricardo Domínguez.

      Zepeda has had a total of four losses in his professional boxing career so far.

      His most recent fight was a non-title bout against fellow American boxer Richardson Hitchins on September 23, 2023. Zepeda lost the fight via 10 round unanimous decision.


      Fight Recommendations

      If you are interested in Zepeda's boxing career, you should definitely check out the following fights.

      1. Jose Zepeda loses to Regis Prograis via 11th round KO
      2. Jose Zepeda loses to José Ramírez via 12-round majority decision
      3. Jose Zepeda defeats Ivan Baranchyk via 5th round KO
      4. Jose Zepeda defeats Josue Vargas via 1st round TKO
      5. Jose Zepeda defeats José Pedraza via 10-round unanimous decision
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