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Johnny Jadick Record

Total Fights164
Title Wins1
Title Defenses1
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins16
KO Losses6
Johnny Jadick Record & Stats
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Kensington Stringbean”
Jun 16, 1908
Apr 3, 1970 (61 years)
Jul 23, 1923
Title Fights
16 (9.8%)
174 cm
174 cm
Ape Index
0 cm
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Johnny Jadick's Record
Johnny Jadick's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Johnny Jadick's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 14 years and two months, Johnny Jadick fought 164 times with 99 wins, 57 losses, and 8 draws.

      Jadick retired from professional boxing with a record of 99-57-8, which included one super-lightweight world-title win and one successful title defense fight. He had a 9.8% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 16 of his total 164 fights being knockout wins. Jadick suffered six knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 10 round PTS defeat to Mike Piskin on September 24, 1937.

      Some of Jadick's best fights and notable victories include wins over two Hall-of-Famers (Fritzie Zivic and Tony Canzoneri), Lew Raymond, Wildcat O'Connor, Pat Igo, Joe Glick, Eddie Isaacs, and Tony Greb.

      164Sep 24, 193729Mike PiskinLossPTS
      163Aug 27, 193729Mike PiskinLossPTS
      162Apr 19, 193728Saverio TurielloLossPTS
      161Mar 29, 193728Ralph ZannelliLossPTS
      160Feb 11, 193728Fritzie ZivicLossKO6
      159Feb 3, 193728Sammy LuftspringLossUD
      158Jan 22, 193728Wesley RameyLossUD
      157Jan 1, 193728Mickey SerrianLossUD
      156Nov 20, 193628Johnny ClintonLossPTS
      155Oct 26, 193628Mickey O'BrienWinMD
      154Oct 19, 193628Jimmy LetoLossUD
      153Jul 22, 193628Izzy JannazzoLossPTS
      152Jun 15, 193627Bushy GrahamLossPTS
      151May 28, 193627Chino AlvarezLossKO7
      150May 8, 193627Young Gene BuffaloLossPTS
      149Apr 9, 193627Tony CanzoneriLossPTS
      148Mar 2, 193627Sonny JonesLossUD
      147Feb 24, 193627Freddie CochraneLossPTS
      146Jan 16, 193627Tony MorganoLossPTS
      145Dec 20, 193527Tony GrebWinKO8
      144Dec 9, 193527Six Second PowellLossPTS
      143Nov 22, 193527Tony FalcoLossPTS
      142Nov 4, 193527Billy McMahonWinMD
      141Oct 21, 193527Billy McMahonWinUD
      140Oct 14, 193527Jack PortneyLossPTS
      139Oct 3, 193527Willie PalLossPTS
      138Sep 27, 193527Eddie CoolDrawPTS
      137Sep 20, 193527George GibbsDrawPTS
      136Aug 31, 193527Tony FalcoLossPTS
      135Jul 26, 193527George GibbsWinPTS
      134Jul 16, 193527Teddy LoderLossPTS
      133Jul 1, 193527Joe VignaliWinPTS
      132Jun 10, 193526Bucky JonesLossPTS
      131May 9, 193526Maxie StrubLossPTS
      130Apr 8, 193526Charley BurnsLossPTS
      129Mar 15, 193526George GibbsLossSD
      128Feb 18, 193526Fritzie ZivicWinPTS
      127Jan 21, 193526Phil BakerWinPTS
      126Jan 11, 193526Phil BakerWinPTS
      125Nov 30, 193426Sammy FullerLossTKO4
      124Oct 19, 193426Mickey SerrianWinPTS
      123Sep 21, 193426Bucky JonesDrawPTS
      122Jul 31, 193426Benny BassLossPTS
      121Jun 20, 193426Eddie CoolLossMD
      120Apr 16, 193425Charley BadamiWinUD
      119Mar 19, 193425Lou AmbersLossUD
      118Mar 12, 193425Tony FalcoLossPTS
      117Feb 26, 193425Mickey SerrianWinPTS
      116Feb 23, 193425Harry SerodyDrawPTS
      115Feb 10, 193425Ray NapolitanoWinPTS
      114Feb 5, 193425Jimmy LetoLossUD
      113Jan 12, 193425Joe GlickWinPTS
      112Dec 8, 193325Tony FalcoWinSD
      111Nov 17, 193325Pete NeboWinPTS
      110Oct 13, 193325Stumpy JacobsWinPTS
      109Apr 17, 193324Herbert Lewis HardwickLossPTS
      108Apr 3, 193324Eddie CoolLossMD
      107Mar 20, 193324Eddie IsaacsWinPTS
      106Mar 3, 193324Wesley RameyLossPTS
      105Feb 20, 193324Battling ShawLossMD
      104Feb 3, 193324Johnny LucasDrawPTS
      103Nov 18, 193224Lew RaymondWinTKO5
      102Oct 20, 193224Joey HarrisonWinPTS
      101Oct 4, 193224Lew RaymondWinUD
      100Jul 18, 193224Tony CanzoneriWin *SD
      99Jun 28, 193224Pat IgoWinUD
      98May 26, 193223Herman FollinsWinPTS
      97Mar 29, 193223Pat IgoWinUD
      96Feb 25, 193223Wildcat O'ConnorWinUD
      95Feb 8, 193223Harry DublinskyLossMD
      94Jan 18, 193223Tony CanzoneriWin *UD
      93Nov 30, 193123Tony HerreraLossTKO6
      92Oct 26, 193123Lew MasseyWinRTD7
      91Oct 5, 193123Lew MasseyDrawPTS
      90Aug 11, 193123Sammy DorfmanLossSD
      89Jul 13, 193123Tony HerreraWinSD
      88Jun 2, 193122Tommy LibertoWinPTS
      87May 25, 193122Wesley RameyLossPTS
      86Apr 10, 193122Davey AbadWinNWS
      85Mar 6, 193122Ray CollinsWinKO6
      84Feb 20, 193122Ray MillerLossKO1
      83Dec 8, 193022Benny BassLossUD
      82Nov 17, 193022Tommy GroganWinPTS
      81Oct 4, 193022King TutWinPTS
      80Jun 16, 193022Pat IgoWinPTS
      79Feb 3, 193021Gaston LeCadreDrawPTS
      78Nov 25, 192921King TutWinTKO8
      77Nov 18, 192921Luis VicentiniWinPTS
      76Oct 28, 192921Eddie ReedWinPTS
      75Sep 24, 192921Eddie ReedLossKO1
      74Sep 18, 192921Lope TenorioWinPTS
      73Jul 24, 192921Billy WallaceLossPTS
      72Jun 18, 192921Tommy GroganLossPTS
      71Mar 14, 192920Joey KaufmanWinDQ
      70Feb 14, 192920Henri DewanckerWinPTS
      69Jan 11, 192920Louis KaplanLossDQ
      68Dec 7, 192820Bruce FlowersWinPTS
      67Nov 22, 192820Steve SmithWinPTS
      66Oct 15, 192820Emory CabanaLossPTS
      65Aug 8, 192820Dick FinneganLossPTS
      64Jun 18, 192820Dick FinneganWinPTS
      63May 21, 192819Al ForemanWinPTS
      62Apr 26, 192819Chuck LiddellWinNWS
      61Mar 26, 192819Al WinklerWinPTS
      60Mar 12, 192819Pete NeboLossPTS
      59Feb 6, 192819Jackie SnyderWinTKO7
      58Jan 27, 192819Henri DewanckerWinSD
      57Jan 2, 192819Bucky BoyleWinPTS
      56Dec 5, 192719Hubert GillisWinPTS
      55Nov 18, 192719Tommy GervelWinUD
      54Oct 26, 192719Joe GlickLossPTS
      53Oct 14, 192719Billy Pop HumphriesWinPTS
      52Sep 23, 192719Tim O'DowdWinPTS
      51Jun 3, 192718Johnny SheppardWinPTS
      50May 6, 192718Pete NeboLossNWS
      49Apr 22, 192718Joey WilliamsDrawPTS
      48Mar 21, 192718Cowboy Eddie AndersonLossPTS
      47Mar 4, 192718Eddie OchsWinKO1
      46Jan 21, 192718George SiddonsWinPTS
      45Dec 25, 192618Wilbur CohenWinPTS
      44Dec 3, 192618George SiddonsWinPTS
      43Nov 5, 192618Ralph RepmanWinKO3
      42Oct 18, 192618Nick QuagarelliWinPTS
      41Oct 1, 192618Georges AmblardWinPTS
      40Sep 10, 192618Len BrennerWinKO6
      39Jul 8, 192618Joey WilliamsWinSD
      38Jul 2, 192618Harry ScottWinNWS
      37Jun 10, 192617Young Freddie WelshWinPTS
      36May 21, 192617Harry ScottWinPTS
      35Apr 23, 192617Pedro AguinaldoWinKO3
      34Apr 12, 192617Joe SouzaWinPTS
      33Apr 9, 192617Harry ScottWinPTS
      32Mar 19, 192617Jimmy BurnsWinPTS
      31Feb 26, 192617Lew SkymerWinPTS
      30Feb 5, 192617Young Freddie WelshWinPTS
      29Jan 22, 192617Young Freddie WelshWinUD
      28Jan 1, 192617Steve NitchieWinTKO8
      27Nov 26, 192517Tommy MurrayWinPTS
      26Nov 5, 192517Jackie HindleWinNWS
      25Oct 23, 192517Pinky KaufmanWinKO4
      24Oct 22, 192517Lew SkymerWinPTS
      23Oct 9, 192517Jimmy BurnsWinPTS
      22Sep 11, 192517Harry DeckerWinPTS
      21Aug 3, 192517Harry DeckerWinPTS
      20Jul 30, 192517Battling MackLossNWS
      19Apr 24, 192516Billy PimpusWinPTS
      18Apr 3, 192516Joe WiltonWinPTS
      17Mar 13, 192516Billy HauberWinKO1
      16Feb 20, 192516Dave FreyWinPTS
      15Jan 23, 192516Leo ReynoldsWinTKO6
      14Jan 9, 192516Harry GimbelWinPTS
      13Dec 25, 192416Tommy MaherWinPTS
      12Dec 5, 192416Kid ApolloWinNWS
      11Nov 11, 192416Mickey BirketWinDQ
      10Sep 12, 192416Sammy CarsonWinPTS
      9Jul 14, 192416Jack MetzLossNWS
      8May 12, 192415Steve NitchieLossUD
      7Apr 21, 192415Steve NitchieWinPTS
      6Apr 8, 192415Teddy SquintWinUD
      5Mar 31, 192415Patsy TogoWinNWS
      4Mar 14, 192415Young Tommy LangdonWinPTS
      3Nov 2, 192315Frank BakerWinNWS
      2Aug 24, 192315Larry HendersonWinTKO3
      1Jul 23, 192315Johnny DoughertyWinKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Johnny Jadick (Kensington Stringbean) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 16, 1908. Jadick died on April 3, 1970 at the age of 61 years. His professional boxing career spanned more than 14 years — from 1923 to 1937.

      Jadick made his professional boxing debut against Johnny Dougherty at the age of 15 on July 23, 1923, defeating Dougherty via 3rd round KO. He went on to win 6 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 1 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 23 on January 18, 1932 after 93 professional fights, against Tony Canzoneri for the super-lightweight NBA title. He defeated Canzoneri via 10 round unanimous decision to become the super-lightweight champion of the world.

      Jadick had a total of 57 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Mike Piskin at 29 years of age, on September 24, 1937. Jadick lost the fight via 10 round PTS.


      Jadick fought a total of 164 times during his professional career, which includes 2 world-title fights at the super-lightweight division. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • January 18, 1932: Jadick wins his first world title by defeating Tony Canzoneri via 10 round unanimous decision. He is now the NBA super-lightweight world champion.

      • July 18, 1932: Jadick successfully defends the NBA super-lightweight title against Tony Canzoneri, winning the fight via 10 round split decision.


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      Career Score