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Joey Giardello Record

Total Fights133
Title Wins3
Title Defenses1
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins31
KO Losses4
Joey Giardello Record & Stats
Joey Giardello's Record
Joey Giardello's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Joey Giardello's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 19 years, Joey Giardello fought 133 times with 98 wins, 26 losses, and 8 draws.

      Giardello retired from professional boxing with a record of 98-26-8, which included three middleweight world-title wins and one successful title defense fight. He had a 23.5% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 31 of his total 133 fights being knockout wins. Giardello suffered four knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 10-round split decision victory over Jack Rodgers on November 6, 1967.

      Some of Giardello's best fights and notable victories include wins over three Hall-of-Famers (Dick Tiger, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Billy Graham), Del Flanagan, Wilf Greaves, Bobby Boyd, Rubin Carter, Juan Carlos Rivera, and Gil Diaz.

      133Nov 6, 196737Jack RodgersWinSD
      132May 22, 196736Jack RodgersLossUD
      131Dec 5, 196636Nate CollinsLossTKO8
      130Sep 22, 196636Cash WhiteWinUD
      129Oct 21, 196535Dick TigerLoss *UD
      128Apr 23, 196534Gil DiazWinPTS
      127Dec 14, 196434Rubin CarterWin *UD
      126May 22, 196433Juan Carlos RiveraWinUD
      125Apr 17, 196433Juan Carlos RiveraWinSD
      124Dec 7, 196333Dick TigerWin *PTS
      123Jun 24, 196332Sugar Ray RobinsonWinUD
      122Mar 25, 196332Ernest BurfordWinUD
      121Feb 25, 196332Wilf GreavesWinSD
      120Nov 12, 196232Johnny MorrisWinSD
      119Aug 6, 196232George BentonLossUD
      118Jul 9, 196231Jimmy BeechamWinUD
      117Jan 30, 196231Henry HankWinMD
      116Dec 12, 196131Joe DeNucciDrawMD
      115Nov 6, 196131Jesse SmithWinUD
      114Sep 12, 196131Jesse SmithWinUD
      113Jul 10, 196130Henry HankLossUD
      112May 15, 196130Wilf GreavesWinTKO9
      111Mar 6, 196130Ralph DupasLossUD
      110Dec 1, 196030Peter MüllerLossPTS
      109Oct 11, 196030Terry DownesLossPTS
      108Sep 27, 196030Clarence HinnantWinTKO3
      107Apr 20, 196029Gene FullmerDraw *SD
      106Nov 4, 195929Dick TigerWinUD
      105Sep 30, 195929Dick TigerLossUD
      104Aug 11, 195929Chico VejarWinSD
      103Jun 16, 195928Del FlanaganWinKO1
      102May 6, 195928Holley MimsWinSD
      101Jan 28, 195928Ralph Tiger JonesLossSD
      100Nov 19, 195828Ellsworth WebbLossTKO7
      99Jun 30, 195827Joey GiambraLossSD
      98Jun 11, 195827Frank SzuzinaWinMD
      97May 5, 195827Rory CalhounWinUD
      96Feb 12, 195827Franz SzuzinaWinUD
      95Dec 27, 195727Ralph Tiger JonesWinUD
      94Nov 5, 195727Wilf GreavesWinUD
      93Sep 27, 195727Bobby LaneWinTKO7
      92Jul 17, 195727Chico VejarWinUD
      91Jul 2, 195726Joe GrayWinRTD5
      90May 17, 195726Rory CalhounWinSD
      89Mar 27, 195726Willie VaughnNCND
      88Feb 6, 195726Randy SandyWinSD
      87Dec 14, 195626Charley CottonWinUD
      86Nov 15, 195626Charley CottonWinUD
      85Sep 28, 195626Bobby BoydWinKO5
      84Aug 28, 195626Georgia KidWinTKO9
      83Jul 26, 195626Franz SzuzinaWinUD
      82Jul 2, 195625Tony BaldoniWinKO1
      81May 28, 195625Charley CottonLossSD
      80May 7, 195625Charley CottonLossUD
      79Mar 27, 195625Joe ShawWinUD
      78Mar 10, 195625Hurley SandersWinPTS
      77Feb 11, 195625Tim JonesWinTKO10
      76Mar 1, 195524Peter MüllerWinKO2
      75Feb 15, 195524Andy MayfieldWinTKO8
      74Jan 25, 195524Al AndrewsWinUD
      73Sep 24, 195424Ralph Tiger JonesWinUD
      72Jul 7, 195423Billy KilgoreWinUD
      71Jun 11, 195423Bobby JonesWinUD
      70May 21, 195423Pierre LangloisLossUD
      69Mar 19, 195423Willie TroyWinTKO7
      68Feb 5, 195423Walter CartierWinTKO1
      67Jan 8, 195423Garth PanterWinTKO5
      66Nov 23, 195323Tuzo PortuguezWinUD
      65Oct 26, 195323Walter CartierWinUD
      64Sep 29, 195323Johnny SaxtonLossUD
      63Jun 26, 195322Ernie DurandoWinUD
      62May 30, 195322Hurley SandersWinPTS
      61Apr 7, 195322Gil TurnerWinUD
      60Mar 6, 195322Billy GrahamLossUD
      59Feb 2, 195322Harold GreenWinUD
      58Dec 19, 195222Billy GrahamWinSD
      57Nov 11, 195222Joey GiambraLossUD
      56Oct 13, 195222Joey GiambraWinUD
      55Sep 15, 195222Georgie SmallWinUD
      54Aug 4, 195222Billy GrahamWinSD
      53Jun 23, 195221Pierre LanglisWinUD
      52Jun 5, 195221Roy WoutersWinPTS
      51May 5, 195221Joe MiceliDrawPTS
      50Mar 28, 195221Sammy GuilianiDrawPTS
      49Jan 9, 195221Sal DiMartinoDrawPTS
      48Dec 12, 195121Bobby DykesLossSD
      47Nov 13, 195121Rocky CastellaniLossMD
      46Oct 8, 195121Tony AmatoWinKO7
      45Sep 14, 195121Tommy BazzanoWinPTS
      44Aug 27, 195121Johnny NoelWinUD
      43Aug 13, 195121Otis GrahamWinUD
      42May 25, 195120Gus RubiciniLossPTS
      41Apr 30, 195120Ernie DurandoWinUD
      40Apr 12, 195120Roy WoutersWinUD
      39Mar 29, 195120Primos CutlerWinPTS
      38Mar 15, 195120Roy WoutersLossMD
      37Feb 24, 195120Tony WolfeWinKO3
      36Feb 22, 195120Harold SampsonWinSD
      35Jan 27, 195120Jan HenriWinUD
      34Jan 6, 195120Freddie LottWinPTS
      33Dec 18, 195020Leroy ColemanWinKO5
      32Nov 27, 195020George RobertsDrawPTS
      31Oct 26, 195020Harold GreenLossRTD6
      30Oct 16, 195020Bruce UbaldoWinPTS
      29Sep 26, 195020Ted DiGiammoWinKO1
      28Aug 25, 195020Don BerryWinKO1
      27May 17, 195019Carey MaceLossTKO8
      26May 5, 195019Hurley SandersWinUD
      25Apr 20, 195019Tommy VarsosWinKO1
      24Mar 27, 195019Steve SabatinoWinKO1
      23Mar 23, 195019Armando AmaniniWinPTS
      22Feb 9, 195019Johnny BernardoWinMD
      21Jan 26, 195019Johnny BernardoWinPTS
      20Jan 16, 195019Joe DiMartinoLossPTS
      19Jan 5, 195019Johnny FryWinPTS
      18Dec 5, 194919Jim DockeryWinKO2
      17Nov 14, 194919Mitch AllenWinPTS
      16Jul 13, 194918Leroy FlemingWinKO1
      15Jun 20, 194918Ray HaasWinTKO3
      14May 6, 194918Henry VonsavageWinTKO2
      13May 2, 194918Emerson CharlesWinPTS
      12Apr 28, 194918Joe AurilloWinPTS
      11Apr 25, 194918Ray MorrisWinPTS
      10Apr 7, 194918Bill MongomeryWinKO1
      9Mar 29, 194918Johnny BrownWinPTS
      8Mar 15, 194918Don EnnisWinKO4
      7Feb 24, 194918Clyde DiggsDrawPTS
      6Jan 13, 194918Jimmy MortonLossPTS
      5Dec 30, 194818Willie WigfallWinTKO1
      4Dec 17, 194818Bobby ThomasDrawPTS
      3Dec 16, 194818Johnny MadisonWinKO1
      2Nov 16, 194818Jackie ColeWinKO1
      1Oct 10, 194818Jimmy LarkinWinKO1

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Joey Giardello was an American professional boxer. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. on July 16, 1930. He was a middleweight world champion. He died on September 4, 2008 at the age of 78 years. Giardello was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1993. His professional boxing career spanned more than 19 years — from 1948 to 1967.

      Giardello made his professional boxing debut against Jimmy Larkin at the age of 18 on October 10, 1948, defeating Larkin via 1st round KO. He went on to win 2 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 2 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight on April 20, 1960 at the age of 29, after 106 professional fights, against Gene Fullmer with the NBA title on the line. The fight ended in a split decision draw.

      Joey Giardello was a one-time undisputed middleweight world champion, and won three world titles at middleweight. For all the details about Giardello's world title wins and defenses refer to the "Championships" section below.

      Giardello had a total of 26 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Jack Rodgers at 37 years of age, on November 6, 1967. Giardello won the fight via 10 round split decision.


      Giardello had a total of four world-title fights, which includes winning three world titles and one successful title defense. He won two of these fights, lost one, and drew in one.

      Title Wins

      Joey Giardello fought for middleweight world titles in two fights and won once. In total, he won three middleweight belts.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
      Dec 7, 1963+Dick TigerMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingPTS
      + Became undisputed world champion

      Title Defenses

      Joey Giardello had two middleweight world-title defense fights. He won once and lost once.

      Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
      Dec 14, 1964Rubin CarterMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD

      Title Losses

      Joey Giardello lost one world-title defense fight, and lost three titles in the fight.

      DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
      Oct 21, 1965Dick TigerMiddleweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD


      Giardello fought a total of 133 times during his professional career, which includes 4 world-title fights at the middleweight division. He put on some very good performances in these fights. These three fights are the highlight of his career.

      • April 20, 1960: In his first world-title fight, Joey Giardello has a draw against Gene Fullmer via 15 round split decision. He was fighting for the NBA middleweight title.

      • June 24, 1963: Joey Giardello beats Sugar Ray Robinson via 10th round unanimous decision.

      • December 7, 1963: Giardello becomes the undisputed middleweight world champion by defeating Dick Tiger via 15 round PTS. He now holds the WBA, WBC, and The Ring middleweight world-champion belts.


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