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Joe Gans Record

Total Fights197
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins100
KO Losses5
Joe Gans Record & Stats
Joe Gans' Record
Joe Gans' boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Joe Gans' boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 15 years and four months, Joe Gans fought 197 times with 157 wins, 12 losses, and 22 draws.

      Gans' boxing record after his last fight was 157-12-22. He had a 51% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 100 of his total 197 fights being knockout wins. Gans suffered five knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 10 round NWS victory over Jabez White on March 12, 1909.

      Some of Gans' best fights and notable victories include wins over four Hall-of-Famers (Battling Nelson, Frank Erne, Young Griffo, and William Jones), Jimmy Britt, George McFadden, Mike Sullivan, Kid Parker, and Joe Grim.

      197Mar 12, 190934Jabez WhiteWinNWS
      196Sep 9, 190833Battling NelsonLossKO21
      195Jul 4, 190833Battling NelsonLossKO17
      194May 14, 190833Rudy UnholzWinTKO11
      193Apr 1, 190833Frank RobsonWinTKO3
      192Jan 1, 190833Bob BlackburnWinKO3
      191Sep 27, 190732George MemsicWinPTS
      190Sep 9, 190732Jimmy BrittWinTKO6
      189Jan 1, 190732Kid HermanWinTKO8
      188Sep 3, 190631Battling NelsonWinDQ
      187Jul 23, 190631Dave HollyWinPTS
      186Jun 29, 190631Jack BlackburnDrawNWS
      185Jun 15, 190631Harry LewisDrawNWS
      184May 18, 190631Willie LewisLossNWS
      183Mar 17, 190631Mike SullivanWinTKO10
      182Jan 19, 190631Mike SullivanWinKO15
      181Sep 15, 190530Mike SullivanDrawPTS
      180Mar 27, 190530Rufe TurnerWinNWS
      179Oct 1, 190429Jimmy BrittWinDQ
      178Sep 30, 190429Barbados Joe WalcottDrawPTS
      177Jun 27, 190429Dave HollyDrawNWS
      176Jun 13, 190429Sammy SmithWinTKO4
      175Jun 3, 190429Kid GriffoWinTKO7
      174May 27, 190429Jewey CookWinRTD7
      173Apr 21, 190429Sam BolenWinPTS
      172Mar 28, 190429Gus GardnerWinPTS
      171Mar 25, 190429Jack BlackburnWinPTS
      170Feb 2, 190429Mike WardWinTKO10
      169Jan 22, 190429Joe GrimWinPTS
      168Jan 19, 190429Clarence ConnorsWinTKO2
      167Jan 12, 190429Willie FitzgeraldWinPTS
      166Dec 8, 190329Sam LangfordLossPTS
      165Dec 7, 190329Dave HollyWinNWS
      164Nov 2, 190328Jack BlackburnLossNWS
      163Oct 23, 190328Dave HollyDrawNWS
      162Oct 20, 190328Eddie KennedyWinNWS
      161Oct 19, 190328Joe GrimWinNWS
      160Jul 4, 190328Buddy KingWinKO5
      159May 29, 190328Willie FitzgeraldWinKO10
      158May 13, 190328Tom TraceyWinTKO9
      157Mar 23, 190328Jack BennettWinKO5
      156Mar 11, 190328Steve CrosbyWinTKO11
      155Jan 1, 190328Gus GardnerWinDQ
      154Dec 31, 190228Charley SiegerDrawPTS
      153Dec 19, 190228Howard WilsonWinTKO3
      152Nov 14, 190227Charley SiegerWinTKO14
      151Oct 14, 190227Dave HollyWinNWS
      150Oct 13, 190227Kid McPartlandWinKO5
      149Sep 22, 190227Jack BennettWinKO2
      148Sep 17, 190227Gus GardnerWinKO5
      147Jul 24, 190227Rufe TurnerWinTKO15
      146Jun 27, 190227George McFaddenWinTKO3
      145May 29, 190227St Mary's County BullyWinDQ
      144May 28, 190227Charles BoyerWinTKO2
      143May 28, 190227Edward SnowdenWinKO2
      142May 27, 190227Joe BurkeWinRTD2
      141May 12, 190227Frank ErneWinKO1
      140Mar 27, 190227Jack BennettWinKO5
      139Mar 7, 190227Jack RyanWinTKO4
      138Feb 17, 190227George McFaddenWinNWS
      137Jan 6, 190227Eddie ConnollyWinDQ
      136Jan 1, 190227Tom BroderickWinKO6
      135Dec 30, 190127Joe YoungsWinTKO4
      134Dec 13, 190127Bobby DobbsWinTKO14
      133Nov 22, 190126Billy MooreWinKO3
      132Nov 15, 190126Jack HanlonWinKO2
      131Oct 4, 190126Dan McConnellWinKO3
      130Sep 30, 190126Joe HandlerWinTKO1
      129Sep 20, 190126Steve CrosbyWinTKO12
      128Aug 23, 190126Steve CrosbyDrawPTS
      127Jul 15, 190126Harry BergerWinNWS
      126Jul 15, 190126Kid ThomasWinNWS
      125Jul 15, 190126Jack DonahueWinTKO2
      124May 1, 190126Bobby DobbsWinKO7
      123Apr 1, 190126Martin FlahertyWinTKO4
      122Feb 13, 190126Wilmington Jack DalyWinDQ
      121Dec 13, 190026Terry McGovernLossKO2
      120Nov 16, 190025Kid ParkerWinKO4
      119Oct 19, 190025Jimmy KellyWinTKO8
      118Oct 16, 190025Otto SieloffWinKO9
      117Oct 11, 190025Alec JohnsonWinKO1
      116Oct 11, 190025Bird Leg CollinsWinTKO4
      115Oct 5, 190025Joe YoungsWinPTS
      114Oct 2, 190025George McFaddenDrawPTS
      113Sep 7, 190025George McFaddenWinNWS
      112Aug 31, 190025Dal HawkinsWinKO3
      111Jul 12, 190025Whitey LesterWinKO4
      110Jul 10, 190025Young GriffoWinTKO8
      109Jun 26, 190025Barney FureyWinKO9
      108May 25, 190025Dal HawkinsWinKO2
      107Apr 1, 190025Chicago Jack DalyWinTKO5
      106Mar 23, 190025Frank ErneLossTKO12
      105Feb 9, 190025Spike SullivanWinTKO14
      104Dec 22, 189925Kid McPartlandDrawPTS
      103Dec 11, 189925Kid AshWinPTS
      102Nov 11, 189924Steve CrosbyWinPTS
      101Oct 31, 189924George McFaddenWinPTS
      100Oct 11, 189924Martin JudgeWinPTS
      99Oct 7, 189924Wilmington Jack DalyDrawNWS
      98Oct 3, 189924Jimmy KellyWinPTS
      97Sep 15, 189924Martin JudgeWinPTS
      96Sep 1, 189924Eugene BezenahWinKO10
      95Jul 28, 189924George McFaddenDrawPTS
      94Jul 24, 189924Jack DobbsWinTKO4
      93Apr 14, 189924George McFaddenLossKO23
      92Feb 6, 189924Billy ErnstWinDQ
      91Jan 28, 189924Martin JudgeWinPTS
      90Jan 13, 189924Young SmyrnaWinKO2
      89Dec 27, 189824Wilmington Jack DalyWinPTS
      88Nov 4, 189823Kid McPartlandWinPTS
      87Sep 30, 189823William DukeWinPTS
      86Sep 29, 189823Fred SweigertWinPTS
      85Sep 28, 189823James MartinWinTKO4
      84Sep 27, 189823Buck BaynorWinTKO3
      83Sep 27, 189823William HintonWinTKO1
      82Sep 27, 189823Joseph SmithWinTKO1
      81Sep 26, 189823Herman MillerWinPTS
      80Sep 1, 189823Thomas JacksonWinKO3
      79Aug 26, 189823Young SmyrnaWinTKO15
      78Aug 8, 189823Billy ErnstWinKO11
      77Jul 1, 189823George BrownWinTKO6
      76Jun 3, 189823Joe Kid RobinsonWinPTS
      75Jun 2, 189823Joe Kid RobinsonNCNC
      74May 11, 189823Steve CrosbyWinRTD6
      73Apr 11, 189823Young StarlightWinTKO3
      72Apr 11, 189823Young SmyrnaWinTKO3
      71Mar 11, 189823Tommy ShortellWinTKO6
      70Jan 17, 189823Frank GarrardWinTKO15
      69Jan 3, 189823Billy YoungWinTKO2
      68Nov 29, 189723Stanton AbbottWinTKO5
      67Nov 6, 189722Wilmington Jack DalyDrawNWS
      66Sep 27, 189722Bobby DobbsLossPTS
      65Sep 21, 189722Young GriffoDrawPTS
      64Aug 30, 189722Izzy StraussWinKO5
      63Aug 24, 189722Jack McCueWinTKO6
      62Aug 24, 189722John CoatesWinTKO5
      61Aug 24, 189722Jerry MarshallWinTKO8
      60Aug 24, 189722George ThomasWinTKO3
      59Aug 24, 189722August StenzieWinTKO3
      58May 18, 189722Mike LeonardWinPTS
      57Apr 3, 189722Howard WilsonWinKO9
      56Dec 14, 189622Charles RochetteWinRTD4
      55Nov 12, 189621Jerry MarshallWinPTS
      54Oct 19, 189621Jack WilliamsWinTKO3
      53Oct 6, 189621Dal HawkinsLossPTS
      52Sep 28, 189621John BallWinPTS
      51Aug 31, 189621Danny McBrideDrawPTS
      50Aug 20, 189621Jack WilliamsWinTKO2
      49Jun 29, 189621Tommy ButlerWinPTS
      48Jun 8, 189621Jimmy WatsonWinPTS
      47Feb 22, 189621Jimmy KennardWinTKO6
      46Jan 17, 189621Joe ElliottWinKO7
      45Jan 11, 189621Benny PetersonWinPTS
      44Nov 28, 189521George SiddonsWinKO7
      43Nov 18, 189520Young GriffoDrawPTS
      42Oct 21, 189520Joe ElliottWinKO9
      41Jul 15, 189520George SiddonsDrawPTS
      40May 28, 189520Howard WilsonWinPTS
      39May 20, 189520Benny PetersonWinKO17
      38May 14, 189520George WillisWinKO4
      37May 9, 189520Howard WilsonDrawPTS
      36May 4, 189520Frank PeabodyWinTKO3
      35Apr 25, 189520Kentucky RosebudWinTKO8
      34Apr 18, 189520David ArmstrongWinTKO3
      33Apr 13, 189520Johnny Van HeestLossPTS
      32Apr 1, 189520Kentucky RosebudWinNWS
      31Mar 22, 189520Paul JohnsonWinPTS
      30Mar 20, 189520Harry HuntWinTKO4
      29Mar 18, 189520Howard WilsonDrawPTS
      28Mar 7, 189520Fred SweigertDrawPTS
      27Mar 6, 189520Solomon EnglishWinTKO10
      26Mar 4, 189520Max WirsingWinTKO3
      25Feb 16, 189520James DalyDrawPTS
      24Feb 11, 189520John CoatesWinPTS
      23Feb 7, 189520Samuel YoungWinKO3
      22Feb 6, 189520Fred SweigertWinPTS
      21Jan 23, 189520Dave HornDrawPTS
      20Jan 19, 189520George BrummellWinTKO5
      19Jan 11, 189520Paul JohnsonWinPTS
      18Jan 7, 189520Bud BrownWinPTS
      17Jan 7, 189520Samuel AllenWinKO3
      16Jan 1, 189520Fred SweigertWinPTS
      15Dec 28, 189420Jack McDonaldWinTKO8
      14Dec 27, 189420John CoatesWinPTS
      13Dec 21, 189420Fred SweigertWinNWS
      12Dec 17, 189420Travis BrownWinPTS
      11Nov 27, 189420Bud YoungNdND
      10Nov 12, 189419Paul JohnsonNdND
      9Jul 10, 189419JacksonWinTKO3
      8Jun 27, 189419Paul JohnsonLossPTS
      7Jun 26, 189419Gustav WilkieWinPTS
      6May 21, 189419Robert CookNdND
      5Apr 25, 189419Harry BrianWinPTS
      4Apr 19, 189419Dave HornNdND
      3Feb 12, 189419William JonesWinKO4
      2Nov 27, 189319William JonesWinRTD6
      1Oct 23, 189318Buck MyersNdND

      Boxing career

      Joe Gans (Old Master) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. on November 25, 1874. He died on August 10, 1910 at the age of 35 years. Gans was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 15 years — from 1893 to 1909.

      Gans made his professional boxing debut against Buck Myers at the age of 18 on October 23, 1893. The fight ended in a nd. He went on to win 2 consecutive fights after this nd, which included 2 wins via stoppage.

      Gans had a total of 12 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Jabez White at 34 years of age, on March 12, 1909. Gans won the fight via 10 round NWS.


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