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Jimmy Wilde Record

Total Fights150
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins98
KO Losses3
Jimmy Wilde Record & Stats
Quakers Yard, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
“The Mighty Atom”
May 15, 1892
Mar 10, 1969 (76 years)
Jan 1, 1911
Title Fights
98 (65.3%)
157 cm
168 cm
Ape Index
11 cm
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Jimmy Wilde's Record
Jimmy Wilde's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Jimmy Wilde's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 12 years and five months, Jimmy Wilde fought 150 times with 137 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw.

      Wilde retired from professional boxing with a record of 137-4-1. He was a one-time flyweight world title challenger. He had a 65.3% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 98 of his total 150 fights being knockout wins. Wilde suffered three knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Pancho Villa in a flyweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 7th round KO defeat to Pancho Villa on June 18, 1923. Wilde lost the flyweight NBA title to Villa in this fight.

      Some of Wilde's best fights and notable victories include wins over four Hall-of-Famers (Memphis Pal Moore, Joe Lynch, Joe Gans, and Billy Papke), Young Zulu Kid, Tancy Lee, Sid Smith, Tommy Noble, Joe Symonds, and Walter Buchan.

      150Jun 18, 192331Pancho VillaLoss *KO7
      149Jan 13, 192128Pete HermanLossTKO17
      148May 24, 192028Patsy WallaceWinPTS
      147May 13, 192027Battling Al MurrayWinKO2
      146May 1, 192027Bobby DysonWinKO1
      145Apr 21, 192027Battling Al MurrayWinTKO8
      144Apr 12, 192027Young Zulu KidWinNWS
      143Mar 12, 192027Frankie MasonWinNWS
      142Mar 3, 192027Patsy WallaceWinNWS
      141Feb 19, 192027Mickey RussellWinTKO7
      140Jan 29, 192027Mike ErtieWinKO3
      139Jan 8, 192027Babe AsherWinNWS
      138Dec 6, 191927Jackie SharkeyLossNWS
      137Jul 17, 191927Memphis Pal MooreWinPTS
      136Apr 21, 191926Alf MansfieldWinTKO13
      135Apr 21, 191926Jimmy BuckWinKO3
      134Mar 31, 191926Joe LynchWinPTS
      133Aug 31, 191826Joe ConnWinTKO12
      132Apr 29, 191825Dick HeasmanWinRTD2
      131Mar 28, 191825Corporal JacobsWinKO4
      130Mar 22, 191724Jimmy RussellWinTKO3
      129Mar 12, 191724George ClarkWinTKO4
      128Dec 18, 191624Young Zulu KidWinRTD11
      127Nov 9, 191624Tommy NobleWinTKO15
      126Jul 31, 191624Johnny HughesWinKO10
      125Jun 26, 191624Tancy LeeWinKO11
      124May 29, 191624Tommy HarrisonWinRTD8
      123May 13, 191623Darkey SaundersWinTKO3
      122May 13, 191623Joe MagnusWinKO2
      121Apr 29, 191623Benny ThomasWinPTS
      120Apr 24, 191623Johnny RosnerWinRTD11
      119Mar 27, 191623Sid SmithWinKO3
      118Mar 9, 191623Sam KellarWinRTD8
      117Feb 14, 191623Joe SymondsWinRTD12
      116Jan 27, 191623Jimmy MortonWinKO2
      115Jan 24, 191623Tommy NobleWinRTD11
      114Jan 8, 191623Billy Young RowlandsWinTKO7
      113Dec 20, 191523Sid SmithWinTKO8
      112Dec 13, 191523Danny ElliottWinKO2
      111Dec 9, 191523Johnny BestWinTKO14
      110Nov 27, 191523Tommy HughesWinRTD8
      109Oct 20, 191523Peter CullenWinRTD9
      108Sep 23, 191523Walter BuchanWinRTD5
      107Aug 14, 191523George ClarkWinRTD8
      106Jul 24, 191523Driver BethuenWinRTD5
      105Mar 25, 191522Sid ShieldsWinKO2
      104Jan 25, 191522Tancy LeeLossTKO17
      103Dec 3, 191422Sid SmithWinTKO9
      102Nov 16, 191422Joe SymondsWinPTS
      101Sep 28, 191422Alf MansfieldWinRTD9
      100Aug 20, 191422Young BakerWinPTS
      99Aug 10, 191422Young Ted WaltersWinDQ
      98Jul 23, 191422Artie EdwardsWinPTS
      97Jul 23, 191422Charley JordanWinRTD10
      96Jul 18, 191422Charley JordanWinRTD10
      95Jun 22, 191422Charlie BanyardWinTKO9
      94May 11, 191421Georges GloriaWinTKO5
      93Apr 27, 191421Alf MansfieldWinPTS
      92Apr 16, 191421Albert BouzonnieWinTKO6
      91Apr 13, 191421Jack MaddenWinKO4
      90Mar 30, 191421Eugene HussonWinKO6
      89Mar 26, 191421Bill KyneWinTKO4
      88Feb 16, 191421George JaggersWinRTD5
      87Feb 12, 191421Paddy CarrollWinKO2
      86Feb 9, 191421Tom ThomasWinTKO7
      85Feb 2, 191421Kid NutterWinPTS
      84Jan 29, 191421Billy Young PaddenWinTKO3
      83Jan 8, 191421Young BeynonWinPTS
      82Jan 3, 191421Kid NutterWinPTS
      81Dec 16, 191321Harry BrooksWinRTD9
      80Dec 13, 191321Billy CharlesWinRTD6
      79Dec 6, 191321Young George DandoWinDQ
      78Nov 22, 191321Dido GainsWinPTS
      77Nov 21, 191321Jack Young DyerWinTKO2
      76Nov 13, 191321Young BakerWinRTD10
      75Nov 1, 191321Darkey SaundersWinTKO11
      74Sep 22, 191321Young George DandoWinPTS
      73Sep 18, 191321Kid LeveneWinRTD7
      72Sep 11, 191321Harry CurleyWinRTD12
      71Sep 8, 191321Dido GainsWinPTS
      70Sep 6, 191321Dick JenkinsWinPTS
      69Aug 28, 191321Jack Young DyerWinTKO3
      68Aug 4, 191321Darkey SaundersWinPTS
      67Jul 19, 191321Young George DandoWinPTS
      66Jul 12, 191321Tommy LewisWinPTS
      65Jul 1, 191321Dick LewisWinRTD3
      64Jun 21, 191321Gwilym ThomasWinTKO5
      63Jun 16, 191321Billy Young PaddenWinPTS
      62May 24, 191321Dai DaviesWinPTS
      61May 5, 191320Ivor MeredithNDND
      60Apr 19, 191320Billy YatesWinKO4
      59Apr 12, 191320Will ReesWinKO2
      58Mar 24, 191320Harry TaylorWinRTD3
      57Mar 13, 191320Billy Young RowlandsWinNWS
      56Mar 8, 191320Dai MatthewsWinRTD4
      55Mar 1, 191320Harry StuckeyNDND
      54Feb 22, 191320Ben HardwickWinNWS
      53Feb 15, 191320James Kid FitzpatrickWinTKO3
      52Feb 8, 191320Young TonyNDND
      51Feb 1, 191320Dick JenkinsNDND
      50Jan 18, 191320Tommy HughesWinRTD7
      49Jan 1, 191320Billy Young PaddenWinTKO18
      48Dec 28, 191220Harry StuckeyNDND
      47Dec 21, 191220Billy YatesWinRTD4
      46Dec 14, 191220Stoker StainesWinKO1
      45Nov 30, 191220Alf WilliamsWinPTS
      44Nov 23, 191220Kid PearsonWinRTD2
      43Nov 16, 191220Jim RansfordWinRTD2
      42Nov 13, 191220Llewellyn BoswellWinPTS
      41Nov 9, 191220Phil DaviesWinRTD2
      40Sep 19, 191220Walter HallWinTKO3
      39Aug 17, 191220Jim StuckeyWinTKO8
      38Aug 10, 191220Mike FlynnNDND
      37Aug 3, 191220Joe GansWinTKO7
      36Jul 20, 191220Kid MorrisWinRTD5
      35Jun 20, 191220Lewis WilliamsNDND
      34Jun 3, 191220Joe WilsonNDND
      33Apr 4, 191219Roland HallWinKO4
      32Mar 9, 191219Sam JenningsWinPTS
      31Feb 15, 191219Sam JenningsWinPTS
      30Feb 1, 191219Young BakerWinPTS
      29Jan 20, 191219Matt Wells' NipperWinTKO1
      28Dec 20, 191119Ted RobertsWinKO4
      27Dec 12, 191119Young TowellWinKO3
      26Nov 20, 191119Jim Young RiceWinKO4
      25Nov 11, 191119Young TowellWinKO4
      24Oct 30, 191119Young Sam LangfordWinKO2
      23Oct 20, 191119Young PowellWinKO3
      22Oct 10, 191119Joe RogersWinKO5
      21Sep 20, 191119Ted PowellWinKO3
      20Sep 9, 191119Frank AventWinKO4
      19Aug 26, 191119Sam JenningsWinTKO11
      18Aug 8, 191119Fred ChappellWinPTS
      17Jul 7, 191119Steve ThomasWinKO3
      16Jun 20, 191119Kid MorrisWinPTS
      15Jun 3, 191119Billy BrownWinKO4
      14May 25, 191119Ted RobertsWinKO2
      13May 15, 191119Archie GrantWinKO3
      12May 8, 191118James EastonWinPTS
      11May 5, 191118Dai RobertsWinKO3
      10Apr 20, 191118Billy PapkeWinKO2
      9Apr 10, 191118Eddie ThomasWinKO2
      8Apr 4, 191118Archie GrantWinKO3
      7Mar 20, 191118Dai ThomasWinTKO3
      6Mar 13, 191118Lewis WilliamsWinRTD4
      5Mar 9, 191118Dick JenkinsWinPTS
      4Feb 23, 191118Young WilliamsWinPTS
      3Jan 20, 191118Dai JonesDrawPTS
      2Jan 10, 191118Dick JenkinsWinPTS
      1Jan 1, 191118Ted RobertsWinKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Jimmy Wilde (The Mighty Atom) was a Welsh professional boxer. He was born in Quakers Yard, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales on May 15, 1892. He died on March 10, 1969 at the age of 76 years. Wilde was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 12 years — from 1911 to 1923.

      Wilde made his professional boxing debut against Ted Roberts at the age of 18 on January 1, 1911, defeating Roberts via 3rd round KO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 31 on June 18, 1923 after 149 professional fights, against Pancho Villa for the NYSAC and The Ring titles. He lost to Villa via 7th round KO.

      Wilde had a total of four losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was on June 18, 1923 against Filipino boxer Pancho Villa for Villa's flyweight NYSAC and The Ring titles. Wilde lost the fight via 7th round KO.

      For a very detailed list Wilde's fights refer to "All of Jimmy Wilde's fights".


      Although Wilde had a total of 150 fights, this fight against Pancho Villa is the sole highlight of his career.

      • June 18, 1923: In his first world-title fight, Jimmy Wilde loses to Pancho Villa via 7th round KO. He was fighting for the NYSAC and The Ring flyweight titles.

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