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Georges Carpentier Record

Total Fights112
Title Wins1
Title Defenses1
Title-Fight KOs2
KO Wins57
KO Losses10
Georges Carpentier Record & Stats
Georges Carpentier's Record
Georges Carpentier's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Georges Carpentier's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 17 years and 10 months, Georges Carpentier fought 112 times with 89 wins, 16 losses, and 6 draws.

      Carpentier retired from professional boxing with a record of 89-16-6, which included one light-heavyweight world-title win and one successful title defense fight. He had a 51.4% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 57 of his total 112 fights being knockout wins, two of which were in title fights. Carpentier suffered 10 knockout losses in his career, two of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 3rd round KO victory over Rocco Stramaglia on September 15, 1926.

      Some of Carpentier's best fights and notable victories include wins over four Hall-of-Famers (Battling Levinsky, Jeff Smith, Harry Lewis, and Charles Ledoux), Ted Lewis, Pat O'Keeffe, Bombardier Billy Wells, Joe Beckett, Jim Sullivan, and Dick Smith.

      112Sep 15, 192632Rocco StramagliaWinKO3
      111Jul 7, 192632Jack BurkeWinKO2
      110Jun 17, 192632Tommy LoughranLossUD
      109May 21, 192632Eddie HuffmanDrawPTS
      108Jul 24, 192430Gene TunneyLossTKO15
      107May 31, 192430Tommy GibbonsLossNWS
      106May 1, 192430Arthur TownleyWinKO2
      105Oct 1, 192329Joe BeckettWinKO1
      104May 6, 192329Marcel NillesWinKO8
      103Sep 24, 192228Battling SikiLoss *KO6
      102May 11, 192228Ted LewisWin *KO1
      101Jan 12, 192228George CookWinKO4
      100Jul 2, 192127Jack DempseyLoss *KO4
      99Oct 12, 192026Battling LevinskyWin *KO4
      98Feb 21, 192026Georges GrundhovenWinKO2
      97Jan 10, 192025Blink McCloskeyWinKO2
      96Dec 4, 191925Joe BeckettWinKO1
      95Sep 29, 191925Jean CroissillesWinKO2
      94Jul 19, 191925Dick SmithWinKO8
      93Jul 26, 191420Kid JacksonWinDQ
      92Jul 16, 191420Gunboat SmithWinDQ
      91Jun 14, 191420Battling RobinsonWinKO3
      90May 31, 191420Hubert RocWinKO2
      89Apr 14, 191420George MitchellWinTKO1
      88Apr 13, 191420Irish O'MaraWinKO2
      87Mar 21, 191420Joe JeannetteLossPTS
      86Jan 19, 191420Pat O'KeeffeWinKO2
      85Dec 8, 191319Bombardier Billy WellsWinKO1
      84Oct 31, 191319Max AbbatWinKO3
      83Oct 11, 191319Jeff SmithWinPTS
      82Aug 6, 191319Ashley WilliamsWinKO4
      81Jun 29, 191319Albert LurieWinTKO3
      80Jun 1, 191319Bombardier Billy WellsWinKO4
      79Mar 17, 191319George GuntherWinPTS
      78Mar 8, 191319Willy SchootWinKO2
      77Mar 1, 191319Cyclone SmithWinKO3
      76Feb 12, 191319Bandsman Dick RiceWinKO2
      75Jan 8, 191318Marcel MoreauWinTKO8
      74Oct 23, 191218Billy PapkeLossTKO18
      73Jun 24, 191218Frank KlausLossDQ
      72May 22, 191218Willie LewisWinPTS
      71May 10, 191218Hubert RocWinKO6
      70Apr 3, 191218George GuntherWinPTS
      69Feb 29, 191218Jim SullivanWinKO2
      68Jan 27, 191218Charles BradleyWinKO2
      67Jan 17, 191218Battling LacroixWinTKO6
      66Jan 13, 191218Battling TaylorWinKO4
      65Dec 13, 191117Harry LewisWinPTS
      64Nov 25, 191117Battling LacroixWinKO9
      63Nov 17, 191117Theo GrayWinKO9
      62Oct 23, 191117Young JosephWinRTD10
      61Oct 2, 191117Sid BurnsWinPTS
      60Aug 19, 191117Dixie KidLossTKO5
      59Aug 14, 191117Arthur EverndenWinPTS
      58Jun 23, 191117Jack GoldswainWinKO4
      57Jun 10, 191117Robert EustacheWinTKO16
      56May 20, 191117Frank LoughreyWinPTS
      55Apr 23, 191117Henri MarchandWinKO6
      54Apr 8, 191117George ColbourneWinPTS
      53Apr 1, 191117Sid StaggWinPTS
      52Mar 25, 191117Jack MeekinsWinPTS
      51Mar 15, 191117Henri MarchandWinKO6
      50Mar 12, 191117Harry StaessensWinKO1
      49Mar 1, 191117Young NipperWinPTS
      48Jan 27, 191117Henri PietLossPTS
      47Jan 14, 191117George RandallWinKO5
      46Jan 8, 191116Edouard BrochetWinKO7
      45Dec 17, 191016Jack DanielsWinPTS
      44Dec 3, 191016Henri DemlenWinPTS
      43Nov 19, 191016George RandallWinTKO10
      42Nov 6, 191016Young WilliamsWinKO7
      41Oct 22, 191016Jim CampbellWinKO5
      40Oct 15, 191016Percy WilsonWinPTS
      39Oct 8, 191016Jean AudouyDrawPTS
      38Aug 13, 191016Fernand CunyWinTKO8
      37Jul 17, 191016Hubert BaelenWinKO2
      36Jul 8, 191016Paul TilDrawPTS
      35Jun 11, 191016Louis AchilleWinKO6
      34Apr 16, 191016Fernand CunyLossTKO13
      33Apr 9, 191016Ted BroadribbLossTKO4
      32Apr 3, 191016Georges GloriaWinKO8
      31Mar 26, 191016Fernand CunyWinPTS
      30Mar 20, 191016Louis AchilleWinKO5
      29Mar 12, 191016Buck ShineLossPTS
      28Feb 5, 191016Wally PickardWinKO8
      27Jan 14, 191016Paul TilNCNC
      26Jan 8, 191015Georges GaillardWinPTS
      25Jan 5, 191015Young WarnerWinDQ
      24Dec 22, 190915Paul TilWinPTS
      23Dec 8, 190915Georges GaillardWinPTS
      22Nov 27, 190915Paul TilLossTKO8
      21Nov 24, 190915Charles LedouxWinPTS
      20Nov 8, 190915Joseph LampinWinKO7
      19Oct 23, 190915Lucien DorgueilleWinPTS
      18Oct 16, 190915Paul TilDrawPTS
      17Oct 11, 190915Omer HelleboutWinTKO5
      16Aug 28, 190915Joseph LampinWinKO5
      15Aug 21, 190915Lucien DorgueilleWinKO11
      14Jun 26, 190915Emile WetinckWinKO1
      13May 20, 190915Joseph LampinWinKO10
      12May 17, 190915Auguste RelingerWinPTS
      11Apr 25, 190915F CheveauWinPTS
      10Mar 18, 190915AchalmeWinPTS
      9Feb 28, 190915Charles LegrandDrawPTS
      8Feb 25, 190915Gaston SimonWinPTS
      7Feb 19, 190915Georges GloriaLossKO6
      6Jan 10, 190914Charles LegrandWinPTS
      5Dec 5, 190814Charles LegrandDrawPTS
      4Dec 3, 190814Gaston SimonWinPTS
      3Dec 3, 190814Louis LépineWinPTS
      2Nov 30, 190814Ed SalmonLossTKO18
      1Nov 1, 190814Ed SalmonWinDQ

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Georges Carpentier was a French professional boxer. He was born in Liévin, France on January 12, 1894. He died on October 28, 1975 at the age of 81 years. Carpentier was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1991. His professional boxing career spanned more than 17 years — from 1908 to 1926.

      Carpentier made his professional boxing debut against Ed Salmon at the age of 14 on November 1, 1908, defeating Salmon via 13 round disqualification.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 26 on October 12, 1920 after 98 professional fights, against Battling Levinsky for the light-heavyweight NYSAC (vacant) title. He defeated Levinsky via 4th round KO to become the light-heavyweight champion of the world.

      Carpentier had a total of 16 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Rocco Stramaglia at 32 years of age, on September 15, 1926. Carpentier won the fight via 3rd round KO.


      Carpentier fought a total of 112 times during his professional career, which includes 4 world-title fights at two weight divisions. He was among the very best of his generation and was known for his great performances in his fights. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • October 12, 1920: Carpentier wins his first world title by defeating Battling Levinsky via 4th round KO. He is now the NYSAC light-heavyweight world champion.

      • May 11, 1922: Carpentier successfully defends the NBA and NYSAC light-heavyweight titles against Ted Lewis, winning the fight via 1st round KO.


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