Ernie Terrell Record & Stats

Ernie Terrell Record & Stats

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Ernie Terrell was an American professional boxer. He was born in Belzoni, Mississippi, U.S. on April 4, 1939. Terrell made his professional boxing debut at the age of 18 against Norman Bolden on May 15, 1957. He was a heavyweight world champion. Terrell died on December 16, 2014 at the age of 75 years.

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Belzoni, Mississippi, U.S.
Apr 4, 1939
Dec 16, 2014 (75 years)
May 15, 1957
KO Pct
198 cm
208 cm
Ape Index
10 cm
Last Fight
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Ernie Terrell's boxing record and stats summarized in an infographic
Ernie Terrell's record and stats summarized in an infographic

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      Ernie Terrell Record

      In a career spanning 16 years and 3 months, Ernie Terrell fought 55 times with 46 wins and 9 losses. By his last professional fight on September 10, 1973, Terrell's record stood at 46-9 (21 KOs). In total, he fought 377 rounds of professional boxing in 55 bouts.

      Total Fights55
      KO Wins21
      Total Title Wins1
      Title Defenses2
      Title-Fight KO Wins0
      Losses via KO2
      55Sep 10, 197334Jeff MerrittLossTKO1
      54Jun 23, 197334 Chuck WepnerLossPTS
      53Feb 19, 197333Bill DroverWinTKO1
      52Oct 23, 197233Jose Luis GarciaWinKO6
      51Jul 24, 197132Roberto DavilaWinUD
      50May 10, 197132Luis Faustino PiresWinUD
      49Apr 28, 197132Vic BrownWinUD
      48Apr 3, 197131John HudginsWinTKO1
      47Dec 15, 197031Sonny MooreWinUD
      46Oct 14, 196728Manuel RamosLossUD
      45Aug 5, 196728Thad SpencerLossUD
      44Feb 6, 196727 Muhammad Ali LossUD
      43Jun 28, 196627Doug Jones WinUD
      42Nov 1, 196526 George Chuvalo WinUD
      41Mar 5, 196525Eddie Machen WinUD
      40Oct 23, 196425Henry WallitschWinRTD6
      39Jul 10, 196425 Bob FosterWinTKO7
      38Jun 17, 196425Jefferson DavisWinUD
      37Mar 6, 196424Gerhard ZechWinUD
      36Jul 27, 196324Zora FolleyWinUD
      35Apr 13, 196324 Cleveland WilliamsWinSD
      34Mar 7, 196323Herb SilerWinTKO3
      33Jan 5, 196323Young Jack JohnsonWinUD
      32Dec 14, 196223Young Jack JohnsonWinUD
      31Sep 25, 196223Reiniero Rey LopezWinKO3
      30Aug 24, 196223Eddie JacksonWinTKO2
      29Jun 9, 196223Amos LincolnWinUD
      28Apr 3, 196222 Cleveland WilliamsLossTKO7
      27Feb 28, 196222Herb SilerWinPTS
      26Dec 4, 196122Ernie CabWinRTD3
      25May 15, 196122Chuck GarrettWinUD
      24Apr 17, 196122Willie ColemanWinKO1
      23Feb 6, 196121Ernie CabWinTKO8
      22Dec 5, 196021Wayne BetheaLossSD
      21Jul 20, 196021Joe HemphillWinUD
      20May 18, 196021Frankie DanielsWinKO7
      19Mar 30, 196020Lee WilliamsWinUD
      18Jan 6, 196020Clay ThomasWinKO1
      17Nov 11, 195920Chuck GarrettWinPTS
      16Jul 24, 195920Tunney HunsakerWinPTS
      15Feb 25, 195919Johnny GrayLossSD
      14Jan 14, 195919Willie ColemanWinPTS
      13Nov 3, 195819Sid PeaksWinUD
      12Oct 7, 195819John HobartWinKO1
      11Sep 24, 195819Joe HemphillWinTKO1
      10Jul 1, 195819Billy PickettWinKO2
      9Apr 30, 195819Johnny GrayLossSD
      8Mar 11, 195818Johnny HarperWinTKO1
      7Feb 4, 195818Emil BrtkoWinTKO2
      6Jan 8, 195818Calvin ButlerWinSD
      5Oct 30, 195718Ted PooleWinTKO1
      4Aug 21, 195718Neal WelchWinUD
      3Jul 24, 195718Ray GriggsWinKO1
      2Jun 26, 195718Andy BondWinTKO1
      1May 15, 195718Norman BoldenWinUD

      Ernie Terrell Stats

      Ernie Terrell was 198 cm tall (6' 5.95") with a reach of 208 cm (6' 9.89"). He used to fight out of the orthodox stance and presented an ape-index of 10 cm (3.94"). Terrell had a 41.8% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Ernie Terrell was active from from 1957 to 1973. He started boxing professionally at 18 years of age; Terrell debuted against Norman Bolden on May 15, 1957, and defeated Bolden via 4 round unanimous decision.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 25 on March 5, 1965 after 40 professional fights against Eddie Machen for the heavyweight WBA (vacant) title. Terrell defeated Machen via 15 round unanimous decision to become the new heavyweight champion of the world.

      Terrell's notable victories include wins over Doug Jones, George Chuvalo, Bob Foster, Cleveland Williams, Amos Lincoln, and Eddie Machen. For a complete list of Terrell's best performances refer to Ernie Terrell's best fights.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Jeff Merritt at 34 years of age, on September 10, 1973. Terrell lost the fight via 1st round TKO.


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