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Eddie Booker Record

Total Fights79
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins33
KO Losses0
Eddie Booker Record & Stats
Eddie Booker's Record
Eddie Booker's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Eddie Booker's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning nine years and one month, Eddie Booker fought 79 times with 66 wins, 5 losses, and 8 draws.

      Booker retired from professional boxing with a record of 66-5-8. He had a 41.8% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 33 of his total 79 fights being knockout wins. Booker never lost via knockout.

      His last fight was a 10 round PTS victory over Holman Williams on March 6, 1944.

      Some of Booker's best fights and notable victories include wins over three Hall-of-Famers (Holman Williams, Archie Moore, and Lloyd Marshall), Shorty Hogue, Harry Matthews, Van McNutt, and Henryk Chmielewski.

      79Mar 6, 194426Holman WilliamsWinPTS
      78Feb 23, 194426Frankie NelsonWinPTS
      77Jan 21, 194426Archie MooreWinTKO8
      76Jan 5, 194426Paul HartnekWinTKO6
      75Nov 19, 194326Holman WilliamsLossPTS
      74Oct 18, 194325Van McNuttWinTKO5
      73Aug 9, 194325Harry MatthewsWinTKO5
      72Jan 11, 194325Jack ChaseLossPTS
      71Dec 11, 194225Archie MooreDrawPTS
      70Sep 28, 194224Lloyd MarshallWinPTS
      69Sep 18, 194224Big Boy HogueWinTKO4
      68Sep 4, 194224Bobby BirchWinUD
      67Aug 24, 194224Izzy JannazzoWinPTS
      66Aug 14, 194224Shorty HogueWinRTD8
      65Jul 15, 194224Costello CruzWinPTS
      64May 1, 194224Johnny 'Bandit' RomeroDrawPTS
      63Dec 1, 194124Billy ConnertyWinTKO3
      62Aug 22, 194123Shorty HogueLossPTS
      61Aug 19, 194123Jimmy McDanielsWinPTS
      60Aug 11, 194123Henryk ChmielewskiWinTKO9
      59Jul 18, 194123Charley HarrisWinKO6
      58Jul 10, 194123Charley SimpsonWinPTS
      57Jul 8, 194123Jimmy McDanielsWinPTS
      56Jun 16, 194123Johnny DiasWinTKO8
      55May 2, 194123Shorty HogueWinPTS
      54Apr 25, 194123Leon ZorritaWinPTS
      53Apr 4, 194123Freddie DixonWinPTS
      52Mar 14, 194123Shorty HogueDrawPTS
      51Feb 21, 194123Archie MooreDrawPTS
      50Feb 12, 194123Milo TheodorescuWinPTS
      49Feb 4, 194123Chester ParksWinKO1
      48Apr 9, 194022Bobby PachoWinPTS
      47Dec 18, 193922Bobby PachoWinPTS
      46Nov 29, 193922Ray VargasWinKO2
      45Nov 13, 193922Henry MajcherWinTKO7
      44Oct 3, 193921Carlos GarciaWinKO3
      43Mar 9, 193921Herbert Lewis HardwickLossPTS
      42Feb 10, 193921Fritzie ZivicLossPTS
      41Jan 25, 193921Holman WilliamsDrawPTS
      40Jan 9, 193921Oscar SuggsWinTKO3
      39Dec 20, 193821Unknown MorganWinKO3
      38Dec 9, 193821Lew RaymondWinPTS
      37Nov 18, 193821Demosthenes WakerlisWinPTS
      36Jul 1, 193820Carlos MirandaWinTKO3
      35Jun 24, 193820George SalvadoreWinTKO7
      34Jun 10, 193820Al ManfredoWinPTS
      33Mar 3, 193820Andy CallahanWinPTS
      32Jan 14, 193820Mickey DurisDrawPTS
      31Oct 8, 193719Jackie BurkeDrawPTS
      30Aug 27, 193719Gaston LeCadreWinTKO9
      29Jul 30, 193719Johnny BassanelliWinTKO9
      28May 5, 193719Johnny FosterWinPTS
      27Mar 12, 193719Remo FernandezWinPTS
      26Jan 26, 193719Remo FernandezWinPTS
      25Nov 24, 193619Gale HarringtonWinPTS
      24Sep 29, 193618Jimmy WakefieldWinPTS
      23Sep 1, 193618Billy AzevedoWinPTS
      22Aug 4, 193618Jimmy WakefieldDrawPTS
      21Jul 21, 193618Billy AzevedoWinTKO5
      20Jul 10, 193618Johnny FosterWinTKO4
      19Jun 5, 193618Billy AzevedoWinTKO3
      18May 1, 193618Johnny FosterWinTKO1
      17Apr 13, 193618Mickey BarkerWinTKO4
      16Dec 30, 193518Tony O'DellWinTKO1
      15Dec 18, 193518Johnny FosterWinPTS
      14Nov 27, 193518Frankie MarinoWinTKO1
      13Oct 22, 193517Johnny NatalieWinTKO3
      12Oct 16, 193517Al RossiWinTKO3
      11Sep 4, 193517Johnny FosterWinPTS
      10Aug 7, 193517Mickey GibbonsWinPTS
      9Jul 16, 193517Al EvansWinTKO3
      8Jul 2, 193517Joe AguilarWinPTS
      7May 28, 193517Al LaBoaWinPTS
      6Apr 3, 193517Joe AguilarWinPTS
      5Mar 20, 193517Johnny NatalieWinPTS
      4Mar 6, 193517Johnny BassanellifWinPTS
      3Feb 27, 193517Joe PabloWinKO1
      2Jan 22, 193517Johnny MateoWinKO2
      1Jan 15, 193517Ray LewisWinKO1

      Boxing career

      Eddie Booker (Black Dynamite) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Alto, Texas, USA on November 5, 1917. He died on January 26, 1975 at the age of 57 years. Booker was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2017. His professional boxing career spanned more than 9 years — from 1935 to 1944.

      Booker made his professional boxing debut against Ray Lewis at the age of 17 on January 15, 1935, defeating Lewis via 1st round KO. He went on to win 20 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 12 wins via stoppage.

      Booker had a total of five losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Holman Williams at 26 years of age, on March 6, 1944. Booker won the fight via 10 round PTS.


      Although Booker had a total of 79 fights, this fight against Archie Moore is the sole highlight of his career.

      • January 21, 1944: Eddie Booker puts on the first remarkable performance of his career, defeating Archie Moore via 8th round TKO.


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