Daniel Ponce de León Record & Stats

Daniel Ponce de León Record & Stats

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Daniel Ponce de León (El León) is a retired Mexican professional boxer. He was born in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico on July 27, 1980. León made his professional boxing debut at the age of 20 against Servando Solis on March 31, 2001. He is a former 2-weight-class world champion. He is 42 years old, and will be turning 43 in 7 months and 19 days.

Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico
“El León”
Jul 27, 1980
Mar 31, 2001
KO Pct
165 cm
178 cm
Ape Index
13 cm
Last Fight
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Daniel Ponce de León's record and stats

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      Daniel Ponce de León Record

      In a career spanning 13 years and 2 months, Daniel Ponce de León fought 52 times with 45 wins and 7 losses. By his last professional fight on June 7, 2014, León's record stood at 45-7 (35 KOs). In total, he fought 272 rounds of professional boxing in 52 bouts.

      Total Fights52
      KO Wins35
      Total Title Wins2
      Title Defenses7
      Title-Fight KO Wins5
      Losses via KO4
      52Jun 7, 201433Miguel RomanLossTKO9
      51Mar 15, 201433 Juan Manuel LópezLossTKO2
      50Nov 16, 201333Joksan HernandezWinUD
      49May 4, 201332 Abner Mares LossTKO9
      48Sep 15, 201232 Jhonny González WinTD
      47May 4, 201231Eduardo LazcanoWinUD
      46Jan 21, 201231Omar EstrellaWinKO6
      45Sep 10, 201131 Yuriorkis GamboaLossTD
      44Mar 5, 201130 Adrien BronerLossUD
      43Dec 4, 201030Sergio Manuel MedinaWinTKO7
      42Sep 18, 201030Antonio EscalanteWinKO3
      41May 1, 201029Cornelius LockWinUD
      40Feb 20, 201029Orlando CruzWinKO3
      39Sep 5, 200929Roinet CaballeroWinUD
      38Apr 25, 200928Marlon AguilarWinUD
      37Nov 1, 200828Damian MarchianoWinKO4
      36Jun 7, 200827 Juan Manuel López LossTKO1
      35Dec 8, 200727Eduardo Escobedo WinUD
      34Sep 28, 200727Reynaldo Lopez WinKO5
      33Aug 11, 200727Rey Bautista WinTKO1
      32Mar 17, 200726 Gerry Peñalosa WinUD
      31Oct 21, 200626Al Seeger WinTKO8
      30Jul 15, 200625Sod Kokietgym WinKO1
      29May 27, 200625Gerson Guerrero WinKO2
      28Oct 29, 200525Sod Kokietgym WinUD
      27Jun 24, 200524Phillip PayneWinTKO7
      26Apr 29, 200524Ricardo BarajasWinKO2
      25Feb 17, 200524 Celestino CaballeroLossUD
      24Nov 19, 200424Julio GamboaWinKO4
      23Oct 22, 200424 Emmanuel LuceroWinKO3
      22Jun 11, 200423Carlos ContrerasWinUD
      21Apr 17, 200423Anthony MartinezWinTKO7
      20Mar 19, 200423Ivan AlvarezWinTKO5
      19Feb 26, 200423Cesar FigueroaWinTKO6
      18Jan 16, 200423Jesus Salvador PerezWinTKO1
      17Nov 20, 200323Carlos DuranWinTKO3
      16Sep 18, 200323Marcos BadilloWinKO3
      15Aug 28, 200323Francisco TejedorWinTKO1
      14Jul 19, 200322Missael NunezWinTKO4
      13Feb 22, 200322Trinidad MendozaWinTKO2
      12Aug 17, 200222Idelfonso MartinezWinTKO3
      11Aug 2, 200222Manuel CastroWinKO1
      10Jun 29, 200221Julio Cesar AvilaWinTKO2
      9Feb 23, 200221Miguel RamirezWinKO1
      8Dec 15, 200121Terry EvansWinKO2
      7Nov 23, 200121Victor Manuel BarretoWinKO1
      6Nov 2, 200121Diego AndradeWinKO4
      5Sep 1, 200121Julio LunaWinTKO5
      4Jul 21, 200120Jesus JimenezWinTKO1
      3May 18, 200120Ernesto RiveraWinTKO3
      2May 1, 200120Victor RodriguezWinTKO1
      1Mar 31, 200120Servando SolisWinTKO1

      Daniel Ponce de León Stats

      Daniel Ponce de León is 165 cm tall (5' 4.96") with a reach of 178 cm (5' 10.08"). He fights out of the southpaw stance and presents an ape-index of 13 cm (5.12"). León has a 75% KO rate.

      Career Summary

      Daniel Ponce de León was active from from 2001 to 2014. He started boxing professionally at 20 years of age. León debuted against Servando Solis on March 31, 2001 and defeated Solis via 1st round TKO.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 25 on October 29, 2005 after 27 professional fights against Sod Kokietgym for the super-bantamweight WBO (vacant) title. León defeated Kokietgym via 12 round unanimous decision to become the new super-bantamweight champion of the world.

      León was a world champion in two different weight classes. His notable victories include wins over Jhonny González, Reynaldo Lopez, Rey Bautista, Sod Kokietgym, Gerson Guerrero, Al Seeger, and Orlando Cruz. For a complete list of León's best performances refer to Daniel Ponce de León's best fights.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Miguel Roman on June 7, 2014. León lost the fight via 9th round TKO. It's been 8 years, 6 months, and 1 day since this fight.

      León retired from professional boxing with a record of 45-7.

      Career Highlights

      These two fights are the highlight of of Daniel Ponce de León's boxing career.

      • Daniel Ponce de León vs. Sod Kokietgym

        A 25-year old Daniel Ponce de León (26-1) had his first world title fight against Sod Kokietgym for the vacant WBO super-bantamweight belt. León defeated Sod Kokietgym via 12th round unanimous decision to win the vacant WBO super-bantamweight title.

      • Daniel Ponce de León vs. Jhonny González

        A 32-year old Daniel Ponce de León (43-4) faced Jhonny González, who was 31 years old and 52-7. León deafeated González via 8 round technical-decision to win the WBC featherweight title.


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