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Cleveland Williams Record

Total Fights92
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins58
KO Losses8
Cleveland Williams Record & Stats
Cleveland Williams' Record
Cleveland Williams' boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Cleveland Williams' boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 20 years and 10 months, Cleveland Williams fought 92 times with 78 wins, 13 losses, and 1 draw.

      Williams retired from professional boxing with a record of 78-13-1. He was a one-time heavyweight world title challenger. He had a 63% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 58 of his total 92 fights being knockout wins. Williams suffered eight knockout losses in his career, one of which was against Muhammad Ali in a heavyweight title fight.

      His last fight was a 10-round unanimous decision victory over Roberto Davila on October 28, 1972.

      Some of Williams' best fights and notable victories include wins over Johnny Mason, Jim Wyley, Jimmy Walls, Ollie Wilson, Johnny Hayden, Ben Marshall, and Ernie Cab.

      92Oct 28, 197239Roberto DavilaWinUD
      91Jul 10, 197239Bob MashburnWinKO9
      90May 11, 197238Terry DanielsWinUD
      89Nov 17, 197138George ChuvaloLossUD
      88Sep 21, 197138Jack O'HalloranLossSD
      87Apr 28, 197137Ted GullickWinMD
      86Oct 21, 197037Al LewisLossTKO4
      85May 26, 197036Roberto DavilaWinUD
      84Apr 14, 197036Eddie BrooksWinKO1
      83Dec 9, 196936Leroy CaldwellWinTKO10
      82Nov 18, 196936Mac FosterLossKO3
      81Sep 13, 196936Mac FosterLossTKO5
      80May 20, 196935Al JonesLossTKO8
      79Mar 18, 196935Charley PoliteWinUD
      78Nov 21, 196835Bob ClerouxLossUD
      77Oct 7, 196835Moses HarrellWinTKO7
      76Aug 6, 196835Jean-Claude RoyWinUD
      75Jun 25, 196834Leslie BordenWinKO1
      74Jun 11, 196834Mike BruceWinKO1
      73May 21, 196834Roy CrearWinKO1
      72Nov 14, 196633Muhammad AliLoss *TKO3
      71Jun 28, 196632Tod HerringWinTKO3
      70Apr 19, 196632Sonny MooreWinPTS
      69Mar 22, 196632M.J. TurnbowWinUD
      68Feb 8, 196632Ben BlackWinKO1
      67Sep 30, 196431Billy DanielsWinPTS
      66Jul 21, 196431Sonny BanksWinKO6
      65Apr 7, 196430Tommy FieldsWinPTS
      64Oct 8, 196330Roger RischerWinKO3
      63Aug 13, 196330Kirk BarrowWinKO3
      62Apr 13, 196329Ernie TerrellLossSD
      61Apr 2, 196329Young Jack JohnsonWinTKO10
      60Mar 9, 196329Billy DanielsWinUD
      59Oct 23, 196229David E. BaileyWinKO5
      58Jul 10, 196229Eddie MachenDrawMD
      57May 15, 196228Alonzo JohnsonWinKO1
      56Apr 3, 196228Ernie TerrellWinTKO7
      55Dec 19, 196128Jim WyleyWinKO1
      54May 16, 196127Alex MiteffWinTKO5
      53Feb 7, 196127Wayne BetheaWinPTS
      52Dec 7, 196027Johnny HaydenWinKO2
      51Nov 1, 196027George MooreWinKO4
      50Oct 24, 196027Ben MarshallWinKO2
      49Mar 21, 196026Sonny ListonLossTKO2
      48Oct 14, 195926Curley LeeWinKO10
      47May 26, 195925Ernie CabWinKO3
      46Apr 15, 195925Sonny ListonLossTKO3
      45Jan 13, 195925Ollie WilsonWinKO3
      44Dec 9, 195825Howie TurnerWinPTS
      43Jun 3, 195824Frankie DanielsWinUD
      42Mar 25, 195824Dick RichardsonWinDQ
      41Feb 4, 195824Gene WhiteWinTKO1
      40Dec 3, 195724Frankie DanielsWinUD
      39Oct 15, 195724John HolmanWinKO7
      38Sep 17, 195724Bob AlbrightWinKO7
      37Jul 23, 195724Clifford GrayWinKO1
      36Jul 15, 195724J.D. MarshallWinKO2
      35Jun 11, 195723Johnny MasonWinKO1
      34Aug 6, 195623Johnny HollinsWinKO3
      33Jun 22, 195420Bob SatterfieldLossKO3
      32Jun 8, 195420Sylvester JonesWinKO7
      31Mar 9, 195420Jimmy WallsWinTKO1
      30Oct 21, 195320Claude RolfeWinKO3
      29Oct 20, 195320Bo WillisWinKO2
      28Sep 24, 195320Sylvester JonesLossPTS
      27Sep 2, 195320Keene SimmonsWinPTS
      26May 12, 195319Omelio AgramonteWinPTS
      25Mar 24, 195319Ponce DeLeon TaylorWinKO2
      24Mar 12, 195319Terry O'ConnorWinKO3
      23Mar 4, 195319Ponce DeLeon TaylorWinPTS
      22Jan 13, 195319Abie GibsonWinKO1
      21Dec 8, 195219Graveyard WaltersWinKO2
      20Nov 25, 195219Claude RolfeWinKO9
      19Oct 3, 195219Johnny HollinsWinKO1
      18Sep 23, 195219J.J. McFaddenWinKO6
      17Sep 16, 195219Art HenriWinTKO8
      16Sep 12, 195219Roosevelt HolmesWinKO1
      15Sep 2, 195219Baby BoozeWinKO1
      14Aug 12, 195219Candy McDanielsWinKO2
      13Jul 25, 195219Sam HaroldWinKO4
      12Jul 22, 195219Lee RaymondWinTKO5
      11Jul 8, 195219Jimmy FeltonWinKO3
      10Jun 24, 195218Eddie Lee WilliamsWinKO1
      9Jun 17, 195218Harry TurnerWinKO1
      8Jun 10, 195218Paul FavrotWinKO4
      7May 28, 195218Ray BrownWinKO3
      6Apr 15, 195218Johnny FowlerWinKO5
      5Mar 28, 195218Ray BanksWinKO1
      4Feb 29, 195218Roosevelt HolmesWinUD
      3Feb 26, 195218Rudolph WoodWinKO2
      2Feb 15, 195218Ray BanksWinTKO1
      1Dec 11, 195118Lee HuntWinKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Cleveland Williams (Big Cat) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Griffin, Georgia on June 30, 1933. Williams died on September 10, 1999 at the age of 66 years. His professional boxing career spanned more than 20 years — from 1951 to 1972.

      Williams made his professional boxing debut against Lee Hunt at the age of 18 on December 11, 1951, defeating Hunt via 3rd round KO. He went on to win 26 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 22 wins via stoppage.

      He had his first world title fight at the age of 33 on November 14, 1966 after 71 professional fights, against Muhammad Ali for the WBC and The Ring titles. He lost to Ali via 3rd round TKO.

      Williams had a total of 13 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Roberto Davila at 39 years of age, on October 28, 1972. Williams won the fight via 10 round unanimous decision.


      Although Williams had a total of 92 fights, this fight against Muhammad Ali is the sole highlight of his career.

      • November 14, 1966: In his first world-title fight, Cleveland Williams loses to Muhammad Ali via 3rd round TKO. He was fighting for the WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles.


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