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Charley Burley Record

Total Fights98
Title Wins0
Title Defenses0
Title-Fight KOs0
KO Wins49
KO Losses0
Charley Burley Record & Stats
Charley Burley's Record
Charley Burley's boxing record and career infographic

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      What is Charley Burley's boxing record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 13 years and nine months, Charley Burley fought 98 times with 83 wins, 12 losses, and 2 draws.

      Burley retired from professional boxing with a record of 83-12-2. He had a 50.5% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 49 of his total 98 fights being knockout wins. Burley never lost via knockout.

      His last fight was a 10 round PTS victory over Pilar Bastidas on July 22, 1950.

      Some of Burley's best fights and notable victories include wins over four Hall-of-Famers (Archie Moore, Holman Williams, Fritzie Zivic, and Billy Soose), Jack Chase, Shorty Hogue, Herbert Lewis Hardwick, Bert Lytell, Aaron Wade, and Young Gene Buffalo.

      98Jul 22, 195032Pilar BastidasWinPTS
      97Mar 2, 195032Buddy HodnettWinKO6
      96Feb 2, 195032Chuck HigginsWinKO1
      95Jul 25, 194931Willie WrightWinPTS
      94Apr 3, 194931Charley Doc WilliamsLossPTS
      93Mar 24, 194830Lonnie CraftWinKO3
      92Aug 8, 194729Larry CartwrightWinTKO8
      91Feb 17, 194729Bert LytellLossUD
      90Aug 5, 194628Bert LytellWinUD
      89Jul 16, 194628Charley BanksWinPTS
      88Apr 24, 194628Oakland Billy SmithWinPTS
      87Apr 8, 194628Paulie PetersWinTKO2
      86Mar 14, 194628Charley DodsonWinTKO3
      85Oct 8, 194528Oakland Billy SmithWinPTS
      84Sep 28, 194528Speedy DuvallWinKO4
      83Sep 4, 194527Dave ClarkWinKO1
      82Aug 20, 194527Aaron WadeWinUD
      81Jul 26, 194527Oscar BoydWinKO2
      80Jul 11, 194527Holman WilliamsLossUD
      79Mar 12, 194527Joe CarterWinUD
      78Sep 11, 194427Jack ChaseWinTKO12
      77Aug 28, 194426Young Gene BuffaloWinTKO5
      76Jun 23, 194426Frankie NelsonWinTKO7
      75May 12, 194426Al GilbertWinTKO4
      74Apr 21, 194426Archie MooreWinPTS
      73Apr 6, 194426Jack ChaseWinKO9
      72Mar 24, 194426Aaron WadeWinPTS
      71Mar 3, 194426Bobby BergerWinKO5
      70Jun 26, 194325Bobby BirchWinPTS
      69May 14, 194325Herbert Lewis HardwickNCNC
      68Apr 19, 194325Herbert Lewis HardwickDrawPTS
      67Mar 3, 194325Aaron WadeWinPTS
      66Feb 19, 194325Jack ChaseWinUD
      65Feb 3, 194325Harvey MasseyWinTKO9
      64Dec 11, 194225Lloyd MarshallLossSD
      63Nov 13, 194225Cecilio LozadaWinTKO2
      62Oct 16, 194225Holman WilliamsLossUD
      61Aug 14, 194224Holman WilliamsWinTKO9
      60Jun 29, 194224Ezzard CharlesLossUD
      59Jun 23, 194224Holman WilliamsWinPTS
      58May 25, 194224Ezzard CharlesLossUD
      57Apr 30, 194224George WilsonWinKO2
      56Apr 24, 194224Joe SutkaWinKO4
      55Apr 20, 194224Phil McQuillanWinKO1
      54Apr 9, 194224Cleo McNealWinKO5
      53Mar 13, 194224Jay D TurnerWinTKO7
      52Feb 26, 194224Holman WilliamsWinUD
      51Feb 13, 194224Shorty HogueWinRTD6
      50Feb 6, 194224Milo TheodorescuWinTKO4
      49Jan 23, 194224Jackie BurkeWinTKO5
      48Jan 9, 194224Shorty HogueWinTKO10
      47Dec 23, 194124Jerry HayesWinKO4
      46Dec 12, 194124Ted MorrisonWinTKO2
      45Sep 25, 194124Antonio FernandezWinPTS
      44Aug 25, 194123Otto BlackwellWinPTS
      43Jul 14, 194123Young Gene BuffaloWinTKO5
      42Jun 2, 194123Ossie HarrisWinTKO9
      41Apr 18, 194123Eddie EllisWinTKO5
      40Mar 31, 194123Babe SynnottWinTKO5
      39Nov 11, 194023Vince PimpinellaWinPTS
      38Oct 17, 194023Ernest PeirceWinPTS
      37Sep 3, 194022Jimmy BivinsLossUD
      36Aug 19, 194022Kenny LaSalleWinUD
      35Jul 29, 194022Georgie AbramsDrawPTS
      34Jun 17, 194022Carl DellWinPTS
      33Apr 26, 194022Sam EdwardsWinKO2
      32Apr 12, 194022Baby Kid ChocolateWinTKO5
      31Feb 12, 194022Nate BoldenWinPTS
      30Dec 1, 193922Holman WilliamsLossPTS
      29Oct 23, 193922Mickey MakarWinKO1
      28Aug 28, 193921Jimmy LetoWinPTS
      27Jul 17, 193921Fritzie ZivicWinUD
      26Jun 20, 193921Jimmy LetoLossSD
      25Jan 10, 193921Sonny JonesWinTKO7
      24Nov 21, 193821Billy SooseWinUD
      23Nov 3, 193821Werther ArcelliWinKO1
      22Aug 22, 193820Herbert Lewis HardwickWinUD
      21Aug 2, 193820Leon ZorritaWinUD
      20Jun 13, 193820Fritzie ZivicWinUD
      19Jun 1, 193820Mike BartoWinTKO4
      18Mar 21, 193820Fritzie ZivicLossSD
      17Mar 3, 193820Art TateWinKO2
      16Feb 10, 193820Carl TurnerWinUD
      15Feb 3, 193820Johnny FolioWinPTS
      14Jan 27, 193820Tiger JacksonWinKO2
      13Sep 9, 193720Eddie DolanLossUD
      12Aug 16, 193719Sammy GrippeWinTKO6
      11Aug 9, 193719Remo FernandezWinTKO7
      10Jun 24, 193719Mickey O'BrienWinPTS
      9May 27, 193719Keith GoodballetWinTKO2
      8May 3, 193719Sammy GrippeWinPTS
      7Apr 19, 193719Ray GrayWinPTS
      6Apr 15, 193719Johnny FolioWinTKO5
      5Feb 8, 193719Ray CollinsWinTKO5
      4Jan 22, 193719Ralph GizzyWinKO2
      3Nov 9, 193619Eddie WirkoWinTKO5
      2Oct 22, 193619Ralph GizzyWinPTS
      1Sep 29, 193619George LigginsWinKO4

      Boxing career

      Charley Burley was an American professional boxer. He was born in Bessemer, Pennsylvania on September 6, 1917. He died on October 16, 1992 at the age of 75 years. Burley was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1992. His professional boxing career spanned more than 13 years — from 1936 to 1950.

      Burley made his professional boxing debut against George Liggins at the age of 19 on September 29, 1936, defeating Liggins via 4th round KO. He went on to win 11 more consecutive fights after the debut, which included 7 wins via stoppage.

      Burley had a total of 12 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Pilar Bastidas at 32 years of age, on July 22, 1950. Burley won the fight via 10 round PTS.


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