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Benny Leonard Record

Total Fights219
Title Wins0
Title Defenses4
Title-Fight KOs2
KO Wins70
KO Losses5
Benny Leonard Record & Stats
Lower East Side, New York City, New York, U.S
“Ghetto Wizard”
Apr 7, 1896
Apr 18, 1947 (51 years)
Oct 14, 1911
Title Fights
70 (32%)
165 cm
175 cm
Ape Index
10 cm
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Benny Leonard's Record
Benny Leonard's boxing record and career infographic
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      What is Benny Leonard's record?

      In a professional boxing career spanning 20 years and 11 months, Benny Leonard fought 219 times with 185 wins, 22 losses, and 9 draws.

      Leonard retired from professional boxing with a record of 185-22-9. He had a 32% knockouts-to-fights ratio with 70 of his total 219 fights being knockout wins, two of which were in title fights. Leonard suffered five knockout losses, none of which were in title fights.

      His last fight was a 6th round TKO defeat to Jimmy McLarnin on October 7, 1932.

      Some of Leonard's best fights and notable victories include wins over seven Hall-of-Famers (Lew Tendler, Rocky Kansas, Johnny Dundee, Willie Ritchie, Jack Britton, Johnny Kilbane, and Freddie Welsh), Richie Mitchell, Eddie Moy, Mel Coogan, James Red Herring, and Charley White.

      219Oct 7, 193236Jimmy McLarninLossTKO6
      218Sep 12, 193236Mike SarkoWinPTS
      217Sep 8, 193236Jimmy AbbottWinTKO3
      216Sep 2, 193236Phil RaffertyWinPTS
      215Aug 19, 193236Mike SarkoWinPTS
      214Aug 11, 193236Paulie WalkerWinUD
      213Jul 28, 193236Billy TownsendWinPTS
      212Jul 22, 193236Eddie ShapiroWinPTS
      211Jun 20, 193236Joe TrippeWinKO2
      210Jun 16, 193236Billy AngeloWinPTS
      209Jun 8, 193236Andy SaviolaWinPTS
      208May 23, 193236Jimmy AbbottWinTKO6
      207May 16, 193236Marty GoldmanWinKO2
      206May 2, 193236Willie GarafolaWinTKO4
      205Apr 19, 193236Mike SarkoWinPTS
      204Apr 11, 193236Buster BrownWinPTS
      203Feb 29, 193235Billy McMahonWinPTS
      202Nov 23, 193135Buster BrownWinPTS
      201Nov 6, 193135Johnny KasperDrawPTS
      200Oct 27, 193135Vittorio LivanWinKO3
      199Oct 6, 193135Pal SilversWinTKO2
      198Aug 11, 192428Pal MoranWinNWS
      197Sep 7, 192327Johnny MendelsohnWinNWS
      196Jul 24, 192327Lew TendlerWin *UD
      195Jul 9, 192327Alex HartWinNWS
      194May 29, 192327Pinky MitchellWinTKO10
      193Aug 5, 192226Ever HammerWinNWS
      192Jul 27, 192226Lew TendlerWinNWS
      191Jul 4, 192226Rocky KansasWinTKO8
      190Jun 26, 192226Jack BrittonLoss *DQ
      189Apr 19, 192226Jakob BartfieldWinPTS
      188Mar 20, 192225Johnny ClintonWinNWS
      187Feb 25, 192225Pal MoranWinNWS
      186Feb 10, 192225Rocky KansasWin *UD
      185Dec 20, 192125Tim DroneyWinNWS
      184Nov 22, 192125Sailor FriedmanWinNWS
      183Jun 6, 192125Rocky KansasWinNWS
      182Feb 24, 192124Joe WellingWinNWS
      181Feb 21, 192124Eddie MoyWinTKO3
      180Jan 14, 192124Richie MitchellWin *TKO6
      179Nov 26, 192024Joe WellingWin *TKO14
      178Nov 17, 192024Harlem Eddie KellyWinDQ
      177Nov 12, 192024K.O. Willie LoughlinWinNWS
      176Oct 18, 192024Johnny TillmanWinPTS
      175Oct 8, 192024Johnny SheppardWinTKO3
      174Oct 4, 192024Frankie BrittWinTKO5
      173Sep 25, 192024Pal MoranWinNWS
      172Sep 10, 192024K.O. Willie LoughlinWinKO9
      171Jul 5, 192024Charley WhiteWinKO9
      170Feb 9, 192023Johnny DundeeWinNWS
      169Dec 22, 191923Jake AbelWinNWS
      168Dec 19, 191923James Red HerringWinTKO6
      167Dec 10, 191923Mel CooganWinTKO2
      166Nov 27, 191923Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      165Nov 17, 191923Lockport Jimmy DuffyWinTKO2
      164Nov 10, 191923Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      163Oct 15, 191923Phil BloomWinNWS
      162Oct 1, 191923Charley MetrieWinTKO7
      161Sep 17, 191923Johnny DundeeWinNWS
      160Sep 8, 191923Johnny ClintonWinNWS
      159Sep 4, 191923Jakob BartfieldWinNWS
      158Aug 11, 191923Patsy ClineWinNWS
      157Jul 23, 191923Joe MaloneWinTKO3
      156Jun 16, 191923Johnny DundeeWinNWS
      155Jun 9, 191923Charley PittsWinNWS
      154May 21, 191923Young George ErneWinKO6
      153Apr 28, 191923Willie RitchieWinTKO8
      152Mar 26, 191922Harvey ThorpeWinNWS
      151Feb 21, 191922Willie RitchieLossNWS
      150Feb 7, 191922Wildcat LeonardWinKO4
      149Feb 5, 191922Spider RoachWinNWS
      148Jan 31, 191922Joe BenjaminWinNWS
      147Jan 20, 191922Johnny DundeeWinNWS
      146Jan 13, 191922Harlem Eddie KellyWinNWS
      145Jan 1, 191922Paul DoyleWinNWS
      144Sep 23, 191822Ted Kid LewisDrawNWS
      143Sep 16, 191822Harry PierceWinNWS
      142Jul 22, 191822Willie GradwellWinTKO5
      141Jul 16, 191822Willie JacksonWinNWS
      140Jul 4, 191822Jack BrazzoWinTKO8
      139Jun 25, 191822Jack BrittonWinNWS
      138Jun 6, 191822Barney AdairWinNWS
      137May 25, 191822Mike GolindoWinPTS
      136May 20, 191822Louis ReesMcCarthyWinNWS
      135May 10, 191822Johnny McCarthyWinNWS
      134Apr 13, 191822Jack BrazzoWinTKO4
      133Apr 8, 191822Young Joe BorrellWinNWS
      132Dec 19, 191721Freddie KellyWinNWS
      131Dec 17, 191721Chick BrownWinTKO5
      130Dec 12, 191721Patsy ClineWinNWS
      129Dec 5, 191721Gene DelmontWinKO8
      128Nov 28, 191721Battling Sailor Frank KirkWinKO1
      127Oct 24, 191721Toughy RamserWinKO7
      126Oct 23, 191721Young George ErneWinNWS
      125Oct 22, 191721Young Eddie WagondWinNWS
      124Oct 19, 191721Jack BrittonWinNWS
      123Oct 5, 191721Vic MoranWinKO2
      122Sep 27, 191721Eddie DorseyWinKO2
      121Sep 21, 191721Leo JohnsonWinTKO1
      120Sep 14, 191721Phil BloomWinKO2
      119Sep 12, 191721Jimmy PaulWinNWS
      118Sep 3, 191721Young RectorWinTKO5
      117Jul 25, 191721Johnny KilbaneWinTKO3
      116Jun 18, 191721Johnny NelsonWinTKO3
      115Jun 4, 191721Joe WelshWinNWS
      114May 28, 191721Freddie WelshWinTKO9
      113May 10, 191721Eddie ShannonWinTKO6
      112May 7, 191721Charley ThomasWinTKO6
      111Apr 19, 191721Richie MitchellWinTKO7
      110Mar 22, 191720Packy HommeyWinKO9
      109Mar 12, 191720Johnny TillmanWinNWS
      108Feb 28, 191720Jimmy ReaganWinNWS
      107Feb 1, 191720Frankie CallahanWinNWS
      106Jan 30, 191720Phil BloomWinNWS
      105Jan 22, 191720Eddie WallaceWinNWS
      104Nov 28, 191620Chick SimlerWinNWS
      103Nov 21, 191620Harvey ThorpeWinKO12
      102Nov 15, 191620Johnny DundeeLossNWS
      101Nov 10, 191620Stanley YoakumWinNWS
      100Oct 18, 191620Ever HammerWinTKO12
      99Oct 9, 191620Johnny NelsonWinNWS
      98Sep 25, 191620Johnny TillmanWinNWS
      97Sep 14, 191620Frankie ConifreyWinTKO7
      96Sep 9, 191620Eddie McAndrewsWinKO5
      95Aug 18, 191620Joe AzevedoWinNWS
      94Jul 28, 191620Freddie WelshLossNWS
      93Jun 23, 191620Vic MoranWinNWS
      92Jun 12, 191620Johnny DundeeDrawNWS
      91May 1, 191620Charley ThomasWinNWS
      90Apr 20, 191620Phil BloomWinNWS
      89Mar 31, 191619Freddie WelshWinNWS
      88Mar 17, 191619Shamus O'BrienWinTKO7
      87Mar 13, 191619Sam RobideauWinNWS
      86Mar 8, 191619Johnny DundeeDrawNWS
      85Feb 28, 191619Rocky KansasWinNWS
      84Feb 21, 191619Jimmy MurphyWinKO6
      83Feb 11, 191619Shamus O'BrienWinNWS
      82Feb 8, 191619Phil BloomWinTKO8
      81Jan 1, 191619Joe WelshWinKO5
      80Dec 17, 191519Joe MandotWinKO7
      79Nov 19, 191519Joe AzevedoWinNWS
      78Nov 13, 191519Banty SharpeWinNWS
      77Nov 8, 191519Gene MoriartyWinKO3
      76Oct 19, 191519Johnny DrummieWinNWS
      75Oct 1, 191519Al ThomasWinNWS
      74Aug 13, 191519Johnny DrummieWinNWS
      73Jun 19, 191519Al SchumacherWinTKO7
      72May 18, 191519Frankie CallahanWinNWS
      71Apr 29, 191519Johnny KilbaneLossNWS
      70Mar 24, 191518Joe GoldbergWinNWS
      69Mar 20, 191518Westside Jimmy DuffyWinNWS
      68Mar 2, 191518Johnny DundeeLossNWS
      67Feb 18, 191518Patsy ClineWinNWS
      66Feb 15, 191518Tommy LangdonWinNWS
      65Jan 16, 191518Johnny DrummieWinNWS
      64Jan 11, 191518Jack SheppardWinDQ
      63Dec 12, 191418Frankie ConifreyWinNWS
      62Nov 26, 191418Phil BloomWinNWS
      61Nov 7, 191418Harry CondonWinNWS
      60Oct 31, 191418Young DriscollWinNWS
      59Oct 3, 191418Phil BloomDrawNWS
      58Sep 16, 191418Joe ThomasWinNWS
      57Sep 7, 191418Philadelphia Pal MooreWinNWS
      56Aug 25, 191418Eddie WallaceWinNWS
      55Aug 22, 191418Bobby ReynoldsDrawNWS
      54Aug 14, 191418Tommy HouckWinKO7
      53Jul 18, 191418Billy KramerWinNWS
      52Jun 20, 191418Teddy HubbsWinNWS
      51May 30, 191418Willie SchaeferWinNWS
      50Apr 3, 191417Young Abe BrownLossNWS
      49Mar 3, 191417Patsy KlineWinNWS
      48Jan 24, 191417Joe StaceyWinNWS
      47Jan 20, 191417Phil BloomLossNWS
      46Jan 6, 191417Kid BlackLossNWS
      45Jan 3, 191417Charley BarryWinNWS
      44Dec 30, 191317Special Delivery HirschWinNWS
      43Dec 20, 191317Danny RidgeWinNWS
      42Dec 8, 191317Harry TraceyLossNWS
      41Nov 15, 191317Jack SheppardWinNWS
      40Oct 23, 191317Willie JonesDrawNWS
      39Oct 4, 191317Young FitzsimmonsWinNWS
      38Sep 27, 191317Tommy HouckLossNWS
      37Sep 2, 191317Harry Ah ChungWinTKO6
      36Aug 16, 191317Frankie FlemingLossNWS
      35Aug 2, 191317Walter HennesseyWinTKO3
      34Jul 12, 191317Walter BrooksWinNWS
      33Jun 20, 191317Johnny CarrollWinKO1
      32May 29, 191317Dave CroninWinNWS
      31May 22, 191317Eddie PowersLossNWS
      30May 3, 191317Eddie PowersLossNWS
      29Jan 14, 191316Johnny LustigDrawNWS
      28Dec 12, 191216Jimmy McVeighLossNWS
      27Nov 2, 191216Special Delivery HirschWinNWS
      26Sep 28, 191216Kid HermanLossNWS
      25Sep 13, 191216Kid GhettoWinKO6
      24Aug 30, 191216Hank McGowanWinNWS
      23Jul 31, 191216Kid GhettoLossNWS
      22Jul 19, 191216Young PriceWinKO5
      21May 3, 191216Frankie FlemingLossKO4
      20Apr 26, 191216Kid GoodmanDrawNWS
      19Apr 13, 191216Packey BrennanWinTKO3
      18Apr 8, 191216Young GrossWinNWS
      17Mar 26, 191215Battling TravisNdND
      16Mar 5, 191215Joe ShugrueLossTKO4
      15Feb 24, 191215Young GoldieWinTKO2
      14Feb 12, 191215Billy MeyersWinTKO1
      13Feb 3, 191215Joe KaneWinKO5
      12Jan 22, 191215Bobby DunnLossKO5
      11Jan 9, 191215Willie SingerWinKO1
      10Jan 8, 191215Lewis GibbsWinKO2
      9Dec 30, 191115Paddy ParkerWinKO4
      8Dec 25, 191115Smiling KempWinKO1
      7Dec 25, 191115Sammy MarinoWinNWS
      6Dec 9, 191115Young GoldieWinNWS
      5Nov 25, 191115Young Frankie PassWinKO3
      4Nov 11, 191115Battling TravisNdND
      3Nov 4, 191115Johnny FaltersNdND
      2Oct 28, 191115Young Joe StanleyWinKO2
      1Oct 14, 191115Mickey FinneganLossTKO3

      * World-title fight

      Boxing career

      Benny Leonard (Ghetto Wizard) was an American professional boxer. He was born in Lower East Side, New York City, New York, U.S on April 7, 1896. He died on April 18, 1947 at the age of 51 years. Leonard was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 1990. His professional boxing career spanned more than 20 years — from 1911 to 1932.

      Leonard made his professional boxing debut against Mickey Finnegan at the age of 15 on October 14, 1911, losing to Finnegan via 3rd round TKO.

      He got elevated as the lightweight world NYSAC champion at the age of 24 after 178 professional fights, and had his first title defense fight against Joe Welling on November 26, 1920, and won via 14th round TKO.

      Leonard had a total of 22 losses in his professional boxing career.

      His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Irish boxer Jimmy McLarnin at 36 years of age, on October 7, 1932. Leonard lost the fight via 6th round TKO.

      For a very detailed list Leonard's fights refer to "All of Benny Leonard's fights".


      Leonard fought a total of 219 times during his professional career, which includes 5 world-title fights at two weight divisions. These two fights are the highlight of his career.

      • November 26, 1920: Leonard gets elevated as the NYSAC lightweight champion and has his first world-title fight, and successfully defends the title against Joe Welling winning the fight via 14th round TKO.

      • January 14, 1921: Leonard successfully defends the NBA and NYSAC lightweight titles against Richie Mitchell, winning the fight via 6th round TKO.

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      Win Streak
      Career Score