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Hello World!

Jun 2, 2021

Our database has now grown to more than a thousand boxers and more than 30,000 bouts. The MMA module is planned for later 2022 or early 2023. For now, we'd like to focus solely on boxing. If we can do boxing right, we can do any other sport or game.

Good to see you here! Let's quickly address some FAQs.

What is this website about? is a place for viewing fighter stats and their career progression, summarized in interactive infographics. We have a much bigger goal than that, though. In its present state, you are looking at the sapling of a fruit-bearing tree.

How does MartialBot work?

MartialBot is an AI engine which specializes in analyzing combat sports data. By going through thousands of training data it develops an understanding about what makes a great performance, what makes a really bad one, and everything in between.

When we report real world results to the AI, it scores the performance and the fighter's career advancement. These scores give a rough idea about how good a fighter is.

The equation is pretty simple:

ability × opportunity = score.

Something that might give you more confidence about the simple equation is the fact that MartialBot does this in the context of hundreds of fighters and thousands of fights on our database. It knows who the opponent is and how big of a deal the outcome of a fight is.

For example, it knows the difference between Frazier's win over Ali and Berbick's win over Ali; also that Buster Douglas' win over Mike Tyson is a very big deal, however Evander Holyfield's win over Douglas is not much of a big deal. It can do this for thousands of fights without losing context, instead its context is enriched with each fight analysis.

That said, MartialBot is still learning, so if you find some charts to be a little "off", know that it will get better eventually. "Near perfection" is just a matter of time, not "if".

Is MartialBot free from bias?

MartialBot is free from human biases. However, machines can suffer from algorithmic biases. These biases can be minimized by the use of quality training data and watching out for biases and addressing them, managing it is a continous process.

Currently there is an obvious bias towards the four-belt generation boxers; this is being fixed at the moment, you should see an improvement by next month.

Can MartialBot do MMA analysis?

Yes, it can. We will turn on the MMA module in about six months.

How do I keep myself updated about MartialBot?

Our next update is the Fight module - you will have a fight watching experience like nothing else on the whole Internet.

Follow us (@martialbot) on Twitter and Instagram to keep yourself updated. FYI, we are more active on Twitter.

~ Team MartialBot