Michael Spinks World Title Fights

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Michael Spinks had a total of 16 world-title fights, which includes winning six world titles and 13 successful title defenses. He won 15 of these fights and lost one.

Title Wins

Michael Spinks fought for world titles in five fights and won four of these fights. In total, he won six belts across two weight classes.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
Sep 21, 1985Larry HolmesHeavyweightIBF, The RingUD
Feb 25, 1984+Eddie DavisLight-heavyweightIBFUD
Mar 18, 1983+Dwight Muhammad QawiLight-heavyweightWBC, The RingUD
Jul 18, 1981Eddie Mustafa MuhammadLight-heavyweightWBAUD
+ Became undisputed world champion

Title Defenses

Michael Spinks had 14 world-title defense fights across two weight classes — light-heavyweight (x10) and heavyweight (x4). He won 13 of them and lost only once.

Following is the table of his successful title defense fights, the next section has the fights where he lost his titles.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
Jun 15, 1987Gerry CooneyHeavyweightThe RingTKO
Sep 6, 1986Steffen TangstadHeavyweightIBF, The RingTKO
Apr 19, 1986Larry HolmesHeavyweightIBF, The RingSD
Jun 6, 1985Jim MacDonaldLight-heavyweightWBA, WBC, IBF, The RingTKO
Feb 23, 1985David SearsLight-heavyweightWBA, WBC, IBF, The RingTKO
Feb 25, 1984+Eddie DavisLight-heavyweightWBA, WBC, The RingUD
Nov 25, 1983Oscar RivadeneyraLight-heavyweightWBA, WBC, The RingTKO
Mar 18, 1983+Dwight Muhammad QawiLight-heavyweightWBAUD
Sep 18, 1982Johnny DavisLight-heavyweightWBATKO
Jun 12, 1982Jerry CelestineLight-heavyweightWBATKO
Apr 11, 1982Murray SutherlandLight-heavyweightWBATKO
Feb 13, 1982Mustafa WassajaLight-heavyweightWBATKO
Nov 7, 1981Vonzell JohnsonLight-heavyweightWBATKO
+ Became undisputed world champion

Title Losses

Michael Spinks lost one world-title defense fight, and lost one title in the fight.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles LostMethod
Jun 27, 1988Mike TysonHeavyweightThe RingKO


  • What was Michael Spinks' first world title win?

    Spinks' first world-title win was the WBA belt at light-heavyweight. He defeated Eddie Mustafa Muhammad via 15 round unanimous decision to win the title.

  • How many world titles did Michael Spinks win?

    Spinks won six world titles at two weight classes.

  • How many title defenses did Michael Spinks make?

    Spinks had a total of 14 title defense fights. He was successful 13 times and lost one time.