Joseph Diaz World Title Fights

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Joseph Diaz has had a total of three world-title fights till today, which includes winning one world title and zero successful title defenses. He won one of these fights and lost two.

Title Wins

Joseph Diaz has fought for a super-featherweight world title in three fights and won once. Till today, he has won one super-featherweight belt.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
Jan 30, 2020Tevin FarmerSuper-featherweightIBFUD


  • What was Joseph Diaz' first world title win?

    Diaz' first world-title win was the IBF belt at super-featherweight. He defeated Tevin Farmer via 12 round unanimous decision to win the title.

  • How many world titles did Joseph Diaz win?

    As of March 2023, Diaz has won one world title at super-featherweight.

  • How many title defenses did Joseph Diaz make?

    Diaz has had 0 successful title defense fight so far.