Artur Beterbiev World Title Fights

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Artur Beterbiev has had a total of eight world-title fights till today, which includes winning three world titles and seven successful title defenses. He won all eight of these fights.

Title Wins

Artur Beterbiev has fought for light-heavyweight world titles in three fights and won all three of them via stoppage. Till today, he has won three light-heavyweight belts. His first world-title win was the IBF (vacant) belt at light-heavyweight.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles WonMethod
Jun 18, 2022^Joe Smith Jr.Light-heavyweightWBOTKO
Oct 18, 2019^Oleksandr GvozdykLight-heavyweightWBCTKO
Nov 11, 2017Enrico KöllingLight-heavyweightIBF*KO
^ Became unified world champion
* Vacant title

Title Defenses

Artur Beterbiev has had seven light-heavyweight world-title defense fights. He won all of these fights.

DateOpponentDivisionTitles DefendedMethod
Jan 28, 2023Anthony YardeLight-heavyweightWBC, IBF, WBOTKO
Jun 18, 2022^Joe Smith Jr.Light-heavyweightWBC, IBFTKO
Dec 17, 2021Marcus BrowneLight-heavyweightWBC, IBFKO
Mar 20, 2021Adam DeinesLight-heavyweightWBC, IBFTKO
Oct 18, 2019^Oleksandr GvozdykLight-heavyweightIBFTKO
May 4, 2019Radivoje KalajdzicLight-heavyweightIBFKO
Oct 6, 2018Callum JohnsonLight-heavyweightIBFKO
^ Became unified world champion